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The FIFA 17 Predictor: Leicester vs Liverpool

With FIFA 18 arriving next week, it’s time for one last episode of the FIFA 17 Prediction Show, and with Liverpool heading to the King Power Stadium this weekend in search of revenge against Leicester City, will it be a happy ending? Find out in today’s FIFA Predictor!

  • MentalAndBookmarked

    Hopefully you’ll be better at that university thing than FIFA! Good luck will.

  • herrdoktorprofessor

    Will Will Will. You have two choices: either stop making these predictor shows are stop being so shit at FIFA.
    You’re killing me.

  • OldFlaky

    Any links for the Liverpool U23 vs Tottenham U23?

  • Cuntinho

    Billy boy, put that game controller down; the other joystick is better

    • RedNeve

      Hahahaha 😂

  • NG

    Billy boy…. Put that game controller down… It don’t suit ya 😉