Huddersfield Town – Liverpool FC Player Ratings

Sheer dominance, a complete performance that. And everything what the doctor ordered after a bit of a bitter week. The game plan was simple, we keep the ball, we pass the ball and we suck the life out of them. And we carefully did. Simply all that we needed from this game we got. A goalkeeper making saves, midfield actually passing and probing and forwards scoring goals. Liked the 3-4-3 formation we played for a large part of the game. That’s when a young center back playing as right back becomes very usefull.

Massive thanks to Wagner, again he said his team up to do us minimal harm and 6 points for us. Always nice to have those as Bruce always granted them to Fergie.

Not so much to say actually other than that this is a massive 3 points. The outlook is a whole lot better concerning our league position. Especially with Wenger and Arsenal being extremely Wenger and Arsenal. On a sidenote, our only loss in the last 15 games in the league has been put in perspective. Simply a great night.

To the ratings then? yes we shall!

Not really sure why we were hellbent on giving them a few of them long throwins at the end, other than that weird few minutes where Lovren and Karius had no idea where to pass Loris had a good game. A good save, not a brilliant one, but one that will give him a bit of confidence. Getting a clean sheet will boost that too. But I like the calmness he brings to the backline. There’s a sense of trust in each other. Gets an 8 as the 2-0 starts from him.

Gomez back in the team and he showed he really belongs at this level. Cool, front foot defending, athleticism and composed defending. Boss block at the end. A 7,5 for Joe.

These white boots look hideous, like he’s the weirdest looking catamaran in the world. But he’s actually the weirdest looking center back I’ve ever seen, and we all remember Sakho. Think Matip passed it somehwere between 200 and 300 times today. Won a lot, still can be a bit more aggressive. An 8, surely.

Back in the lineup as well, another good performance for Degsy, up until the 85th minute. From there on he seemed to absolutely forget what he was doing. Stick to what you do well Degsy, win the ball, hit it long if need be. Wins loads of headers too, battling that Belgian Behemoth. An 8.

What a calming difference compared to his competitor. Wins everything he needs to win and is involved in a lot of good moves. Needs to be a whole lot better in that final moment, but he’ll get there. Robertson is still very young and just a season at a top club. He’ll make the step up. A 7 for him.

Around the first calm win against a bottom 14 side since Henderson did the hamstring. His purposeful passing, leadership off the ball and organisation skills set the tone to win the game. First fifteen minutes they put Mounier on him like a shadow, after that he just couldn’t do it anymore. The relentless passing, talking and making sure we keep shape solidified our midfield and acted like a springboard for the forward thinking players. An 8 will do. Can and has to do more in the final third when he’s there.

Massive goal and great performance as the wide midfielder for Can. Frustrating in the first 20 minutes, then scores his goal. Yeah it needs some luck, but you need to create that. Goes full german to win the penalty. Made that Billing lad look exactly what he is, a very average player. An 8,5 for Emre.

Wins everything, jumps in front of everything, goes round players like a fucking ballerina, backheels, tackles, wins, wins, wins, runs, tackles and wins. Before the game I read a few people bemoaning the selection of Milner, so he decided to put in a Man of the Match performance. Not just because of the performance, but because he grants Mo to score another goal. A 9 for James.

Mo Salah.. Mo Salah.. Running down the wing!!! Boss song he’s got. Proper class of instantly thanking Milner after he slots the penalty. Don’t think he had the best of games, but he’s there for a lot of moments. A 7 will do I guess. As we know he can be better.

That goal is so fucking Bobby, so incredible fucking Bobby. Looks away twice than puts it away via the post, all fully meant. What a lad, what an absolute lad him. Get in ya beauty! A 8,5 for Bobby.

It’s just not happening. But I thought the overall performance is getting better and better. Especially the decision making. Makes some good runs in behind that wins him free headers. Bit more luck and Sadio slots both. Gets kicked a lot. An 8 as he looked lively and kept trying and put in a real shift.

Yeah, game done and dusted. Solanke wins a defensive header and Wijnaldum and Chambo were on the pitch. N/A for everyone.


Up the Routine winning Reds!

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