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The FOARcast Special Edition – Analysing the Virgil Van Dijk Cockup


On this Special Edition of The FOARcast…

We analyse what went wrong in the lead-up to LFC’s embarrasing apology to Southampton in their pursuit of Virgil Van Dijk by:

  • Exploring the timeline leading to various events finally leading to the apology
  • Discover what went wrong, who did wrong, what needs to happen and if heads need to roll
  • Debate what LFC can do to prevent such things from happening again

…and more!


The FOARcast is now available on most major podcast platforms. Click the icons to take you there, even on mobile!




The best damn LFC site in the World. Deal with it.
  • Ian96

    What cock up? We tap him up, it comes out, we pull out and it looks like we wanted to spend lots of 💰. Perfect excuse NOT to spend lots of money.

  • NorseDweller

    Van Dijk must have an avenue the player power route…

  • globalcockup

    Its was a globalcockup 🙂

    • S American Con

      But with a big G.

      • I’d have a gone with a Big C myself…but that says all the wrong things…

  • Stan Dinaround

    Gotta feel bad for VVD alittle… “turned down” others for us.. Now he may be stuck at Southampton forever…

    • S American Con

      True that. However, clubs wouldn’t give a crap about that I think. Chelsea or scum have no morals in that sence and they’ll secure his services if it improves them and weakens opponents.

  • Red One

    We should just sign the S’ton transfer committee, they have been fantastic for us over the last couple of seasons…

  • nico250gto

    Someone slipped out of the room 🙂