Goalkeepers? Who would have them?

Liverpool have been blessed through the years with an abundance of fantastic keepers from Tommy Lawrence to Ray Clemence to Bruce Grobbelaar to Pepe Reina.

I was reading an interview with Klopp recently and I came across this quote ““We have three goalkeepers and they can all show what they are able to do, and then we will see who will start.” This really peaked my interest.

As we all know Liverpool have 3 very talented goalkeepers in Simon Mignolet, Loris Karius & Danny Ward, but which one will be between the sticks when Liverpool kick off the season at Watford? I think a good case can be made for all 3 and obviously I have my own personal opinion.

Simon Mignolet

Understandably the favourite to be Liverpool’s number 1. Simon for all his critics had a great end to the season, he was strong, commanding and pulled of a number of vital saves in crucial games. He probably earns the spot on merit alone.

Saying this Simon does have his critics (me included). Without a doubt Mignolet is a fantastic shot stopper that I have no doubt about. The other parts of his game let him down, his distribution (or lack thereof) is a problem. His physicality has always been a problem with many teams fancying their chances against Liverpool from set pieces. Most of all he does not install confidence. I’m rarely confident in Mignolet (Skrtel is probably to blame for this) it’s a constant fear when we get a corner or when a team are on the attack.

For me Mignolet does not do it on the big stage, doesn’t make the big saves to win us games, to win us titles. I personally think he should of saved Demba Ba’s effort comfortably, check it out (if you can bring yourself to watch) Demba Ba is outside the box, Mignolet does not have to come out as far as he did, if he stays around the penalty spot then Gerrard catches him. Plus what a pathetic attempt to save it, goes through him.

This isn’t attack on Mignolet. Not at all. I won’t be annoyed if he is in nets for the Watford game, not one bit. I just think we should be looking forward now and looking to replace Mignolet. No offence to him, but we aren’t winning the league with Simon Mignolet as our number 1. We have ambitions and we need to show it.

Personally I don’t think Klopp sees Simon as his number 1 going forward, or he would of came out and said it, plus he signed a goalkeeper last summer. Doesn’t bode well for the Belgian. If Mignolet drops to the bench for either Karius or Ward I can’t see him sticking around, he is 29 now and at his peak and won’t want to be playing second fiddle to anyone.


Loris Karius

I am a fan. He is my pick. Loris Karius was signed last summer and now is 24 and should be beginning to peak. Plus I feel the Klopp has faith in the young German.

Yes, I know last season wasn’t great for Loris. His confidence was down and he made a couple of mistakes, but people forget he was injured for most of pre season through a broken hand and was brought in to the firing line in November/December, the busiest time of the season. He would not of been used to this (Germany take a winter break).

He only played 16 games last season for Liverpool, surely people cannot properly judge Karius after 16 games?

He showed glimpses of quality in the Capital One cup semi finals against Southampton, pulling of a number of good saves to keep us in the game.


Karius’ strength lies in his positional awareness, check out this video. Note at how he always seems to be in the correct position to deal with attacks that are coming his way.

Understandably, people doubt Loris and I know this is getting old but remember De Gea, remember when we all laughed at how poor he was? I think Loris is a very similar keeper, with very similar characteristics, If given the chance to develop this season I am sure we will see why Klopp has faith in him.

Plus being the traditionalist that I am, he has the number 1 shirt.

Karius recently said “I want do better than last season and win the shirt back” I have faith in you Loris.


Danny Ward

A long shot possibly? Maybe not. Huddersfield wanted to have Ward back this season and Klopp blocked the move. Surely it would of made sense for Danny to go back and get game time for Huddersfield? Klopp must have him in his plans.

Danny was brilliant last year in the Championship, helping to bring Huddersfield Town to the Premier League for the first time in their history. Danny crucially saving penalties in the shoot-outs in both the Semi-Final and the Final of the play-offs.

Ward will be the most confident out of all the goalkeepers and will be brimming with confidence after his heroics in both shootouts and I for one would have no issue with Ward being our number 1.

Danny is now 24 and has had to successful loan spells at Aberdeen and Huddersfield respectively. Klopp obviously sees talent in the young Welshman recalling him from his first loan spell at Aberdeen to take part in games towards the end of the 2015/16 campaign.

Personally, I can’t see it. I can’t see Ward lining up as Liverpool’s number 1. As much as I wouldn’t object to it, I can’t see it. He will make a fantastic number 2 and I would every faith that he could be called upon at anytime to come into any game at anytime.

Would Ward want this? He is now used to playing 1st team football week in week out. I doubt it. We will just need to wait and see.


That’s your lot people. 3 good choices. 3 good arguments. Personally, I am going for Karius between the sticks with Ward as our No. 2. Mignolet I think could end up being sold.

I know for a fact a lot of you will disagree with me, and some will agree. Let me know your thoughts anyway. Give me a tweet at @BloodRedKop and we can discuss further.



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