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Benjamin Mendy is the ‘real deal’

Monaco’s £40million-rated ace tipped to solve Reds left-back problem

Liverpool should go all out to try and land Benjamin Mendy to solve their long-standing problem position of left-back because the Monaco ace is “the real deal” reckons a French football expert.

The Reds have been heavily linked with a move for the 22-year-old with reports in L’Equipe on Saturday suggesting that they are now well-placed to sign him after a proposed switch to Premier League rivals Manchester City appeared to have stalled.

Tom Coast of Sport Witness believes that Mendy is the best player in his position on the market and would be an ideal signing for Jurgen Klopp .

He said: “Mendy is one of those players who got given a chance really early on in his career.

“He was bought by Marseille in 2013 and was pretty much straight away chucked into the first team because they didn’t have anyone else in that position.

“He’s been turning out consistently for the past four years. Even though he’s only 22 he’s got over 100 Ligue 1 games under his belt. I think he’s the real deal.”

Marseille new signings Dimitri Payet (L) and Benjamin Mendy in 2013

Marseille new signings Dimitri Payet (L) and Benjamin Mendy in 2013 (Photo: FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/Getty Images)

Coast added: “Mendy is capable of running up and down that left wing all day long. Even if it’s the 90th minute and he’s just put a cross in, if the opposition counter attack then he’ll be putting all his effort in to get back.

“While he has a lot of experience already, he remains a young player with scope for improvement. He loves getting forward and sometimes he does forget to get back or he goes too far forward and gets caught out of position.

“You could put that to one side because of his relative youthfulness unlike his team-mate Djibril Sidibe at Monaco who is nearly 25 and should not be doing that any more but still goes missing pretty much every game.

“I’ve been surprised by the amount of interest shown in Sidibe because Mendy is by far a superior player.”

Breakthrough season

Mendy has only been in the Principality for a season having arrived from south coast rivals Marseille last summer but he was one of their brightest stars on their march to the title and Champions League semi-finals.

Coast said: “What caught the eye this year was the fact that Monaco were such an attacking team and Mendy was always overlapping with Thomas Lemar.

“In the Champions League game against Manchester City he was in their box more often than not and got an assist – one of 11 for him last year – which isn’t too shabby for a left-back.

“With what Klopp is trying to do at Liverpool I think he’d be ideal and it’s the position they’ve been really struggling in.

Raheem Sterling of Manchester City is challenged by Benjamin Mendy of Monaco

Raheem Sterling of Manchester City is challenged by Benjamin Mendy of Monaco (Photo: Stu Forster/Getty Images)

“Okay they had James Milner there last season which worked well at times but you want someone natural in there.

“He’s going to cost a lot but if there’s anyone out there who you can go and get it’s probably him.”

He added: “I know it’s quite fluid under Klopp but most of the time it’s Philippe Coutinho down that side but Mendy would overlap whoever it was.

“I know Liverpool don’t play with an out-and-out winger like Monaco but if Coutinho is cutting inside, Mendy provides the width.

“His crosses are very good – sometimes he overshoots them, nobody is perfect – but he will either drill it across goal or if there’s somebody there he can whip it in.”

Forward thinking

If Mendy does have some deficiencies then Coast believes they rather ominously regard the defensive elements of his game but he doesn’t believe they are issues that couldn’t be ironed out.

He said: “Mendy is a big lad, just under 6ft 2in and powerfully-built so he won’t shy away from any tackles.

“It depends how Klopp might want to deploy him because if he was pushing forward all the time they might need to have a defensive midfielder on hand just in case he didn’t have time to slot back in.

Monaco's Benjamin Mendy in an aerial duel with Paris Saint-Germain's Serge Aurier

Monaco’s Benjamin Mendy in an aerial duel with Paris Saint-Germain’s Serge Aurier (Photo: JEFF PACHOUD/AFP/Getty Images)

“It worked quite well for Monaco because they had those two deep lying midfielders in Fabinho and Tiemoue Bakayoko who allowed the two full-backs to bomb forward while they sat back a bit.

