Bobby Firmino – Liverpool’s No. 9

Liverpool signed Roberto Firmino from Hoffenheim over 2 years ago  for £29m. Now Klopp wants him to play for LFC until the end of his career. So what’s the deal?

Firmino was signed to be an attacking midfielder and support Christian Benteke in attack. Firmino took the number 11 shirt.

Rodgers used Firmino sparingly and when used he was deployed in a more defensive role. Bobby was playing as a wing-back at Old Trafford. This was not a great way to start your Liverpool career. He drew lots of criticism for all angles (myself included). The end was nigh for Rodgers and he didn’t last much longer.

Enter Jurgen Klopp.

When Klopp took the reigns at Liverpool he commented about how Firmino is a player he always rated in the Bundesliga and was keen to work with him. Klopp obviously knew Firmino’s strengthens and Firmino trusted Klopp.

The date is 21st November 2015. Manchester City away at the Etihad. This is were Firmino announced he meant business. I remember complaining seeing Firmino as the number 9 when Benteke & Sturridge were on the bench. But I was eating my words at half time. an assist and a goal and an overall brilliant performance from the Brazilian. Klopp’s gegenpressing system was in full flow, and our Bobby suits it perfectly.

His performance in the semi final against Villarreal can not be forgot. Superb. Assisted all 3 goals and was unplayable throughout. Poor Soldado is still looking for him.

Check out the highlights of Bobby from the game below. 

Firmino ended the season with 11 goals to his name. Not a bad return for the Brazilian.

Liverpool brought in Mane in the 2016 summer window to add to the thrilling front 3 of Coutinho, Firmino and Mane. The signing of mane helped Firmino grow. At times this season he was unplayable.

Firmino played 3,463 minutes last season 2nd only to Clyne and scored 12 goals.

Klopp’s gegenpressing systems suits Firmino perfectly. He is a constant pain for defenders and chases everything and a lot of his work goes unnoticed. I have this argument with my uncle every time Liverpool player. He doesn’t rate him. “He doesn’t score enough” etc. What he fails to see is the work rate and the effort. Firmino is now one of the most creative in the team. If it’s not a goal it’s an assist. If it’s neither of these he pressuring the opposition into a mistake (Ben Foster – West Brom at Anfield) or winning important penalties (Swansea – Away). He is always contributing.

My favourite Firmino moment is the goal away to Stoke. What a goal. An absolute worldie. I was watching the game in the local pub and the scenes when that ball hit the back of the net were brilliant. I would of loved to be in the away end for that. I must of also watched the goal back about 56874 times. Still not bored of it. Class Bobby.

This goal as good as it was, was so important. It won us the game away to Stoke, the following week Bobby scored the only goal away to West Brom. Important goals in the pursuit of Champions League football.

This season is huge for Firmino. Huge. He has took the number 9 shirt and made it his own.

What should we expect from him? Will he be the 20 goals a season striker? With Salah t adding more pace and strength to the attack Firmino should be aiming high. At the age of 25 he should be at his peak. The stats current agree with this – 15 goals in 29 appearances (better then 1 in 2) and 7 assists means 22 goal actions in 29 appearances so far this season. He ended last season on 18 goal actions (11 goals, 7 assists) in 34 appearances, the season before was 20 in 35.

Expectation will be high for Liverpool’s new number 9 to continue his form now that his under the radar goal scoring has attracted attention..

I love Bobby and his glorious white teeth. He’s a glorious shit-house of a forward. I hope to see more of his samba magic for many years to come, I’ll be rooting for you.

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