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Liverpool name squad for Champions League play-off with Hoffenheim

Philippe Coutinho included in 30-man squad submitted to UEFA – and Clyne and Sturridge are in . This should put those coutinho transfer rumors to rest for a week or two,

The Reds head to Germany next Tuesday for the first leg, with the return at Anfield on August 23.

There was few surprising names like flanagan n ojo whom many thought might go on loan again. coutinho is part of the despite the on going back injury. Daniel sturridge, Henderson and Mane makes long awaited come back.


Full squad

Goalkeepers: Mignolet, Karius, Ward

Defenders: Matip, Lovren, Klavan, Gomez, Masterson, Clyne, Alexander-Arnold, Moreno, Robertson, Flanagan

Midfielders: Coutinho, Henderson, Wijnaldum, Can, Milner, Grujic, Brannagan, Ejaria, Woodburn

Forwards: Firmino, Sturridge, Origi, Solanke, Mane, Salah, Kent, Ojo, Wilson, Brewster

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  • RobbieTheReindeer

    Anyone planning to go to the away match? I’m going to try and get tickets this afternoon!

  • Jason Patel

    I think Brannagan, Masterson, Ejaria, Wilson, Brewster and Ojo are maybe not quite ready yet. I reckon that leaves us one short of a really good 25 man squad. Not too shabby and we know who can fill that last position 😁

  • 44yearsAfan

    We may be a little on the…..ahem… “weak side” defensively for now, but fuck me i wouldnt want to be the team on the receiving end of our midfield and attack. If we can keep a clean sheet in enough games we wont just move the bus we will just smash straight through it and rip that prem title off the chavs and show everyone were back. As for CL its a lottery after the group stages, fingers crossed hoofeheim dont have different ideas, COYR

  • Riiseandshine

    Looks like we’re circling the wagons and sticking with what we’ve got, and you know what? FUCK IT! let’s give them hell…I honestly fancy us to get to the quarter finals at least…

    • gegenpressing

      I have a sneaky semi-final suspicion if injuries go our way…

      • Riiseandshine

        wouldn’t bet against it…I think European football suits us

    • Kloppmeister

      Honestly, I have a feeling we’ll have a good run. Us, European football and Klopp sounds like a terrific combination, I reckon QF too

  • mac

    Now that’s what you call a comment policy. Not been on here to comment much recently only because I cant be doing with all the media shite that goes with pre season and there’s nothing I could add that has not already been said, Having said that very much looking forward to the the upcoming roller coaster ride that is the football season being slightly concerned about the lack of depth in some areas of the squad but it is what it is.

    What about that transfer window this summer ? Well to me it look’s like it has officially gone truly insane and fuck knows where it’s all going to end up, One more thing southampton I hope you get relegated.

  • Stan Dinaround

    Brannagan.. Plese forgive me, but I completely forgot he exsisted.. Not kicked on since the Barca interest…

    • I thought he was injured. I also thought there was some sort of contract dispute but I guess I’m wrong on the latter.

      • OldFlaky

        Broke the hand on training, will be out a month.

        • Kloppmeister

          Bad timing, needed to be sold

          • OldFlaky

            Don’t think so, isn’t he good with both feets?

          • Kloppmeister

            Perhabs, but he wasn’t too impressive in the games he got towards end of season before last. I understand we kept him last season due to a lack of depth ( don’t think he got a game though), but we’re fine this season, doesn’t seem he’s in klopp’s plans either. Think it’s been difficult to find a suitor

          • OldFlaky

            He was better at taking corners then Aaspas, so I tought he was good to keep…

    • Kloppmeister

      Really thought we’d sell him. Don’t think he’s good enough to make the cut. With lallana added to the midfield lost, that’s a good bunch. 3 spots, 6 starting quality, 3 kids.

  • our squad needs couple more addition, i see lots of kids who can play cup games against league 1 side apart from ben, kent n taa i dont see other kids making any big impact . we need atleast another two senior players, a cb n dm..

    • RobbieTheReindeer

      I think the rules state something about homegrown players so I guess they are there to fill up the quota

    • Jason Patel

      Solanke and Gomez too of course!

  • Who is Masterson? Do u mean Robertson?

    • NO masterson is our academy kid

    • anonymous98345

      There is a good piece over on This Is Agony on the kid. Under 18 captain and trained with the first team on their trip to Spain last season. Haven’t seen him play but sounds like he needs to fill out like most youngsters. Time will tell. Doubt we will see much of him this year.