“With Nathaniel Clyne also keen on pushing up, Liverpool would probably want somebody deep to ensure they didn’t get caught out much.”

Splashing the cash

The competition for Mendy’s signature is still expected to be fierce though and while a switch to the Etihad seems to have hit the buffers at the moment, City might of course still come back in while Premier league champions Chelsea are also believed to be in the hunt.

Coast said: “Much like Liverpool, Manchester City need a full-back because they’ve let four players go in that position and Alexandar Kolarov isn’t getting any younger.

Pep Guardiola is spending big, and Jurgen Klopp will also need to do so

Pep Guardiola is spending big, and Jurgen Klopp will also need to do so (Photo: Ian Walton/Getty Images)

“I would say it’s a case of who is going to pay the most for him. Monaco don’t need the money. They’ve sold Bernardo Silva already to Manchester City and they look set to cash in on either Fabinho, Bakayoko or both.

“They do have someone in place to come in for Mendy if possible in the shape of the Brazilian Jorge who they bought in January but it will come down to who can be the most convincing to both Monaco and Mendy himself.

“Few players get the choice of playing under either Klopp or Pep Guardiola at the age of 22 so for Mendy it will be a decision based upon who might employ him the way he wants to play and he has a very difficult but pleasant choice to make in that respect.”

Rude awakening

When not on the field, Mendy is considered a real fun-loving character and ahead of potential sessions at Melwood there is an interesting anecdote that demonstrates both his mischievous side but also a willingness to learn and improve.

Coast said: “As a character in the dressing room, Mendy is very much a light-hearted guy.

“While he’s very serious when playing, off the pitch he has that relaxed attitude where he just wants to have a bit of fun.

“If there are celebrations in the dressing room, he’ll be the one starting them up but there are never any disciplinary issues and he always has a smile on his face.”

Marseille coach Marcelo Bielsa reacts as Benjamin Mendy prepares to take a throw in

Marseille coach Marcelo Bielsa reacts as Benjamin Mendy prepares to take a throw in (Photo: BORIS HORVAT/AFP/Getty Images)

He added: “When he was at Marseille, Marcelo Bielsa was the manager one season and he likes to use video technology a lot.

“Mendy wasn’t into that at all and he found it very boring and would just fall asleep during the video sessions.“Bielsa would never say anything to him but gradually when Mendy was watching he released that he was actually really getting into what was being shown and he said: ‘I got to learn so much.’

“He asked Bielsa why he didn’t mention his falling asleep to which the coach replied ‘If I’d have mentioned it then you’d have been even more against it so I just let you do your thing because I knew that gradually you would become interested in what was going on!’”


Source: Benjamin Mendy is the ‘real deal’ as Liverpool are urged to seal transfer – Liverpool Echo

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  • NorseDweller

    He would do very nicely indeed. LB is a priority position in which an established specialist must be brought in this summer.

  • RedNeve

    City readying a bid for Auba

    • Riiseandshine

      Poetic in its obviousness

      • RedNeve

        Of all the players we’ve been linked with, he would be my choice. I think he’ll tear the premiership up.


        • Riiseandshine

          Expected…shit, but that what’s we get every summer. Watch the big boys get the top players

          • Christian

            Well, they have placed a bid – God knows what our chances are to get Auba….

          • Riiseandshine

            Slim to none. FSG won’t spend that kind of money on one player. I don’t believe they were ever going to pay it for vvd

          • Christian

            Do you believe we have placed a 75m bid for Mbappé?
            I don’t know, but the sudden Auba story, requiring around 55-60m to get him makes sense to me. Apparently there has been an unwritten agreement between Klopp and BVB (Zorc and Watzke) since Jürgen left, that Klopp would not go after key Dortmund players (acc to a statement Watzke gave to German journos following Klopp’s departure in spring 15). But Auba wants to leave, it makes sense to me we jump in after PSG and the Chinese both pulled out.

