Quality Reds FC – Yard dogs FC

GET THE FUCK IN!!! I can’t hide my hatred for this team of fucking grogs and yard dogs. Fuck Vardy and his henchmen. Terrible team, terrible lads. Extremely proud of the Reds here. Till we got ourselves in front we play really well. After that we roll up our sleeves and turn up the dark arts. Kick them, fight them off, long balls in behind, finding the corner, keeping the ball, making the most out of a lot of situations. Well deserved 3 points after we give ourselves a mountain to climb.

Make no mistake, Harry Maguire is fucking pants. The ref makes him look like a good player as he should concede a pen but for all his holding and grabbing and grapling and hooking and all his anthics, it’s the latest Pharao who has him on toast time and time again.

Three incredible great points that puts pressure on the ones around us, above and below, another win. In the last decade we’ve had a lof draws and losses. It was Rodgers who said “we need to turn these losses into draws and these draws into wins. We may have dropped a few points recently, but in yesteryears that would’ve been a loss. Today we turned a destined draw into a win. Best way to head into the new year.

To the ratings:

One of them goals where he couldn’t do anything. Gave him a bollocking in a CL game where he had to calm things down. Today in the bit where we needed to be smart, he was. One boss throw to speed it up when we needed to. I like that. Please Jurgen lad, can we please have this one for a while? An 8 for Loris.

He’s a proper hard man our Joe. Got stuck in well at times, fought for every  yard, throws in boss tackles. What a player, an 8.

Daft, mad, wild, how you decide to play that pass? Other than that, wins everything, intercepts, goes on lovely mad runs forward and all that. Nice stuff overall, but that pass? A 5,5 for Joel.

Back in the starting lineup, back at the left hand side, thought Lovren was fucking boss today. A 9 for Lovren. Best response to the club buying the most expensive defender in the world. It’s all you can do Degsy.

Got tired looking at him, what a left back we bought ourselves. Yeah he needs to get a bit better with his end balls. First half he had a couple of great ones, second half not so much. Too bad we didn’t have a lot of players in the goalmouth in that first half. Boss yellow, absolutely boss yellow. He was absolutely determined to foul Okazaki there, great stuff! An 8 for Robbo.

His usual hot an cold for Emre. Runs into no mans land, giving away possession combined with great passes, boss tackles and all that. But his best contribution today was his bust up with Maguire and, most of all, the way he “gives back” the ball after the bounce was brilliant. Fuck you yard dogs, fuck you. A 7 because of it.

Milly is.. well, Milly. Everytime you think “jesus, we need better than Milly” he does amazing things. That assist for Mo’s second? Milly in a nutshell. A 7.

Phil is on another level, another planet, this is why you go to games. Lots of fight in him today, a 9,5 and my Man of the Match.

Thought Sadio was loads better today. His finishing was a lot better apart from one, very, wayward shot. Too bad his best finishing was from offside. Will get quite the confidence from this. An 8 for constant movement, pressing, holding and trying.

How many times can you find yourself in the right position? How many times can you be there and not score? And how many times can you be there and score? Salah: a lot, a lot, enough. Get the fuck in you little pharaoh you!! A 9,5 and Man of the Match because goals wins you games.

Oh Bobby… can’t rate you enough. That tackle near the end and after it bollocking the ref. Great stuff! A 9.

Thought the subs made loads of sense. More steel, more fight, fresh legs, more pressing, more power. All good.

Chambo was boss, tackles, passes and pace. Good stuff, an 8.

Gini would also get an 8 if he puts that ball in the net or on Bobby’s foot. Now it’s a 7.

Klavan made the best out of getting walloped by Karius. Completely killed the game. Boss tha! A 7.


See you in 2018 fucko’s! Up the Winning Reds!

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