Exclusive!! Transfer News!

Exclusive News!! ITK know nothing! But Its transfer season so you clicked! This is the point of the article and I’d like you to stay and read it –
There is a few ways to know its transfer season-
  1. Clubs starts buying and selling players
  2. Theres a lot of injuries
  3. Everyone on twitter knows everything – Enter the realm of the Twitter In The Knows or ITKs

As fans we all want to know every minute and every detail of our clubs goings on, especially in the signing of new players. Its exciting, its new, it fills us full of hope that next season could be our year. It also does the opposite, the threat of players leaving keeps us up at night.
Back in the days before twitter became so prominent, these dealing often happened behind closed doors and the first we would hear about it was in the local paper. Taxi drivers however knew everything! They were our equivalent of ITKs.
Every taxi driver knew someone who knew someone else who knew something. It was great!
Slowly this need to know drove the rise of the ITK to fuel our perpetual need for knowledge.

You all know the score – An account with a rep will release a tweet saying “Breaking News coming 9pm” and come 9pm, a new tweet with a click bait title and a link to a fresh page comes out. The page ultimately is full of advertisments and the story is often recycled news or made up rubbish.
But in clicking the link you’ve served the purpose of providing these chancers with an income.
Then you have the other side, @thefirm appear to go all out setting up staged photos to make us believe they may actually know something or other accounts pretending to be players agents. It is all just for followers, reputation and a bit of fame.
If I was to plonk my LFC mug in one of our boardrooms I could recreate this picture, and i would at least make sure the mug was clean. But they have been very clever and vague in what they’ve tweeted.
I like to compare them to psychics. They are very good at picking up scraps of information, putting 2+2 together and peddling vague information that could fit any situation – and we are so in need of information that this goes in and we interpret it as fact. When it doesn’t come off? “There’s been a hold up in negotiations” or the original tweet was so vague they could get away with it and brush it off.
But it really is so easy to do! The mirror even published 7 easy steps to achieving ITK status! (see here)

I’m not going to go into the people behind the ITKs here as it has already been done much much better then I could have ever done so I suggest reading the links that I’ll put at the end of the article but I will give a summery here.
  • Duncan Jenkins (a completely made up alias) spent 2012 revealing Dalglish’s team line ups  ahead of time, supposedly called his sacking and signing of Rodgers and reported first the signings of Sahin, Allen and Borini. He very quickly gained over 40K followers on twitter convinced he knew what was going on in LFC. His team reveals? Got them off another poster on a LFC forum. Him calling the signings? Educated guesses based off Liverpool Echo reporters comments made previously. It all came crashing down when he agreed to meet a LFC official who threatened life long bans from Anfield.
  • Another “football agent” managed to appear on TalkSPORT and BBC Radio claiming to be behind the Welbeck to Aresnal deal a few years back. He was actually a disgraced RAF service man who had done time for child pornography offences
  • @FootballAgent49 gained over 38K twitter followers during his hayday after making a name for himself as a Football agent to the stars. He was simply an 18 year old hoaxer who revelled in the fact he was getting away with it –

“I have been fooling all of you gullible idiots,”

“I started out when I was bored one evening and I never once thought that I could get 43k followers. I feel my twitter experience has been very successful with some of my ‘Stories’ even trending 5th in the world.
“I’m proud to say that I haven’t had even one transfer scoop in my time yet people still say im more reliable than Sky Sports News and the BBC. Laughable.”
He added: “Whilst I am here I can also point out there is no such thing as an ITK [in the know] or Agent on twitter, anyone with an IQ in double figures would realise this.

But whats the harm?
If people want to do it and get away with it then so what?
Its not in the ITKs that is the problem. It is the people taking these words as fact and verbally abusing players, owners and other fans because of it. This came to a head recently concerning Lucas when perennial “ITK” Indy Kalia repeatedly and aggressively put out to Twitter that Lucas was leaving. Lucas reached breaking point.
But as you can see at the bottom, he continued 18 months later. As we all know Lucas did recently leave this Summer, 3 years after the initial report from this ITK.
So it is clearly affecting players and may even cause players to move (like Suarez eluded to in his autobiography).
Why would we continue to pander to these people on the off chance we find something out a few days before.
Well because its just human nature!
Will we continue to search Twitter on the off chance of finding some gossip, yes.
However, we at BRK are determined to keep out of the ITK business as much as possible and only give you readers the facts! At least you can have one beacon of light in this griming Twitter world!
Remember this as a rule
Hope the remaining transfer window goes well for LFC!
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Up the Reds!
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