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Official Launch of FOARtv Channel!


Today, i’m proud to announce the Official Launch of FOARtv Channel on!

For the past couple months, I’ve been using this mainly as a video host rather than as a Video channel. But now with over 60+ videos and over 4.5K+ views with little to no promotion whatsover, I think that’s quite decent, and now deserves to stand on its own two feet.

We plan on having some interesting video content on FOARtv. Apart from the training music videos, match highlights, pre/post game interviews etc., there is innovation in the PodVod concept.

PodVod’s are basically bite-sized video versions of our popular FOARcast‘s – for the attention deficit challenged amongst us. 🙂

This in itself is unique because NO ONE ELSE is doing it.
In the near future, there are plans in making longer PodVods, which showcase more visual information augmented by the podcast audio.

In the meantime, PLEASE click the image or the link here:

And FOLLOW the channel!!! We need at least 50 followers in order to get Verified status to remove all upload restrictions currently in effect.

Thanks for your support! It really is amazing the amount of features we’ve gotten off the ground within a year!


Debonair, Discriminating, Distinguished. All adjectives never used on Bloggsy. Still, with 35+ years of supporting the Reds, likes to think that he knows a thing or two about the his own head. The Lust for Liverpool blinds him. Founder of FOAR and purveyor of all things FOARgasmic.
  • Ander Herrera The ScumDick

    When do i pay?

    • MentalAndBookmarked

      pay me, pay me now!

  • Bjorn

    So, why and not YT? Due to copyrights complaints?

    • Because their new Content ID flags copyright automatically and auto blocks.

  • Drewster

    I think I followed, but could have messed it up completely

  • globalcockup
    • So this notion of over and under inflated balls are true!

    • Timp

      I want my money back, they all have crop top shirts on!!

  • TheNormal

    @JoeBloggs Are there any aspects of FOAR (as a concept) that can be copyrighted or trademarked? This is to ensure that we keep some things unique to FOAR so no other site can replicate. Just wondering aloud.

    Can’t begin to express how astounded and amazed I am with the great work you guys have put in here, and in such a record time.

    • Interesting point…but I doubt it.
      But you see, this is what I believe.

      Ideas in themselves are cheap. Anyone can have an “idea”.
      And just because one has an idea doesn’t necessarily mean it belongs to that person.

      The key will always be execution and in refining the idea continually and always innovating.

      Never stand still. Always innovate. Always go forward.
      End of day…no man is an island.

      I can only do so much by myself.
      Need good team to surround and support and chase dreams together.

      • TheNormal

        First off, you should have Disqus make it possible to give 2, 5, 10, 100 upvotes, because you deserve 100 at the moment. That’s how i feel. Ok…I know they won’t.

        Yes! You are very correct about the 1) execution, 2) refining and 3) continuous innovation of any given idea. The only person who can truly rule the world is one who keeps doing these three things, not the one with an idea that’s merely a potential…that never really gets to execution stage, and if so, not properly executed, or lacking constant innovating and all….

        I am sure that you’ll never walk alone in this awesome FOARproject, as I believe we are already well endowed on here with guys (and ladies?) more than capable (and willing) to give a helping hand, in whatever area, when required.

        Well done Joe and don’t hesitate to let us know where, when and how you need us to come in.


        • MentalAndBookmarked

          nice, the FOARject !

  • Pierre Levert

    Following, well done again Joe.
    Sometimes I just have to comment on an outstanding achievement, and this is some feat.
    Rock climbing was a passion of mine, only to a very low standard, but this man Alex Honnold has become the first ever person to free climb,(solo and no ropes) El Capitan, Yosemite National Park, a 3000 foot sheer wall, amazing.

    • MentalAndBookmarked

      holy shit, free climbing EC. That’s something.

  • Riiseandshine


  • Stan Dinaround

    Group hug… anyone…?

    • Edy

      Sure if u could get Linda to join..

      • Stan Dinaround

        She stopped answering my calls a while back.

      • MentalAndBookmarked

        I have a restraining order, sorry.

  • Look behind you… It’s me! Following FOAR TV.

    Good work FOAR team!

  • Vivek Bharos

    followed. You are a gem joe. Keep up the good work. We appreciate all the efforts you are putting on this.

  • Edy

    Kudos Joe… this will definitely become the pride of the fellow foarites. Already following..