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‘Henderson gives Liverpool a better chance of winning trophies’

Liverpool have “a far better chance” of winning trophies with club captain Jordan Henderson in the side, says Graeme Souness.

Injuries have restricted the Reds captain of late, but his presence and value to the cause at Anfield has been recognised by a club legend

Liverpool have “a far better chance” of winning trophies with club captain Jordan Henderson in the side, says Graeme Souness.

The Reds saw their skipper ruled out with a foot problem in February, forcing him to sit out the remainder of the 2016-17 campaign.

They were able to secure a top-four finish in his absence, but the club’s wait for silverware goes on.

Souness believes Henderson will have a key role to play in that quest once back to full fitness, with the England international a vital cog whose value to the cause can often go unnoticed.

He told Liverpool’s official website: “In the playing sense they’ve missed him greatly.

“You’re not always bossing the game – doesn’t matter what team you are, you’re not always in charge of the game – and he’s really good at making [opponents] go into areas and make passes they don’t want to.

“As well as that, I think he’s improved with his own technique – he can open the play up both short and long now, and he’s a major influence.

“Arguably, he might have been the first on the teamsheet when he was firing on all cylinders.”

Former Reds skipper Souness added: “Being the captain of a club like Liverpool is an enormous responsibility; you’re forever being compared to people who have gone before you.

“He looks to be a really steady character, which will stand him in good stead when things don’t go well.

“We just have to start winning trophies now and, with him back, it gives us a far better chance.”

Henderson was restricted to just 24 Premier League appearances in 2016-17, having only made 17 the season before.

He is, however, a key part of Jurgen Klopp’s plans and is tied to a contract which is due to run until 2020.


Source: ‘Henderson gives Liverpool a better chance of winning trophies’ – Midfielder praised by Souness –

The best damn LFC site in the World. Deal with it.
  • 44yearsAfan

    Hendo has slowly begun to grow in his role as captain and im sure but for the injury this season he may well have shown us the reason why. Hope he stays fit this season and takes us forward and on to no.19.

  • easternred

    He is part of that ‘Spine’ which every team needs, captainship material and fit for the job, hopefully he will have an injury free season ahead. I do see the virtues of Hendo in the team, say what you will that we can have better players at that position but we have him now. A fit Hendo is important for the Liverpool dressing room, when he was bought people said he is the long-term Gerrard replacement, not quite. Stevie was more dynamic but in terms of leadership I will even go out to say he is better than Stevie even with half his talents. We need him to get stuck in that midfield, pray he stays fit.

  • S American Con

    I am and always have been a huge fan of Herderson and I still think he’s underated. However, if he remains injured for half of every season then at some stage we’ll have to cash in. Every player is replaceable and these guys such as Hendo and Sturridge sitting down nurcing injuries is a joke, especially in a CL squad. I understand hanging on to them now when we’re still developing our squad, but in a year or two when we’re not so deeply involved in rebuilding then this type of injury prone player should go…….NOW SHOOT ME DOWN!!!!!!😀

    • Kloppmeister

      Completely agree with your stance. For now let’s hope and wait for the best. Hoping hendo’s behind his injury now (unlike sturridge who keeps picking up new injuries, hendo’s is specifically only the heel)

  • Jason Patel

    I agree with Souness. Still not appreciated by many in the English game, because he plays with intelligence, use of space, one touch passing and all these things. Definitely one of our best players.

  • Koma

    For whatever is said, he is the captain material we require. We don’t have enough leaders in our team. Hendo is that guy. So, although not a big fan of his game, he has outstanding character (Sorry I used the term though) and will start him with can/gini and Lallana!

  • Stan Dinaround

    Have to agree 100%.. When we were going for the title, it was after he got sent off and subsequently banned for 3 games that the wheels came off.. He doesnt get enough recognition for his work during that campaign because all eyes were on Suarez… He is easily in the first 11 everytime he is available…

    • Riiseandshine

      He’s been hit and miss since then though

      • Stan Dinaround

        Yeah, but still vital..

        • Riiseandshine

          In the title charge season he was immense

      • GOLDEN family <3

        Due to injuries not because of downfall in form.

