Liverpool FC – Tottenham Hotspurs Player Ratings

Moss is a cunt, the absolute worst. Notice how the fat fuck becomes even worse at 40 minutes and after 80 minutes. No single decision he took was right. Simply because the fat fucking cunt is fucking knackered. Inept and physically not up to the task.

And then there’s this thundercunt:


Karius: even better looking than De Gea, 10

Trent: Bred for this game, 10

Lovren: Redemption at its finest, 10

Van Dijk: 75M, fucking bargain, 10

Andy Robertson: the Scottish Snide, 10

Henderson: 60 minutes pure captain, 10

Milner: All that Milner makes Milner and than a bit added Milner, 10

Emre fucking Can, 10

Mo Salah, Messi wants to be him, 10


Sadio, lovely Sadio, 10


Gini, 10

Oxlade 10

Matip 10


Fuck off Moss, fuck of Spurs dillydallying fucktards. Up the Fucking, the absolute Fucking lovely, The absolute Fucking Brilliantly Lovely Reds!



And fuck off Moss and you gang of miscreants, you get paid for this


Fuck off Moss, you thundercunt


Fuck off Moss, fuck the fuck off. You’d be fired for this abysmal show in any normal dayjob.



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