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Are football fans a bunch of Hypocrites ?

For all the regular folks it was regular Monday yesterday but for us LFC fans its yet another meltdown Monday.  Phil Coutinho n VVD dominated the timeline of all lfc social media accounts.  On the one hand our fans were so worked up regarding a rumor about possible move of Phil Coutinho , anger n tears flooded the news feeds and FSG out slogans were back in  the timeline frequently but by evening it turned in to euphoria as VVD gave an interview about his position in Southampton transfer soap opera , he asked the soton board , not to block his move to a bigger club where he can play European football. Our fans immediately called out the owner  JWH and CEO Peter Moore to sign vvd at any cost, some even tweeted to beautiful Linda suggested things she can do to persuade JWH to sign VVD.

On the one hand our fans threw a hissy fit at the thought of selling Phil Coutinho (even if he asks for barca move, -this is just a hypothetical quote) , I believe the anfield faithful would have create a big riot on our first home game if we sell Phil Coutinho but they were happy to hear about the same thing which  was orchestrated by another club player pushing a move to join either lfc or another club with European competition. For us Southampton are feeder c lub for the likes of Madrid n Barca we are .. it’s the hard truth , we cannot change the fact that our last decade didn’t bring us much success  and the cash rich galacticos see us a feeder club.

How can we moan n cuss  if phil force a move to barca ? leave your club loyalties aside and give  a answer if you can …

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  • NorseDweller

    Guilty as charged in the sense that I would always favour L.F.C., so Coutinho “on strike” to force a move: bad, but van Dijk doing the same: good. I would even go as far as to justify the stance in this particular case by noting that we are on the verge of returning to the summit of club football while Southampton are, well, Southampton.

  • Ghost Rider

    Of course we are, all football fans are hypocrites.

  • GOLDEN family <3

    I would never question a player asking to move to a bigger club.

    • Stan Dinaround

      Absolutely not, but can you think of any bigger than LFC… I can’t…..

      • Ghost Rider

        As much as I love Liverpool I can name a number of clubs who are bigger

        • Stan Dinaround

          Filthy bastard.. How dare you.

      • TheNormal

        Now that’s some sarcasm there…

  • Stan Dinaround

    Thats not a serious question, or your just not a real fan… All other clubs and their activities are scummy and beneath us.. What we do is always spot oin and above board.. Simple, no room for doubt or pangs of guilt or sympathy.. Bollox to all the rest YNWA.

  • Bjorn

    No we are not 🙂 Unlike ST we are actually trying to win something, and yet we keep selling our best players. If the statement came from LFC saying : We are mid table team, and don’t care about winning the league of playing in CL, then yes, i wouldn’t mind selling the likes of Cout, or Suarez..

  • Onyx

    Yup, we’re fucking hypocrites. And it feels fine!

  • special siren

    Yahoo sport are claiming coutinho is doing very little in training and hasn’t prepared at all for the new season, they claim this is him tying to force his move to barca. Now if this were to be true we wouldn’t like it obviously but really it is no different to van dijk. They both want to leave their clubs to better themselves.

    • Riiseandshine

      Yahoo sport?….lol, come on

      • special siren

        Hey don’t shoot the messenger lol….

        • Riiseandshine

          Lol..i know…Stay away from the dark corners of the interweb 🙂

          • special siren

            I’ve never even heard of this guy until now tbh, so I didn’t realise how much of a clown he is.

          • Onyx

            He’s great to follow. The reaction his bullshit gets is full of talented people. Hilarious.

          • GOLDEN family <3

            Massive clown. Keep his head clean shaved so he can slide with ease inside Mourinho’s arsehole.

            According to El Twatico he only comes out in summer.

    • Written by DUNCAN CASTLES!

      The scum supporter with a disturbingly small penis.

    • herrdoktorprofessor

      complete and utter bullshit

    • Onyx

      The only reason he’s doing very little in training is because he’s being treated for his back issue. Pearce just reported that Phil would like to go if, and only if, the club agrees a fee. He’ll never force a move this window.

    • Edy

      Didn’t Cout already at a better club? Is there any better club that a player like Cout can better himself?

    • GOLDEN family <3

      “Yahoo sports”

  • Allow me to pose a scenario…

    Suppose VVD ‘realises’ the error of his ways. Acknowledges it and changes his mind about leaving.

    Should Saints fans accept it?

    Similarly, if Sakho were to do the same…should we (Klopp) accept him?

  • Riiseandshine

    Van Dijk was actively for sale since April. Southampton threw their toys out of the pram when they couldn’t get a bidding war going. They had all Summer to replace him and most likely will. Coutinho is happy at Liverpool and is integral to what we’re doing this season. had Barca bid 120M on the 1st of July, would there be as much of an uproar?..If we had since April to plan for his departure? Add to that the notion that Jurgen Klopp doesn’t want to lose him and the rumours say they will sell. It was more the notion that onwership was cashing in…

    The fact is we’re Liverpool and they’re just a piss ant shower of nobodies with a grudge..If that makes me a hypocrite?….good 🙂

    • Drewster

      You are right, that exactly what Barca are

    • Jason Patel

      Barca are trying to unsettle Coutinho and get him on the cheap. It’s how they operate. Southampton may not like what we did, but we at least tried to get him early and allow them to get a replacement, plus we were willing to pay a near record fee for a defender.

