Liverpaolo FC – Swansea City Player Ratings

Merry Christmas everyone! 3 points unwrapped, get in! Bobby, the hero we need and the hero we deserve.

In full control in the first half, bit of a snoozefest but I’ll accept that. Not the first game we kept in 2nd gear throughout the first half to go up a few gears in the second. And don’t tell anyone, but we got a couple of world class players.  Five goals, another clean sheet and no problems with a new manager. All the things I asked Santa for! (and the mancs dropping points)

Gotta feel for Swansea fans, couple of decent players, but that looked like a championship side, both on paper and on the pitch.

Anyway, ratings:

Big Si will have to work harder to unwrap his presents than to get a clean sheet today. Gets a 7 because he clutched a shot and went for a high ball with one hand, again. The balls that takes!

FUCKING GET IN TRENT ALEXANDER ARNOLD! Even celebrates like Stevie.. no pressure though! A 10! Scouser of the Match

Returned from injury in propably the best game ever to do it. Not a lot to do and he plays alongside the best CB of the EPL, a 7 for Matip.

Wonder how long it’ll take before people stop saying Klavan isn’t good enough, because he’s the best center back in the EPL ya know?  a 10.

Amazing performance from Robbo, couple of passes a left back shouldn’t make. Except for a spell of 10 minutes where their best player has him on toast. Other then that, no complaints. An 8. Will most likely need to play the next 3 matches as well, so rightfully rested.

Thought Emre was appaling, terrible, shocking even. Went up about fifteen levels in the second half where he played with a lot more urgency. I think he got to watch 15 minutes of Henderson passing a ball. A 7.

Wijnaldum made some great rushes, combining well. In numbers it doesn’t show, but he’s good you know. A 7.

First half Chambo was non-existent, bossed second half, even though he didn’t think so. Superb goal in the week his manager publicly said he should score more. Already closing in on his most productive season, a 7.

Out of this world, Phil is. Absolutely world class. On a completely different level than the rest of these lads. A 10, Sambao of the match!

No goals, but two great assists from Salah and on the whole an amazing threat. An 8.

Yes Bobby, fucking World Class striker him. Should have a hattrick, but 2 will do. Already on 16 goals, which is 5 more than Morata in all comps and one more than 90M Lukaku, both topscorers for their sides. Just sayin’. A 10 and Man of the Match.


Great to be able to rest a few players and give a few players minutes they need. So well in and all that.

Solanke was a whisker away to a worldie and another one to a good tap in. Showed desire and needed that bit of luck to get his first goal. A 7 for that cameo will do.

Sheer class that lad. Great he’s returning to the fold. A 7 for Adam Lallana.

Yeah, Milner was Milner, which warrants a 7 on its own, so he gets that.


Up the Christmas mauling Reds!

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