Merseyside is Red! – Bitter blue shite Player Ratings

Hah! Written in the stars that! I won’t lie, I had a lump in my throat right after it went in and it appeared to be him. Told you he was great! Thought we were pretty good overall except for the middle of the park. I’ll address that later on of course, but we were struggling with our 2,5 against their 3. Gave them a foothold in the game at times which they clearly didn’t deserve to have as they’re absolutely fucking shite. And when I mean shite, I mean fucking terrible, absolutely shit. Couple of youngsters with a bit of potential with below average players.

They really tried to give it a go with kicking. Not really the ball but legs all over. And obviously Madley thought it would be best to not book a whole lot. Bald prick. Spotted the penalty well btw, with so many of the BBC (Which stands for Bitter Broadcast Company) panel saying it wasn’t as “it’s a contact sport” (where Lovren was a nailed on pen, with softer contact than this one). Lovely.. put the icing on the icing of the cake.

To the ratings:

At times a bit hesitant and clearly not used to a lad telling him what to do, thought Karius had an overall very decent game. Came for it quite well at times and couldn’t do anything for that perfect finish. Happy we don’t have some softlad moron that dives for tv, a showman. He was rooted to the spot, perfectly placed, just a good goal. Think him and Virgil will have a cuppa over the two moments where Virgil told him to come but looked a bit late. A 7 for me.

Gomez is fucking class. Difficult game and Lookman had him on the ropes from time to time. But on the ball he looks class. Couple of decent tackles and all that. Was lucky not to be heavily injured by Shreks challenge. A 7 for Joe.

His passing was a couple of levels better than before the big V joined us. Crisp, long passes into feet, no half hearted sloppy Emre-Can-passes but full on contact passes. Loved that. Should get a foul on their goal, for the rest he was very good. Couple of great headers. Looked relieved he isn’t the leader at the back, which he isn’t. A 7 for Matip.

This is what quality does. Quality rises to the occasion. Or in this case to a corner. 75M, fucking bargain. Simply is all that we need, absolute leader at the back. In the side for a week, now already barking orders at everyone, telling them what to do, always an outlet and rarely loses a duel. Smooth on the ball with a great passing range. Just the beginning this, just the beginning. A 10 and Man of the Match for our new number 4.

Jesus Robbo, what a player. Bolasie is rightly worth 35M on his day. And he was on his day and Robbo matched him for size and speed. Fucking brilliant that performance. Skins Bolasie in the box, brilliant. A 9,5 and man of the match if Virgil didn’t head that in.  Superb buy! Looks like a total football football player. I like that!

Midfield then, starting with Emre. Again, again, again, again, again he stops running at the edge of the box, doing fuck all while his man slots it home. Again again again slow and pounderous and running himself into no mans land. Fucking hell lad. Head in Italy? Sort that stuff out and give us a good rest of the season or fuck off. A 4.

Apart from an expertly taken penalty and being in Madleys ear all the fucking time, thought Milner had a pretty poor game apart from some good moments. Positionally he had a hard time, had to occupy the space Mane left on the wing but had to be in left central midfield as well. Because of that he was almost always late to the party. When he was on time he did well. Let’s put it down to a difficult task for him tonight. A 6.

Not his best game, but another road to fitness for Lallana. Wins the penalty so that’s a plus which makes it a 7 for Adam.

Imagine how you feel after travelling by plane, now take a bit off because it’s a decent seat, then having to play a high intensity game with all eyes on you to produce the goods. Thought he dealt well with it. Especially in the first half Sadio was a great threat and they set themselves up to make his life horrible. Created loads of space and good moments for others. An 8 for Sadio.

Bobby fucking F, loved that needle. Needed to be pulled back by the crowd, blocked by Madley to tear that shithouse a new one. Bobby was fucking fuming and he was right to be so. Yelled at him “Are you crazy? Are you crazy? You son of a bitch” which I thought was rather polite. A 9 for Bobby. Because Bobby is fucking Bobby!

When trying to create all the time you’ll have to take risks. Thought Chambo was unlucky in a lot of moments but in the end puts the ball where it needed to be. Another assist from a set piece. A 7 as his movement and positioning was great, just a bit unlucky with the final ball. Needs to up that part and we’re not going to miss a certain number 10.


Good subs in good moments I thought. Good game management by Jurgen.

Gini came on and steadied the ship. Suddenly we had control in midfield. Good stuff, winning and keeping the ball, recycling it all very well. A 7,5 even.

Solanke looked lively, linked up well and got a lovely booking. A 7.

Trent clears it once and runs a good few times. Good stuff so a 7 as well.


Up the Blueshite Beating Reds!


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