TransFOAR 2017 – Keeping It Tight: Analysing Liverpool’s Defence

TransFOAR is a four part podcast series before the Summer Transfer windows opens  where we review each line of the squad from the back to the front to determine our key strengths and weaknesses.

In part two, titled “Keeping It Tight“, we move a line further up and we did an in-depth discussion of the defenders at Liverpool by position.

Guests on this episode:

  1. Eric (host)
  2. Ves
  3. Keith
  4. Christian
  5. MentalAndBookmarked
  6. Jason
  7. Jay (Clamjamphrie)

The first show was called “Safe Hands, have a listen. It focused on the Goalkeepers at the club.

The FOARcast is now available on most major podcast platforms. Click the icons to take you there, even on mobile!


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