Official Launch of FOARtv Channel!


Today, i’m proud to announce the Official Launch of FOARtv Channel on!

For the past couple months, I’ve been using this mainly as a video host rather than as a Video channel. But now with over 60+ videos and over 4.5K+ views with little to no promotion whatsover, I think that’s quite decent, and now deserves to stand on its own two feet.

We plan on having some interesting video content on FOARtv. Apart from the training music videos, match highlights, pre/post game interviews etc., there is innovation in the PodVod concept.

PodVod’s are basically bite-sized video versions of our popular FOARcast‘s – for the attention deficit challenged amongst us. 🙂

This in itself is unique because NO ONE ELSE is doing it.
In the near future, there are plans in making longer PodVods, which showcase more visual information augmented by the podcast audio.

In the meantime, PLEASE click the image or the link here:

And FOLLOW the channel!!! We need at least 50 followers in order to get Verified status to remove all upload restrictions currently in effect.

Thanks for your support! It really is amazing the amount of features we’ve gotten off the ground within a year!


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