Are football fans a bunch of Hypocrites ?

For all the regular folks it was regular Monday yesterday but for us LFC fans its yet another meltdown Monday.  Phil Coutinho n VVD dominated the timeline of all lfc social media accounts.  On the one hand our fans were so worked up regarding a rumor about possible move of Phil Coutinho , anger n tears flooded the news feeds and FSG out slogans were back in  the timeline frequently but by evening it turned in to euphoria as VVD gave an interview about his position in Southampton transfer soap opera , he asked the soton board , not to block his move to a bigger club where he can play European football. Our fans immediately called out the owner  JWH and CEO Peter Moore to sign vvd at any cost, some even tweeted to beautiful Linda suggested things she can do to persuade JWH to sign VVD.

On the one hand our fans threw a hissy fit at the thought of selling Phil Coutinho (even if he asks for barca move, -this is just a hypothetical quote) , I believe the anfield faithful would have create a big riot on our first home game if we sell Phil Coutinho but they were happy to hear about the same thing which  was orchestrated by another club player pushing a move to join either lfc or another club with European competition. For us Southampton are feeder c lub for the likes of Madrid n Barca we are .. it’s the hard truth , we cannot change the fact that our last decade didn’t bring us much success  and the cash rich galacticos see us a feeder club.

How can we moan n cuss  if phil force a move to barca ? leave your club loyalties aside and give  a answer if you can …

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