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The FOARcast India #4 – LFC ’17-’18 Season Fixture List Review Show

The MaSalah boys are back with The FOARcast India #4!

And this time they sink their teeth into the recently released 2017-2018 Fixture List and discussed all the trickly fixtures, their hopes, ambitions, fears and other frightening details in this slammin ep.

Note: MaSalah is our acronym for a hopeful Mane+Salah partnership at Liverpool next season!


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  • Redandyouknowsit

    Good show guys. I don’t think rafa has anything to prove but he’ll be wanting to win against us the same as he does every game. As for a tougher run in than the others…didn’t last season prove that could suit us?

    • Aamir Bakshi

      Not being negative but the teams that we thrashed last year will be more smarter. Saying that we should still be able to beat them but you get the drift….wont be easy with a fixture congestion as well. Hopefully we have depth in the squad this time coz last time we made the Europa finals, Klopp had given it up on the league. Still expecting us to challenge on all 4 fronts tho!

      • Redandyouknowsit

        We should be smarter and stronger too with a bolstered squad. Fixture congestion is always going to be an issue, but that will affect all the top 6. I’m just looking for us to improve some of last year’s results from draws to wins and push on. This year is about consolidation for me and any challenge/success is welcome.

  • GOLDEN family <3

    Nice work lads. Missed it again.

  • Ian96

    Every fixture is tricky, especially the shite teams.
    Looking forward to Rafa coming back though, that will be emotional.

    • Koma

      I really will pray that we sail through games against shite teams. Need our masalah for that!

  • Good work Aaimr.. a host is born 🙂

    I agree with Shibashis in that if we get our own transfers/team sorted out and tuned to how we want it then it doesn’t matter (within reason) if other teams are spending fortunes on super-stars as I have faith in our clubs team ethic and we will be buying the players that fit our criteria.

    (hope I got the names right)

    • easternred

      Well you perfectly did! For the first time ever someone got my name’s spelling right at the very first attempt!
      It is important that we get our job done, obviously Klopp will shop using his tactical nous and the way he wants the team to play. If our planning is right then we can keep up with the very best, no doubt about that.

      • Google is your friend 🙂

        Indeed. We scraped our way back into the top four, it’s going to take a massive effort on our part to maintain or toe-hold within the top four area. At this moment in time I think everybody within the top 6 are looking at each other and thinking any of the other teams could win it. We’re in the mix and if we get it right in the summer we have as good a chance as any of the teams around us.

    • Aamir Bakshi

      Thanks Mate…