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Fuck off FC – Fuck the Fuck off FC

Jesus Christ, where to begin? 45 minutes of doing fuck all. Not once someone decides to tell these fuckers to fuck off. Put in a tackle, hurt one of them. Sadio being the only one doing something. Fuck the fuck off softlads. Two offside goals given, fuck the fuck off Taylor. Not the slightest bit of luck. We’re shit out of luck, for years now. Fuck that right off. How that 3d goes, can you fucking believe it? Fuck off with these absolute yarddogs. What a shit team, terrible. If only we could defend.

The club really needs to drop their balls back in their ballsack, buy players, tell Phil to fuck off with his request and stop pissing about.

The ratings then:

Think Migs is terrible unlucky with the 3d. Does so much well up until that point. Gets a 7 and will be fuming with his defenders.

What a top player to be, you can see it in everything he does. Trent was fucking great. Gets an 8 and is MotM

Matip, lethargic, N/A

Lovren, lethargi, N/A

Moreno was overal really good. Could do a bit better at their 2nd but deserved a goal. Gets a 7.

Gini was fucking terrible, lethargic and off the pace for 70 minutes. Had a good 20 minutes spell, where we scored. But that’s not enough Gini. A 4.

Emre? Come on man… gives away a daft throw in at the 2nd, let’s his man get a free run, again, at the first. Bad Emre.. very bad Emre. A 3.

Hendo shouldn’t play this deep when we don’t have Lallana or Coutinho in midfield. Too flat, not involved. Shit game all in all, a 5.

Salah.. shows all the promise doesn’t he? Not even at full speed now. Good game, a 7,5.

Jesus Bobby.. that first half? What the hell were you doing? Turned it up big time in the second half. Good penalty, great assist. A 6, can’t overlook that terrible first half.

Mane was our best man in the first half but somehow didn’t kick on in the second when the rest of the team was. Got kicked from the get go, terrible refereeing. A 7.


Shit subs there Jurgen, absolute terrible. Gomez could only lose there. Milner makes no difference and Origi was unlucky. But poor choices and way too late.


Conclusion: fuck this off


Eric Schipper

38 year old Liverpool and football fan. Hopelessly romantic about the game. Wants to deck the Football Gods time and again. Hates cheats and divers and how they get away with things.