      • Riiseandshine

        that’s pretty much it

  • herrdoktorprofessor

    Personally, I think the rise of extreme player power is bad overall for the game. I’m all for players having substantial freedom to make moves but at the same time contracts have to mean something. No doubt if a players signs a long-term contract and then get seriously injured they will expect the club to fulfill the terms of the contract down to the last nickel. So players want club’s contractual obligations to them to be iron clad while their contractual obligations to be subject to their own personal whims and to be worthless as toilet paper. While I want us to get our men (VVD and Keita) and keep our man (Phil) I think players acting like spoiled pricks to force a move does no-one any good but their greedy managers who of course cash in on every transaction.

    • This and the spiralling out of control transfer fees.

      The death of football.

    • Jason Patel

      There has to be a balance though where players don’t effectively become slaves tied to a club. I think especially in the VVD case, the fact that several clubs were willing to pay a near record fee for a defender, he has a right to be angry.

      • herrdoktorprofessor

        What football needs is something quite common n American sports graded free-agency. Players have contracts that are meaningful but over the course of the contract there are ways for players to get an exit but do so in ways that don’t harm the team they are at. After a certain amount of the contract is done a player becomes a restricted free agent. At that point other teams can approach and make him contract offers. However, the team he’s at has the right to match those offers and retain the player. Or they can pass and the player is free to sign any of the offers and leave. At the end of the contract the player becomes and unrestricted free agent and can sign for what ever team he so wishes.

        Clubs are protected and have a degree of certainty and team stability and players can maximize their earning potential. It also benefits everyone by creating structured and orderly market in which each year a group of players become available either as restricted or unrestricted free agents and thus everyone knows and can predict ahead of time who is potentially for sale at a specific point in the future.

        Of course you’d have to get all of the major leagues on board or else it won’t work. It also helps that all of the major North American sport leagues are effectively unionized with collective bargaining contracts between the players union and the league that sets forth the rules of player compensation, contracts, trades (transfers) etc.

  • I’ll tell you where the hypocrisy is…

    Our treatment of Sakho – who presumably has an attitude problem and made some mistakes – but didn’t throw in a transfer request, didn’t refuse to train due to head being turned, didn’t write long justification letter etc.
    >> he was exiled and not humiliatingly not even mentioned as a CB option

    And our willingness to accept VVD who did all of the above (except maybe the refusing to train part apparently).
    >> he was exiled due to the reasons listed above

    Am not making the case for Sakho here…but you can quite clearly see the dichotomy in terms of our views on the subject.

    • Pierre Levert

      Tha’s a fair assessment Joe, I thought that there may be a way back for him, but it certainly doesn’t look like there is

    • herrdoktorprofessor

      I’m guessing somethings were said/done between Sakho and Klopp that did some serious if not irreparable damage. We may never really know what that was it seems like much more than showing up late for a flight etc.

      • SuarezSticksIt2U_Again

        Kloppo just doesn’t trust him anymore mate.

        It really is that simple.

        And when you build a “team” – trust is THE biggest thing.

        Take a group of people on a team bonding exercise where their lives or safety becomes a perceived issue/threat and watch as they come back like they are glued together.

        It doesn’t have to be a sports team either.

        • herrdoktorprofessor

          yes/ clearly. What I’m saying is that the basis of that distrust goes way beyond a few unprofessional antics. Otherwise he would have just been sold a done with it and everyone would have moved on long ago.

        • Fair enough. But should Klopp implicitly trust VVD…having done all these things?

          If we follow Carra’s line of clubs theory…Barca and RM are above Liverpool.

          So, if they were to come for VVD after he joins us…then the whole thing is rehashed?

          • SuarezSticksIt2U_Again

            Kloppo doesn’t trust Sakho because of the doping issue and that’s a different kettle of fish as Sakho’s actions had an effect on the whole team and brought disrepute to the club.

            Economies of damage you could say.

            He doesn’t want to risk damaging the cohesion & closeness of the squad it seems.

            Me personally, i would play him because at the end of the day you are there to win football matches and your principles don’t outrank the success of the team – nothing does!!!

            And this is coming from somebody that is pig headed stubborn.

    • If I remember correctly everything that happened with Sakho, there is a big difference. Van Dijk is a player who wants to leave his club in search of new challenges. He wasn’t disrespectful towards anybody at the club, he just informed them that he wants to leave. It wasn’t til the Sh*t really hit the fan that he opted to go public with his own statement. Both Pellegrino and van Dijk have stated that the decision for him not to train with the team was the manager’s, not the player’s. On the other hand, Southampton have done and are still doing everything in their power to prevent him from getting his wish.
      Sakho’s attitude in training was unprofessional, and I get the feeling Klopp was just starting to consider bringing him back in, when his social media tantrum happened, where he called Klopp a liar. I find it very hard to imagine a way back after that, regardless of how much I’d like to see him playing for us again.

