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TransFOAR 2017 – Keeping It Tight: Analysing Liverpool’s Defence

TransFOAR is a four part podcast series before the Summer Transfer windows opens  where we review each line of the squad from the back to the front to determine our key strengths and weaknesses.

In part two, titled “Keeping It Tight“, we move a line further up and we did an in-depth discussion of the defenders at Liverpool by position.

Guests on this episode:

  1. Eric (host)
  2. Ves
  3. Keith
  4. Christian
  5. MentalAndBookmarked
  6. Jason
  7. Jay (Clamjamphrie)

The first show was called “Safe Hands, have a listen. It focused on the Goalkeepers at the club.

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The best damn LFC site in the World. Deal with it.
  • Well held together Eric. There were a lot of bodies in the box but you managed to command your area 🙂

  • Srinivas

    that picture!!!! 😀

  • Brighton Red

    I’d keep Flanno to cover both FB, start the season with Clyne but expect to finish it with TAA, buy 2 CB, preferably VVD or De Vries and Maguire ( from Hull ) and get at least one natural LB because I’m concerned that, at CL level, a right footer at LB would be exposed. Presumeably Sakho is gone and Lucas will be leaving, I’d get rid of Moreno too, as he can’t defend, and I’d also ship out Klavan, Wisdom and Randall.
    Players for RB ~ Clyne, TAA, Flanno, Milner.
    Players for LB ~ New signing ( or two ), Milner, Flanno, Gomez (?)
    Players for CB ~ Matip, Lovren, VVD ( or De Vries ), Maguire and Gomez. ( I think we’ve got a good young CB in Nat Phillips coming through as well but not this year )

    • Onyx

      Think Klavan is great to have as 4th. Getting in 2 new CB’s, all expecting to start will disrupt the team yet again. He can do a job until Philips and/or Masterson is ready.

      • Brighton Red

        Maguire wouldn’t be a starter in my view, he’d play in cup games and against certain teams in the league and, if he developed as I’d hope, maybe in 2 or 3 years we’d have 4 or 5 decent options and be in a position of strength where we could sell one or two if the youngsters were coming through.

        • Onyx

          Add a top one now, keep the current backup as that, backup. CB’s should be able to play loads of games throughout the year.

          • Brighton Red

            I agree that CB’s should be able to play lots of games but we also know that unavailability through injury and AFCON hindered us significantly so I’d buy Maguire for potential and to develop an understanding in the U23’s with Phillips and Gomez ( assuming he’s not loaned out ) and VVD or De Vries as a starter to compete with Matip and Lovren.

          • Onyx

            Maguire is a starting center back and one of Hulls best players. Quite sure he’ll make a move to a midtable outfit to play all the time.

            De Vrij, not de Vries 😉

  • SuarezSticksIt2U_Again

    “Keeping It Tight”

    Just calling my girlfriend to listen to this podcast.

  • 4 like my ex