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Watford 3-3 Liverpool: Post-Match Reaction & Analysis

It was a severe case of new season, same problems for the Reds today, as some embarrassing defending cancelled out some excellent attacking play to leave Liverpool with only a point to take away from their opening match of the season at Vicarage Road.  As we collectively try and pick ourselves up off the floor, today’s post-match video breaks down what exactly went so disastrously wrong for us today, and examines what we need to do to solve our many problems:

  • Ian96

    Same old shite. We simply can’t defend. Bloody aweful

    • nico250gto

      Hi there Ian. Absolutely! At the moment we should replace the dictionary word aweful with lfc.

      • Ian96

        Hi Nico, n yeah we haven’t moved on from last season. All the hard work during pre season was obviously a waste of time.

  • nico250gto

    Major issues with our team:
    1. No leaders within the team. And it’s not just about Hendo. Hendo can be better as captain although i’m not expecting him to be Gerrardesque type of captain. Those are few around. We need defensive leaders & midfield leaders. Our players do not take that responsibility…they seem like school boys expecting someone to tell them what to do.

    2. Midfield not creative and aggressive enough. Especially now that lallana is out.We need the tenacity & aggresiveness like B.munich’s Vidal. Couts provides the creative part but no one else does. Gini & Can are half baked solutions. They need that player who makes them click.

    3. Van dyk or not, set pieces are defended as a team. He is not the solution. The setup is horrendous. You can sense an incoming goal just seconds before they cross. 3yrs now and same probs. Sort it out klopp & bring a defensive coach (just not someone like Bould @ arsenal as Will mentioned). Useless saying the goals were offside. The game is what it is & it is useless complaining about video technology. No more excuses. We look and are sloppy, waiting for an accident to happen.

    4. Expectations. Expecting the team to outscore the opponent and settle down the team’s nervousness is not the solution. There will be games where we will have less opportunities to score and forced to defend relentlessly. Having a solid defense calms the nerves; someone that you can rely on. The players are responsible but even klopp has his own share.

  • Tbone187

    We made Okaka look like Messi. Poor showing…the goals papered over the huge cracks iñ defence. With Phillippe causing distraction as well, it is not looking good.

  • NG

    At least it didn’t turn out like your FIFA game prediction…. Chelski lost at home to Burnley 🙂 Seeking solace from that….

  • Saravana Kumar

    Ended well….absolutely shit……

  • MightyDiego

    Brendan Rodgers

    • Riiseandshine

      Puddytwat…I thought you were banned off this site

      • MentalAndBookmarked

        no crime against being a pain in the ass unfortunately

    • MentalAndBookmarked

      Shouldn’t you be on ThisIsAgony ?

      • MightyDiego

        Hey dude! What’s up!?

        • MentalAndBookmarked

          ha, you still posting on Brendan I see.

          • MightyDiego

            He deserves credit and our love. He is an extraordinary talent. He will be at Stanford Bridge this time next year

          • MentalAndBookmarked

            he’ll be fine so long as he doesn’t have to organise a defence.

  • MentalAndBookmarked

    unfortunately an accurate account of the day Will, thanks for reminding me it wasn’t just a dream.

    overpowered in MF, and really poor MF work for all of the goals, they showed just how limited they are as players. That’s not a good midfield.

    As for Klopp, maybe a 442 would have given the extra body in mf to get some control back. Their front 6 just bossed the game until they tired. Like you say, Hendo just dropped deeper to get space but hoofed it all day with no hold up guy. Weird way to carry on.

  • Redblooded Male

    It’s not the end of the world, especially with Chelsea losing, & City potentially dropping 2 pts. M&S look deadly, Mignolet making good saves, & Lallana & Sturridge still to feature (maybe Coutinho!).

    • MentalAndBookmarked

      No I insist the world is ending and you will fall off the edge.