          • Riiseandshine

            75m for mbappe? I don’t believe we made that bid for a second. Henry shit himself when it looked like vvd wanted to come and he pulled that plug as soon as he could. 30-40m is their comfort zone. And it’s usually with add ons to hit that mark..They’ve never spent before why would they now?. Look at their transfer dealings last time we got cl. Markovic=Salah..lambert =solanke. I have no faith in them whatsoever to push the likes of city for top players..

  • Ander Herrera The ScumDick

    Mendy the real bollocks/ Get Auba at any price, he is the killer instinct we needed since Suarez left.

    Pay him any price. That the is Real Deal. Antythimg else is bollocks

    • Christian

      Auba is extremely fast when given space, and he has developed a good instinct for being in the right place (box) at the right time – but he is not a world-class dribbler. What excites me is that we are after that sort of players – Salah, Auba – players who – as a team – will finally bring that Klopp football philosophy to Anfield we have not yet seen, due to the lack of pace most of our players suffer from. Whilst I think it is ok to be tough on negotiating with Roma for the best price on Salah till end of next week, in Auba’s case I tend to agree with you. Pierre wanted to leave Dortmund for PSG – we are second choice at best, so let’s make him and BVB management feel most comfortable: Reportedly Aubameyang wants a wage in excess of 10m Euros per year, Dortmund wants 70m Euros for the transfer. Pay the money and get the player – or leave it, no fooling around.
      Don’t know much about Mendy – but with James Milner as a makeshift LB we won’t get far in the CL…

      • If it’s just two bidders, us and city, one would think that if it came down to a toe-to-toe, cash, slug-fest then city would come out top. However, knowing what you know of Abubameyang, is he the type of player, in your opinion, that would just follow the money or would he be interested in jumping on a slow, trundling (yet gaining visible momentum) train that needs a hand pushing?

  • It’s hot (in the UK), I’m trying to work but I’m bored. Nothing is really happening in the world of football that is of interest but if, like me, you’re procrastinating and doing nothing read this:

    just to give ourselves a pat on the back…

    The same place is reporting that we are preparing a£9m bid for 23-year-old Bordeaux striker Gaetan Laborde
    although after a quick google this appears to be old non news….


  • Ander Herrera The ScumDick

    A bloody good bollocks it is

  • Hafidz

    isnt he already done to City ?

    • Riiseandshine

      Pretty much. But why let that stand in the way of a good bullshit

    • GOLDEN family <3

      I think they pulled out because of Monaco’s asking price !!!

  • Riiseandshine

    He’s going to City..we’re buying Andrew Robertson

    • Redblooded Male

      We’re buying my work colleague?

      • Pierre Levert

        Does that mean a promotion for you?

      • Riiseandshine

        Would it surprise you?

      • Stan Dinaround

        And who do you play for?

    • Prince

      Haha thanks…

      Touted by who exactly? 😛

      • Riiseandshine

        A source close to my heart 😉

        • Prince

          Ohw your bff 😂

    • nico250gto

      Geeezz! You really bring people back to reality 🙂

    • Ander Herrera The ScumDick

      Thank you

    • Onyx

      Robertson has similar numbers to Trippier in his Burnley season. Trippier was very useful for Spurs and took over at the second Walker wanted out. So that might brighten the mood a bit.

      I hope we go in for the Tierny lad from Celtic, looks a real player.

      • Riiseandshine

        Personally, given that it’s been a problem position for so long, I’d much rather we went with a rock solid established left back with plenty of experience. Too risky having more players that we need to wait and see if they can make the step up.

        • Onyx

          Thing is… who? I’d like us to go out and get two. Say Robertson and Davies (who might want to go with Sessignon going Spurs).

          • Riiseandshine

            I actually don’t know who….I like Gaya, but again he falls into the young unproven category and has a buyout of 50M..Don’t know why they didn’t go for Rodriguez..

          • Onyx

            I reckon we really have to trust Klopp on that one. He’s seen the player enough you’d think?

