Why Call It a Tourist Season, If We Can’t Shoot Them?

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I am bored, I should be working but the economy is shit, nobody is biting and I am tired of flogging a dead horse. There’s no football to watch, the cricket is entertaining but the English weather just puts a dampener on proceedings.  So I either troll the internet hoping for confirmation that we have signed the next Zidane, Messi (not the Egyptian kind), whether Van Djjk will still end up at Liverpool despite the official announcement, is it all just a cunning plan to get the price down or just simply blame Donald Trump for all of the above and anything else I can think up or I can simply add to the mayhem and silliness of FOAR. No choice really, but I would just like to advise my fellow FOARites:

 “You’re never too old to learn something stupid”            



During the season, I think it was the match against West Ham, when Jim Beglin announced that this is what Liverpool needed to do to win; you have to forgive me for giggling and thinking it sounded like a bad porno movie. It was at that time when panic mode had set in for me, the entire season was on the line, it was a must win game in order for us to clinch that 4th spot with the rear Gunners breathing down our neck and we were doing our own version of biting the pillow.

Yes, we had the likes of the self-assured Onyx, who would smoke a pipe on the deck of a 30 foot yacht in the middle of a hurricane not batting an eye-lid as he calmly states it was never in doubt and then quietly changing his underwear when nobody is looking. Personally for me, if you can stay calm while all around you is chaos, then you probably haven’t completely understood the situation.

However, staying on this topic of Intensity are we as fans demanding too much, are we being too unrealistic or are we just plain Plastic Fans in a modern plastic world and it’s our right, warranted or not to be entertained, but above all win and demolish everyone in sight regardless of reality or not.

The answer is probably yes, because it is our right to demand that our team wins and challenges for the title year in and year out, unless you are our wee neighbours “The Bitters”, who are just happy if they can beat us … maybe soon. Well, within the next decade… or finish above us sometime in the next century. ..Please.

Never has a Shankly quotes been more apt:

“The Best two teams on Merseyside are Liverpool and Liverpool Reserves”

“If Everton were playing at the bottom of my garden I would draw the curtains”

Appointed in 1959 and leaving out promotion in 1962 in took him 5 years to win the league title in 1964. If he was appointed today would he have been afforded that amount of time?

Probably, because we were in the second division at the time and it only took him 2 years for the first title. He created Liverpool, The Boot Room Philosophy, The Liverpool Pass and Move style of play that ushered in a decade or two of success that ultimately was lost by the money men rather than the players on the pitch. Certainly the wine drinking sot down the East Lancs road Slur Alex would not have lasted as long as he did in today’s modern era, taking 6 years to win his first league title.

I won’t go into too much detail regarding this, but contrary to popular belief; Liverpool regularly spent the most, acquiring the best talent in the U.K, foreign players being curtailed to three players per team in those days and maybe a return to that policy, with Brexit on the cards. We had a strong contingent of Irish and Scottish players in the glory days. Under Moores and Parry, we lost out on the commercial side of things, never maximising the Liverpool brand in terms of revenue and stadium upgrades and subsequently fell behind in the purchasing power of established star players.

From a personal perspective under FSG, it seems financial stability has returned to Liverpool and with the massive increase in revenue streams, regardless of the outcome and Yes, its far from over, the intent to spend, 50, 60 or 70 million quid on VVD does show that we are prepared to spend big on identified important targets, if not massively in the Galactico mould of the Sugar Daddy clubs. In that vein, I am glad we are run like a sustainable business model and not a PPP (petro pet project) or hobby.

Is winning more important than entertaining?  99.9% of the time any fan would say “Yes” and the other 0.01% forgot to take their meds. If it wasn’t the case Woy, Fat Sam and Tony P. would not have a job, and is probably why Whinger was under tremendous pressure this season, languishing out of the top four spots by a considerable margin for most of the season, ultimately just missing out by one point and saving his bacon by winning the FA cup, despite the attractive brand of football his teams play.

Not since Kenny (pre 2000) and Rafa, have we had a Manager that instills a sense of belief, pride, philosophy and most importantly a direction that will ultimately bring success that fans can actually see unfold and get behind. Add the solid financial guidance and stability of FSG and there is no reason not to get excited for the future.

If anyone mentions Wee Brendan, he who lives by the motto “To err is human, to blame it on somebody else shows management potential” and the 13/14 season or the unbeaten Scottish season I will take my toys and go and play somewhere else.

OK yes it’s my opinion and there is a lot of hysteria, doom and gloom at the moment with how things are transpiring, but remember it is still early days and let’s judge the transfer window when we have actually concluded our business. The old saying it’s not how your start the race but how you finish is very apt at this stage.

So back to my convoluted point. If this is the case, the future is bright, why are there still so many Fans out there on other websites and one or two grumblings on FOAR recently after what has transpired, unwilling to trust and buy into a Klopp master plan. The one thing Germans are good at is master plans…I did not mention the war.

Why is it so hard to give him the time to implement it before we start with the hysterical and overt criticism? Why is it so hard to believe? Are we that jaded from the years and years of no success that we find it difficult to finally believe?  Yes, he will make mistakes, buy the wrong player or not enough of the right players as he willingly admitted this year. Imagine Wee Brendan admitting he has made a mistake, or the mutt Maureen, admitting he’s not so special, he made a mistake, paid too much for Pogba!!!

We have a genuinely nice person; with a streak of ruthlessness as Sakho found out, with a great personality and sense of humour despite being German – sorry Christian it was too good an opportunity to pass up.

He has a great track record, in terms of success, building dynasty’s against the odds, creating champions from nothing and let’s face it, if he can do it at BVB with their resources, the odds are on our side that he can certainly accomplish great things at Liverpool with all our resources and with no Muppet Cowboys to pull the rug out from underneath him.

I am not asking everyone to hold hands and sit around the campfire singing Kumbaya, the risk with Jolive and Abbo Dave far outweigh the appeal of roasted marshmallows.  What I am asking for is a little faith, a little patience and a little belief that the right people will arrive this summer, and we will progress next year regardless of all the doom merchants and all the click bait news coverage.

Here is something more serious to ponder in this silly season

“Married men live longer than single men, but they’re a lot more willing to die”


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