Brendan Rodgers – The Arrogant One

Brendan. *Sigh* You were so so close to being held in the same accord as the likes of Paisley or Shanks. So close yet so far. In Rodgers I don’t think I’ve ever seen a manager have such a fall from grace as he did.

This is quite a difficult article for me to write. On one hand I thought he was brilliant and I’ve witnessed some of the best Liverpool displays in my life under the Northern Irish man. On the other, I hated him. Hated his arrogance and genuinely wanted him out of my club, towards the end it got a bit ugly for Brendan.

Brendan Rodgers signed for Liverpool on 1st June 2012 from Swansea City after Liverpool got rid of Kenny Dalglish. Now at the time I wasn’t happy with this appointment nor was I happy with Liverpool dumping Kenny but needs must I suppose.

His first season at Anfield was a little underwhelming to begin with, we spent some time in the relegation zone and we got our first win in the league under Rodgers in our 6th fixture.

After January things improved. We made two excellent signing in January in Daniel Sturridge and Phillipe Coutinho. They improved our style of play and suited what Rodgers has envisaged for Liverpool. We really started to play good football. We picked up 30 points from a possible 48. Smashing Norwich, Swansea, Wigan & Newcastle in the process. I speak for myself in saying I was excited for the next season.

2013/2014 what a season. It was SO nearly perfect. Honestly, we were brilliant. Honestly, we deserved to win the league. It so so cruel that we didn’t.


We played some of the best football I’ve ever seen Liverpool play. It was actually superb. Luis Suarez at the peak of his powers, Daniel Sturridge, electric. Raheem Sterling was class. What a front 3.  We were fast, powerful and direct. We played football the way it should be played.

The first 20 minutes against Arsenal at Anfield. That was perfection. Absolutely perfect. We were fast, energetic and ferocious. We wanted it more and Arsenal couldn’t get anywhere near us. 4-0 in 20 minutes. Incredible.

Please check it out here. My goodness.

After beating Arsenal we went on and won our next 10 games in a row, we had it in our hands, it was ours. Then Chelsea came to Anfield.

This is were in my opinion Brendan’s story takes a turn. From this moment on it’s all downhill. His arrogance cost us in the Chelsea game. How you ask? Let me explain.

Chelsea lined up with 5 at the back and 2 holding midfielders. Rodgers knew Chelsea were going to do this. Mourinho made no secret he was going to play a weakened side. Now I ask, why oh why did you have to go for it? Why go all out attack? All we needed was a draw in this game. You show me a Liverpool fan who wouldn’t of took a boring 0-0 draw in this game and I’ll show you a lier. This was naivety from Rodgers. We were beat 2-0 and the title was now out of our hands.

The following Monday, the same thing happened. 3-0 up against Palace, absolutely cruising. Why go for more? Settle for the 3 points and keep the pressure. Bring on a defender. What does Brendan do? Brings on Coutinho, to get more goals. A perfectly fit Daniel Agger (our vice captain) on the bench. NO. Palace score 3 and we look like arseholes. We end up drawing the game 3-3 and instead of it being tight on the last day of the season we were looking for a minor miracle to win the league. It never came, Congratulations to City.

It was this narrow mindedness and the inability to adapt to a situation which frustrated me. We complain about Klopp having no plan B, but I can assure you if Klopp was in the same situation as Brendan was, he would do it differently. I still to this day hold a grudge for them 2 games. Massive grudge. I can NEVER forgive him after this.

It just got worse and worse from then on.


The lose of Suarez was massive and it was a hole that was never filled. We had a one legged Sturridge, a misfiring Sterling, Balotelli and Rickie Lambert. It wasn’t great. It was fucking awful. We scored a whole 49 (FORTY-NINE) goals less than the last season. At times we were dreadful.

The Champions League campaign was laughable. We struggled against Basel and Ludogorets and got absolutely out played by Madrid home and away. I must add that in a MUST WIN game at Anfield against Basel he fielded this line up. Moron.

Imagine letting Gerrard leave as well. Who wouldn’t of tried absolutely anything to keep a hold of him? If not in a playing capacity surely a coaching role. Why let him go? Ego, he couldn’t cope with someone else being seen in such high accord that Steven Gerrard was at Anfield.

The last 6 games of the season were an actual embarrassment. 1 win, 1 draw and 3 loses to Hull, Crystal Palace and Stoke. 3-1 at home to Palace and 6 (SIX) – 1 away to Stoke were some of the worst performances I’ve ever seen from Liverpool. These were Gerrard’s last games for Liverpool. Fuck sake the man didn’t deserve this. If Brendan Rodgers had an ounce of humility left in him he should of resigned there and then. Did he? No. He was too cocksure and arrogant he continued. A man without a notion.

You know what is a good idea, bring in Christian Benteke and build a team around him. I know of one person who would think this. Christ what a stupid idea. It went against everything the Liverpool stood for. Pass and move. Everything that Rodgers created in his good days at Liverpool, where was the pace? Where was the power? Where was the intensity? Even the fucking character? It was all gone. I had no enthusiasm for him or even for my club anymore.

The final nail in his coffin was the Merseyside derby, it wasn’t a classic. Danny Ings scored as did Lukaku and it ended 1-1. What bothered me was the substitution in the 80th minutes the game was tied at 1-1 and it was Lucas off and Joe Allen on. What an absolute lack of ambition. Clearly was happy with a draw. I wasn’t.

Thankfully FSG put Brendan Rodgers out of his misery and that was that.

You will be remembered at Liverpool, and rightly so. You had us playing some of the best football I have ever seen us play. You made us dream and for that I’m grateful for that.

Here’s a video, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

I got quite angry writing this piece, I had to drag out some bad memories and some memories that hurt. So I hope you enjoyed this piece, if you would like to debate it more give us a shout at @BloodRedKop and we can discuss. Thanks again.







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