          • Riiseandshine

            Will he get the player he wants?..I trust Klopp. But it will take more than one decent Summer window for me to trust that FSG are interested in getting us to the very top..Not top four..At this point we’re improving in spite of them, not because of them.

          • Onyx

            It’s always difficult to land all the players we want. Simply because we need to do a bit of wheeling and dealing. City, mancs and Chelsea will just spend. Arsenal and Spurs are more at our level. Spend wisely, try to wait a bit.

            I mean, even though I can’t get excited about the Salah deal anymore as it took too long, I do understand it. Nobody is in for Salah but us. Before the 31st Roma needs to have the money to cope with FFP (or no CL for them). Which isn’t our problem so why should we go balls out? He won’t join before 1-7 anyway. Why should we pay the 3-5M to get it a bit faster done when time is on our hand?

            Because of FSG we’re on the upwards. H&G destroyed so much and left big bleeding holes that would take years to repair. So many overpaid lads who just didn’t want to leave or wanted money from us while at other clubs, etc.

          • To be fair, if my kids took over from H&G we would be on the up. 😀

          • Onyx

            Obviously, but it’s the gaping wounds your kids propably couldn’t stop though 😉

          • Ironically, they are all surgeons*

            *this is a lie. 🙂

          • Riiseandshine

            It’s all so fucking forced though..Everything has to be dragged out for weeks on end. Then we finally, finally got a top tier player to buy into us over the other teams, against all odds and then that’s royally fcked up too…They just piss me off so much..I hate the transfer windows under them..

          • Onyx

            Last three summers I can’t think of deals dragging on? Lallana and Lovren boxed of quickly, Firmino, Matip. Only the striker 3 years ago took long because all names didn’t work for various reasons.

          • Riiseandshine

            Firminho was announced before anyone knew anything, same with Matip. So nobody knows how long those moves took… Lallana dragged on for weeks! Lambert was signed weeks before him..Lovren had to hand in a transfer request to get away..

          • Onyx

            Still took less time than Salah 😉 It just kills the mood over these deals. I mean Firmino was on in 24 hours. “Ayre on the plane to Brazil”, “offer accepted”, “Bobby F baby, Big Bobby F is an LFC player”. Fun times.

          • Riiseandshine

            That’s the problem with these James Pearce, Melissa Reddy types…Reddy said Salah was a target as early as March…Feel like he’s already made 100 apps….Next please! 🙂

          • Onyx

            Yeah I share that. Jesus christ.. nice to know it’s still on. But come on Edwards and co. Sort that shit out.

          • Onyx

            More important news: Turan is no longer linked to us, Arsenal is now the go to club. We’ve officially surpassed them!

          • Riiseandshine

            Now THAT’S progress..haha

          • Onyx

            FSG IN! 😀

          • Riiseandshine

            I’m not an “FSG out” guy…Just a “Do more FSG” guy 🙂

          • Ander Herrera The ScumDick

            He has also been videochatting and tapping up all the targets

          • Ander Herrera The ScumDick


          • Onyx

            Children of the night?

  • Redandyouknowsit

    Certainly an intriguing prospect, but klopp doesn’t like to play a defensive midfielder so there would be no cover. Same issue then as moreno. Although at 6″2 he would add a bit of muscle.

  • Redblooded Male

    Gelson Martins playing for Portugal right now on ITV1 in the UK.

    • Maninder Singh

      How is he doing?

      • Redblooded Male

        His pace on the right just led to Portugal going 2-1 up.

  • Kloppmeister

    Attacking side if his game is superb but we have a major problem with defence, I rather have someone who is a little better defending. Milner is good in that sense, but would be great to have someone who is left footed. Mendy may not be the answer but personally I rate him.

  • Drewster

    Klopp needs to find somewhere to play Milner and LB seems to be the only spot available

    • GOLDEN family <3

      And Milner is one big weal link.

  • Benjamin Mendy isn’t coming to Anfield