Anfield Nights – My best experience at the home of the Reds

So we at Blood Red Kop chat a lot!


I mean we are all new at writing like this and a lot of ideas and discussion points get raised.  One of the series ideas involved the writers talking about our best experience at Anfield.


Now my tale isn’t your famous Champions league nights or beating Man U – its a rather unremarkable cup match in what ended up being a rather remarkable season!


LFC VS NOTTS COUNTY – 23rd August, 2013


This match was an EFL cup match. Tickets went on general sale and surprisingly (or not considering the opponent) there were hundreds of tickets remaining.


Now i have a young brother in law who along with his cousin were 10 at the time and had never been to Anfield. So of course on i went buying tickets for the pair, my wife and myself for a grand total of £30. Quite incredible considering our seats were front row in Block KH of the Centenary Stand.


We got there early considering its 19:45 KO time to get our programmes, meet the team off the bus and take the pictures knowing full well these experience will be few and far between.


It was a weakened team that was announced loud and clear as the sun set around Liverpool but one name was screamed so loud the stadium rocked – Gerrard! Every boys hero was playing in front of them!


Here is the LFC team on the night.


  • 22 Mignolet
  • 02 Johnson
  • 04 Toure
  • 20 Cissokho (Agger – 10′ )
  • 47 Wisdom Booked
  • 06 Alberto (Coutinho – 72′ )
  • 08 Gerrard
  • 24 Allen (Henderson – 65′ )
  • 31 Sterling Booked
  • 33 Ibe
  • 15 Sturridge


  • 01 Jones
  • 05 Agger
  • 10 Coutinho
  • 14 Henderson
  • 21 Lucas
  • 09 Aspas
  • 29 Borini


It was as you’d expect from a cup game, cagey and edgy with the away fans not giving a moment to breath.


Cissokho went down after 10 minutes of his first start for the club over the other side of the pitch. Even from our angle it looked bad and he was to be subbed for Agger.


Two goals from Sterling and Sturridge had LFC comfortably ahead at half time – to which the kids stated “its easy this, itll be 5-0 by the end” and i threw caution towards them.

An hour had gone and Notts scored and Anfield fell silent, it wasnt supposed to be like this! Henderson and Coutinho came on to gain the advantage but to no avail, Notts levelled in the 83′ minute and at full time the score was 2-2. 2 opponent goals right in front of our end with the away fans taking it up another level! It was too much and everyones heads had gone.

Honestly no one really could remember whether it was ET or 2 legs but after some stewards confirmed we settled in for extra time.

The lowest point was the away fans taunting Gerrard over and over as he lines up to take a free kick – “Gerrard, Gerrard whats the score?” To which he replied in typical manner from a man who’s heard it all before.


Then it turned, a blocked shot by Notts and the ball ended up at our end with Sturridge and to this day i couldn’t tell you how he scored firstly because it was the opposite side to our seats and secondly because we were fucking bouncing the second it left his foot!

Then before we knew it Henderson runs from midfield, through defender right in front of us and fires a shot from no where and the noise from Anfield was undescribable it still send shivers down my spine.

For all this drama i will never forget one moment.

Gerrard took a corner right in front of us. The look on the boys (and my wifes) face was something of pure amazement! It was a mix between joy, confusion, admiration and more! And they screamed his name, they screamed and screamed to show that he was their captain, their idol and they loved him!

This moment was also captured on tv which made it even better! You can also see us boucing when Hendo scored!


And me? Well i managed to take the best picture of my life to share with you today.


So my lesson is this – take every opportunity to go watch the reds you can. Take younger people and make sure they remember it!

I hope you enjoyed my best trip to Anfield! Look out for other writers stories appearing soon.

Here’s the full highlights for you!

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