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Emre: “It’s definitely a fact that we have recently defended badly”

Liverpool: Can laments Reds' issues

Emre Can knows Liverpool’s defence has let them down in recent games but says not scoring enough goals has also been their downfall.

The Germany international, who has impressed for his country during the international break, is expected to be in the starting line-up for Saturday’s big home clash with rivals Manchester United.

Can admits the Reds’ defence, which has shipped 12 Premier League goals already, has been at fault but is also aware their attacking players have failed to take their chances in games.

He told Sport Bild: “It’s definitely a fact that we have recently defended badly and conceded too many goals. But I still believe that when we scored goals, we won the games. Then nobody was speaking about the defence.

“The coach himself says we didn’t play badly. We almost dominated the opponents in all games and were the better team.”

Can, who is out of contract at the end of the season and has been heavily linked with a move to Juventus, says with more luck Liverpool would have picked up more points but has backed boss Jurgen Klopp to turn things around.

He added: “Jurgen Klopp is convinced that only the necessary luck is missing to return to winning. At Liverpool, however, nobody questions the coach. Jurgen Klopp is a top, top trainer.”


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  • NorseDweller

    Very wet water, this…

  • globalcockup

    I guess maybe if it wasn’t for poor finishing there wouldn’t be such a microscope on Liverpools defending. I think Liverpool are paying the price for not having a clinical centre forward like kane more so than a competent defender.

  • Stan Dinaround

    I TRULY CANT BELIEVE I’m reading half this bollox, basically when we won games and conceded stupid goals, it wasn’t bad defending.. Fuck off Emre.. how many of your own mistakes led to bad defending and silly goals…? Sign your contract or fuck off already… I’m really starting to feel like I’m constantly being mugged off by everyone at Liverpool Football Club.

  • Stan Dinaround

    Just recently?

  • Vivek Bharos

    what about the many unnecessary shots you took pal?

  • Tbone187

    Hope we play Milner instead of this oke. Been shite recently.

  • GOLDEN family <3

    “Jurgen Klopp is convinced that only the necessary luck is missing to return to winning.” If that’s remotely true, unfortunately Klopp is officially as deluded as BR in my eyes.

    • Oroku-Saki

      Utter shit talk from the Manager as per usual. I don’t even bother with his interviews anymore. So off-putting

      • Stan Dinaround

        Mate, I hear that, can’t recall the last time I went looking for pre or post match pressers

    • European Con

      He’s being infected by the owners. We should know it well after Benitez, Rodgers and now Klopp. It’s the same process every time…a bright start followed by a bad transfer window followed by the managers talking absolute boll0x followed by supporter frustration and finally followed by the misdirected blame and a fresh start with another manager who’s career is destined to be destroyed.

  • jolive

    this ‘luck’ word is getting more and more commonplace, maybe we can go out there with a rabbit’s foot behind our ears, ggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Superstition is a cop out, don’t pray for things to change, don’t kiss lucky charms, take responsibility ffs.

    • gegenpressing

      It does happen though especially when you create the number of clear cut chances that we do…When was the last time we won an “undeserved” match where everything was against us and we only just snatched a “lucky” goal? I take your point that a lot of it is in your own hands but in a low scoring sport where things like a referee decision (missed offsides, fouls) or a blunder can mean that you don’t get what is deserved, luck is definitely a factor…

      • jolive

        i can’t believe i’m indulging you on this mate but these decisions and deflections etc just balance themselves out, it’s just nobody remembers when it goes their way

        • gegenpressing

          I know people say that a lot (“it balances itself out”) but I honestly don’t think it does…If you are “unlucky” (an offside gets missed, for instance) in a crucial CL match and get eliminated, what is the balance- is it in the league, in a cup competition? Small teams get calls against them all the time that doesn’t ever get balanced out against bigger teams…I am not saying that the only factor that has been against us is luck or there isn’t more that we should have been in control…All I am saying is that in football especially when things are close between you and an opponent, luck can have an outsized importance unlike say basketball where a lot of points are scored.

    • Delhi Belhi

      I think the only game where we have been “unlucky” is the spartak and maybe sevilla(missed pen) one. As in we created plenty of good chances and they created next to nothing and we “deserved” to win that one. Our league standing at the moment is absolutely deserved as we’ve been nowhere near good enough. Saying we have been unlucky is just excuses and shirking away the responsibility.

      • Stan Dinaround

        Missing a penalty is not bad luck, that’s bad technique…

        • Delhi Belhi

          Ofc so is missing sitters. I was talking in terms of creating a good amount of clear cut chances.

    • Drewster

      Maybe that’s the actually the solution, you should wear your lucky underpants back to front

    • Stan Dinaround

      Someone has found and bought Brendan’s Blarney Stone I think.

  • RedUntilDead

    No shit Emre ! Good of you to let us know.

  • Saravana Kumar

    Wow… I’m reading something new there Emre

  • Lol understatement of century. Successful teams build from back. We havent

  • He’s not wrong there