    • Tbone187

      I’ve said it from the start, Sakho was given a raw deal. The club and Klopp left things open for fan speculation instead of being straight forward on the matter.

      All this fuss over VVD when we have Sakho who imo isn’t a huge , if any, downgrade from the former. But lets face VVD is the fashionable name now. Yes, he did tackle Mane ( I think it was) in an awesome fashion but Sakho is freakin immense on his day as well.

      Sakho and Matip should be our first choice imo.Lovren has improved but nowhere near as good as Sakho imo.Klopp should’ve proved how good a manager he really is and managed him properly.

      He dropped the ball on this one and it looks like it will haunt him for remainder of his time here, as our defence certainly hasn’t improved since Sakho’s exile.In fact, we’ve only been making fools of ourselves in the transfer market in attempts to plug the hole while still holding onto the disgruntled player in the process.

    • Jason Patel

      Are we forgetting Sakho’s being late after being warned about it, fat burners, social media rants, celebration with Benteke, storming out when left out of team, etc?

      • It’s arguble that Sakho’s actions were due to a character flaw…while VVD has done the ultimate rejection.

      • TheNormal

        That “celebration with Benteke” was the straw for me that entered into the camel’s ass…oh!.

  • SuarezSticksIt2U_Again

    What happened to Adams post?

    • Adam?

      • SuarezSticksIt2U_Again

        Yup …he posted on here.

        I went to reply to him and when i hit to enter the post it said the post was deleted.

        Forgot the second part of his username

        • Will you mean?

        • or Aamir?

          • Yeah, there was a comment from an Adam, it was a bit offensive. I thought you’d deleted it.

          • I didn’t delete anything…

          • Just checked. He deleted it. Not sure why though. It was ok I thought… though a bit brusque… but not offensive.

          • SuarezSticksIt2U_Again

            Nah, there was nothing offensive about his post, and i know offensive.

          • Brighton Red

            Joe how did you check ?? did you get my email ??

          • ??? Ok will check

  • If Coutinho really decides he wants to go now, and hands in a transfer request, then Liverpool should accept it. And we can moan all we like, but it would be the only sensible thing to do.
    But the difference is, Coutinho has NOT so far handed a transfer request in, and I’m pretty sure he won’t, not this summer. I think this VVD situation resembles the Sterling saga more than the Coutinho thing. A player who’s clearly unhappy, publicly states he doesn’t want to play for the club anymore. And was anybody angry at FSG for selling Sterling for 50m? Personally, I’m very happy they did. Therefore I feel Southampton should sell VVD, ask for 70m and not a penny less. And I don’t think they really care that much about it being Liverpool, not nearly as much as their fans and the press feeding off their anger. Nobody can convince me they’d rather take 50m from Chelsea or anybody else than 70m from Liverpool. Would you? It just doesn’t make good business sense. Club owners are business people. Not hot-headed fans.

    • herrdoktorprofessor

      just as long as the fax-machine breaks down at the last minute.

      • People still use fax machines??? Is this 1989?

        • herrdoktorprofessor

          right? but isn’t why the De Gea to Real transfer fell through last summer?

    • Jason Patel

      We also need to get a proper offer from Barca, they’re only offering half what he’s worth in this market. Otherwise I agree with you.

  • Adam Taylor

    No we do accept players will move on hold no grudges and give them a massive reception when they return in which ever capacity and are you a hypocrite running a article like this. Being a Lfc fan and all that?

  • SuarezSticksIt2U_Again

    It’s the same reason why we welcome a bride into the family but feel unease about giving a daughter/sisters hand in marriage.

    Human nature is predicated on greed.

    There is no hypocrisy!!!

    • herrdoktorprofessor

      only if you think of women as property. yikes!

      • SuarezSticksIt2U_Again

        Far from it mate.

        I’m an equal opportunity offender.

        Besides you forget i’m a lesbian. 🙂

  • Yes. Next question.

  • Aamir Bakshi

    We are in a completely different situation now. Ofcourse south Americans are attracted by Barca and Madrid but now we actually have a squad and more importantly a worldclass manager to challenge for the titles. It’s about time we started resisting approaches from them and win something! And i haven’t seen Coutinho hand in a transfer request or look unhappy or even remotely hint at leaving the club so why is Coutinho topic even brought up? Barca are interested in buying him. THAT’S IT! When Coutinho comes up with something then we ll talk about that. Until then let’s just focus on VvD.

    • Its a hypothetical question, on the one hand we encourage vvd to hand in transfer request but if phil does the same , do we have moral right to rebel ?

      • Jason Patel

        If Coutinho wants to go, we’re disappointed but fine. Barca need to come in with a proper offer at the beginning of the window though.