    • Kloppmeister

      Yup he’s really under appreciated. There’s no one else in the squad who can dictate and drive play forward as well as him.

  • Brighton Red

    like Hendo ~ just misses too many games these days unfortunately, still we have Grujic waiting in the wings and he looks a good prospect.

    • Koma

      Grujic is a midfielder! :p
      (I am sorry for my bad joke)

  • This propaganda is annoying because its far from the truth.

    • Onyx

      You realise that all results and data suggest Sounness is right on this one?

  • GOLDEN family <3

    A fit and firing Hendo is as valuable as Suarez, Coutinho and Mane.

    • Drewster

      Not sure I agree with you there. I don’t think we missed him that much. Missed Mane at lot more and Couts and Suarez even more than that.

      Edit: Thought Can was excellent in his position at the end of the season

      • GOLDEN family <3

        Well Couts and Mane when play all the time we can legitimately challenge for title. But add a fit hendo we can actually win it. Said that I want a fucking good LB this summer. No way I can live even half of the season with Milner at starting position.

      • Onyx

        Coutinho came off in the first Sunderland game. Results: WLDWWWW
        Henderson came off in the second Sunderland game. Results: DLDWLLL

        So there’s that. First half of the season we had him dictacting the pace and we were on a title run. Second half we didn’t have him, never saw the fluidity that we had before, until Coutinho dropped into midfield.

        Henderson is truely a world class midfielder.

        • Drewster

          You exclude the fact that we had Mane for the first run of games and not the second. That on its own made a huge difference

          PS results were DDLDLWLW with Swansea the first loss and our first game without Mane as he went to AFCON. Man U were lucky to draw as were Chelsea. Granted we were poor against Hull but that was also without Mane. The only other loss was Leicester who bounced after Ranieri was fired. So cant say it was because of Hendo missing. To me it was game plan against bus parkers more than anything.

          Henderson is a very good player but he is certainly not world class

          • Onyx

            Mane was back against Chelsea. DLWLL. Mane started against Hull and was on board until the Everton game.

            We encountered many bus parking teams in the first part of the season as well. But with Hendo’s relentless passing and assists we broke them down, one way or the other. We actually blew them off the park many times.

            Obviously World Class, every article you find about the winrate with and without him varies from 60-70% with him and 12,5%-33,3% without him. And that’s articles from the entire Rodgers tenure, this season and some overall stuff.

            Henderson is one of the few midfielders in the world that contribute extremely well on both ends on the pitch.

          • GOLDEN family <3

            The thing is Hendo, Couts, Lallana, Mane, Matip and Firmino are players that complement beach other. No matter whatever kind of stats we pull out we can’t change the fact that all this players when play together we play the best football possible. Take one of them out and you see us falling down a tier. It’s impossible to win anything substantial with this core players missing a lengthy run of games ala Mane AFCON and Hendo, Lallana and Couts out due to injury. And this is what Klopp is best at. Build a team which is greater than its sum.

            Though this window hopefully been bringing in top class in starting line up doesn’t let the results affect if one of the player is out due to injuries.

        • GOLDEN family <3

          Since SAS season if you look at his stats and compare it with the likes of Modric and other too CM in Europe you will be shocked. Hendo when plays as advanced CM his goals+assist, chances created stats would be on par with other top advance planning CM. This season when he played a much deeper role he had stats similar to Modric if it wasn’t for his injuries he could have got around 10 assists and couple of more goals.

          He is a complete package for a CM. He just lacks flair in his game which makes him unfashionable and too difficult to understand his worth for the team. He isn’t a Kroos like player neither Gerrard or Xavi but has the best bits of all top CM.

          But his name isn’t world class. So that’s it.

          • Onyx

            Think it has mostly to do with Stevie G being the one running midfield before him. It would certainly help him if he could lift a trophy.

    • Riiseandshine

      Lol….okay 😉

      • GOLDEN family <3

        Suarez, Messi, King Kenny, and Gerrard are football. Rest are pretenders.

        • SirLEoAnfieldHeart

          Zidane Ronaldo and Ronaldinho too?

          • GOLDEN family <3

            Ah my bad I missed them.