Judgement Day – The Final Verdict


The blanks have been fired; the warning shots across the bow are a thing of the past, no more talk, no  more excuses of triple sessions, no titivating, no flattering to deceive, the foreplay is over finally,  the real deal starts on Saturday as does our inevitable and glorious march into history and number 19. The Promised Land Finally Beckons.



I hope it’s not a season too soon to be mouthing off because I could get some serious flack for these predictions starting with many on FOAR. At least a few of my fellow Originals have stuck their neck into the proverbial guillotine with me. A few our Bollywood FOAR’ites  have followed suit as well ( a singing podcast with dancing is next or so I am told) and one, not to be mentioned, Dutchman, has had the audacity to predict “THE SCUM” will finish in the top 4, a cardinal sin. You can think it mate but you can never say it out loud, its pure purgatory.  These youngsters of today have no sense of history or decorum.

Yes it is fairly obvious obscene amounts of Prozac, unfortunately, are still being consumed by some, well a lot off our more faint hearted fans and will be until the transfer window is closed.

One final time just so they can finally get the message:




Ok these predictions were difficult, especially after getting carried away last year.  I was struggling with a heart against head conundrum. However to be fair J(just for Joe) if we had managed to maintain our momentum and did not have the run of injuries it could have been a very different picture at the end of last season. Add to that another years’ experience for Klopp of the Hood and his merry management team on how to play, rotate and beat the buss parkers, a more or less settle team with only a few quality additions and you begin to see my optimism

We bought well didn’t we? Well, stole Solanke from the plastics motto of the storey “Use it or lose it” applies here you twats. We got our own member of “Gods of Egypt “ who, after a brief look at in pre-season, will be a colossus and a speedy one at that. Another Chelsea loss, it seems a bit of a recurring theme happening here if you add Sturridge into the mix so Southampton get over yourself, it’s not personal you are just not relevant in the greater scheme of things as destiny awaits us, Beyonce’ be dammed she can wait personally for me at a later date this is more important…well just and least we forget Robinson, not Crusoe, yes similar backs ground in desert island and Scotland, but more importantly he’s a left footed left back, a rarity in Liverpool recently.  Then the missing piece of the puzzle Virgil Van Dijk, oh sorry it has not happened yet, well more on that later when he arrives.

IF you add the return of some of those injured players that we sorely missed last year, like Henderson, Mane (AFCON included), Grujic  and least we forget Sturridge, a bulked up Super charged Sturridge, we must also not forget players that were injured for part of the season like Coutinho and Can and who had to play injured because of the lack of depth there is tangible reasons for optimism. Add that to the progression of some of the youngsters especially Kent, and Trent, (Marvel I have copy right of these two super hero’s) with Woodburn and Ejaria thrown into the mix, another year older, bigger stronger and with more experience who will also feature prominently in the FA and League cups and off the bench, Trent seriously challenging for a starting spot,  giving time for some first teamers to rest without taking too much away from the quality of the team, if any, it seems like we have depth and cover throughout the squad.

So here goes

100% we will make the top 4, of that I have no doubt.

60% we will make the top 2, I have a strong feeling that this is achievable and will be happy with that result and a quarter or semi-final in the CL. Saying that there is no reason we cannot win the Champions league or at least make it too the final if we get on a role and stay mostly injury free.  We need to remind ourselves how good we are against teams that want to play football, Scum excluded of course. Teams will dread drawing us in the knock out stages. I don’t give a shit about the FA or League cups let the kids play and enjoy these competitions.  If we pick a cup or two fine, I will be happy for a second and remind the Scum we won them with kids.

30% we can win the Prem, the one question is how we cope with the extra games of the Champions league and how Klopp manages his resources, rest players and does not overplay them, like he did last season and yes some of it was unavoidable due to injuries and AFCON

When Van Dijk arrives I think we will have a 40% chance of winning the league. Keita would have been the icing on the cake and taken us over that 50% threshold but let’s leave that for next year.  You all know my predictions

  • Liverpool (have to go with the heart)
  • City
  • Spurs
  • Chelsea
  • Scum
  • Arsenal

Reasoning for this we are playing some breath taking football in the attacking sense as we did last year for  lot of the time. There is no team better going forward, no team with more pace, more threats and more options for scoring goals.  Mane, Firmino, Salah, Coutinho and Sturridge will all get 10 plus goals, add the goals of Lallana, Henderson, Gini, Grujic, Woodburn, Solanke, Origi and a few set piece goals and we will score 100 plus if we just keep pace with last year’s record of 92 and throw in the Champions League goals. This could be a record scoring season.

We seem more assured at the back with all our Keepers understanding their roles better in the sweeper, distribution role. Add Van Dijk into the mix and we become that much more solid, add a left footed left back to give width, pace and attacking verve against the weaker teams and teams that sit deep in the form of Robinson and a rejuvenated road runner Moreno and it’s a mouth-watering prospect. Dropping Coutinho further back into the playmaker role will give him more space to create magic and will release the speed merchants of the side. It will also prevent him from being marked out of games like he was at times last year and it will be a big factor in breaking down the buss parkers . With the pace of Salah, Mane, Moreno and Tent, it will frighten everyone and there markers will automatically drop that little bit deeper so as not to be caught out giving our creative players more space to play. If they play a high line watch for our runners in Can, Gini, Henderson and Lallana breaking from midfield to spring it.  If we keep it tight at the back and continue scoring up front the sky is the limit.

So for all the Doom and Gloom merchants I want, for the official record, for you to list your top six in order below so we can all compare notes and avoid finger pointing or glory claiming when I am proved right at the end of the season. For fun, add how far we will go in the Champions league as well. Lads and Lasses, Pecker or Baps (just for Ian) on the block time so there can be no arguments of who predicted what.

Remember my motto…

A positive attitude may not solve all our problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.


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