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Virgil Van Dijk Deal Officially Collapses: Breaking Transfer News

Liverpool released a shocking statement this evening, apologising to Southampton for their conduct and announcing that they will not be signing Virgil Van Dijk.  This has unsurprisingly upset fans hugely, and in today’s video I give my own reaction in what is a catastrophic blow for the Reds’ summer transfer window plans:

  • anonymous98345

    Klopp better have some alternative cbs in mind. Complete fuck up by the club

    • Pierre Levert

      And whoever they have in mind their club will know we are getting desperate to buy.

      • Brighton Red

        Klopp and Sakho will have to sort out their differences ( unless something has happened while I was away ) and we’ll have to use Sakho and Gomez ~ not the worst option in my eyes.
        I’d like to think Henry has the balls to tell Southampton to fuck off and that there will be no more purchases by us from them and that any sales by us to them will carry a 25% tarrif based on them being ungrateful shits, their policy of continually selling their players is unsustainable and it wont be long before they are at risk of relegation, at that point they may want a quality player and we can tell them where to go.

        • Pierre Levert

          I thought the VVD deal was doomed as soon as it was mentioned that there was a supposedly secret rendezvous in Blackpool!
          Brings back bad memories……, nothing is a secret there.

          • Brighton Red

            and what did you get up to there then Pierre ??

  • Riiseandshine

    LFC has been a fucking joke since 2005..nothing would surprise anymore

    • Drewster

      My aren’t you a happy fella today

  • Papa Syed

    I don’t care if VVD is gone. What’s the point of wasting £75mil where other viable cheaper options are available? That is business to bargain and talk. Why so lowly that Soton can hold LFC at ransom? Mistake over the years was having Soton as the ‘feeder club’ and surely they seems to have the upper say. Shame and madness

  • Timp

    FFS do we practice snatching defeat from the jaws victory.

    This is a brilliant start to the new CEO’s tenure, such an embarrassing fiasco in the transfer market that drains the credibility from the club.

    Moore should have Edwards’ bollocks on a plate and anyone else that has played a part in this shameful episode (Klopp included if he is culpable).

    This is a proud club with a tradition of dignity and these events have only served to highlight the amateurish approach to our transfer dealings. Someone’s head needs to roll, Edwards!!

  • Hafidz

    lmao so much drama 😀

  • Ander Herrera The ScumDick

    The leak was massive.
    The screwup is embarrasing, clearly some brainless heads have to roll.
    But okay to walk away.

    Wtf must this club keep buying from Soton, as if it is being held to ransom every window? Beyond me

  • Garmoyle Gargoyle

    Just conduct all this stuff behind closed doors, keep it out of the media, and retain a bit of dignity ffs

  • Quicky Zebra

    In 24hrs, Saints have gone from refusing to sell VvD & accusing LFC for tapping up- to “ok we’d only sell for £75m” when the tax man comes knocking. SMH.

  • easternred

    Covfefe…..all I can say what a giant Covfefe….despite all the negativity surrounding the transfer fee covfefe.

    • herrdoktorprofessor

      so much covfefe

    • SuarezSticksIt2U_Again

      Do we need the stupidity of a fucking idiot on here??

  • Brighton Red

    just got back from a few days away ~ what’s happened to this bloody club ~ can’t even sign a player who wants to join us without fucking it up !!!

    • Stromdiddily

      For 75M? Saints can fuck off

      • Stan Dinaround

        For that, I’d buy Suarez back as a CB.

      • Brighton Red

        just catching up and at that price I quite agree mate, pisses me off that we apologised even. I mean us ~ Liverpool FC ~ apologising to a jumped up bunch of shits like that ~ no wonder players on the pitch have no balls when the off field attitude appears to be so weak.

  • globalcockup

    To be honest he was becoming so grossly expensive it was getting absurd just find someone else. You’d think hes the best defender to ever put on a pair of boots the way the media is.

  • The highest priced defender tag was going 2 hang over his head like Pogba’s transfer fee has. At least th…

  • What was done in the VVD deal that hasn’t been done in the salah deal , both agreed wages , both spoke to…

  • Tough loss, but I have 2 believe that other (or multiple) high end center backs are out there, probably for less cost.

    • Stan Dinaround

      How much did Benetia go for, or Hummels…?

    • Quicky Zebra

      Why not go for stefan de vrij or koulibaly.. as long as we don’t lowball that is.

  • RobbieTheReindeer

    I’m glad I didn’t get my hopes up for this one. I knew something like this would happen

  • JK Rollin’

    What happens next if VVD tells Saints he wants to move to Liverpool and Saints give us permission to talk to them? Is it back on? Do we have to issue another statement??

    • MentalAndBookmarked

      both parties can do whatever they like, but if things don’t go well then the other side will try to screw you. That’s business.

      With the stoke youngster, the family were perfectly happy with the move being done under the noses of Stoke until the change in rules forbade them from paying for the kid’s private school fees. At that point the family decides to shop liverpool in to the authorities and we get a ban. Hypocrisy or what?

      Southampton may have wanted to keep VVD, or they may have wanted a bidding war. Have to ask why the whole thing was so public though – that seems totally unnecessary and whoever was leaking needs to explain wtf they were playing at. Also did Klopp really meet him and text him ? That seems pretty retarded too.

      • Stan Dinaround

        Someone tweet Piers Morgan to do some phone hacking for us.. Hopefully he can delete the messages..

      • globalcockup

        Was he even a target of Klopps?