Loris Karius, I have faith.

Loris Karius, I have faith.

I know exactly what you are thinking… another article about our keepers. Well, I feel it is needed to defend & to promote Loris. So here goes…

This morning, as like every other morning I take a gander at Twitter.This morning I came across an article from the chief Liverpool reporter “bad-news” James Pearce. The article, was about Loris Karius and the headline was “Loris Karius out to prove that Liverpool don’t need to buy a keeper this summer” a bold statement from Liverpool’s number 1, but one that shows he’s ready for the challenge ahead.

I love Twitter, I really do. The craic & the banter on it is superb and I’m pretty much addicted to it. Although saying this, Twitter can be a very very toxic place.

Have a look at these two examples of absolute morons in Karius’ mentions before the Huddersfield game. Are these kind of comments necessary?






The answer is no. Every single player who wears the Liverpool shirt should have our full support through the good times and the bad!

I like Karius, I’ve full confidence in him. My personal opinion is that Karius has not had a fair crack at Anfield yet. Karius is only 24, his first season in England wasn’t great by any stretch, a delayed start through injury & the original struggle to adapt to physicality hurt his progress,

He only played 14 games last season & 14 this season (as of 07/02) Bournemouth aside, has Karius really had a “bad” game? Or made a “big” mistake? I don’t think so & don’t give me that shit about Sané’s goal, that was a fantastic goal rather than an individual error.

This is an individual error.

This season, I think Loris has came on leaps and bounds. He seems to improving week on week, his confidence is growing and with that his ability.

I know he conceded 3 in the game away at Sevilla, he really couldn’t do anything with any of them, but I thought he was brilliant.

The main reason I prefer Karius to Mignolet, is because Karius is a proactive goalkeeper, rather than a reactive goalkeeper. He looks to do things quickly & normally get’s us in an attacking position quicker. Take the last couple of games as an example, his distribution led to the opening goal against City & the second against Huddersfield.


Klopp has put all his faith in Karius now, making him the number 1 half way through a season, it’s completely warranted. He brings an air of calm to the defense and I’ve noticed he is constantly talking/shouting through the whole game and is very good when coming to claim the ball.

A run of games with Van Dijk won’t do his confidence any harm either.

It show’s that Karius has an influence on the defense, if you have a look at the only game he has missed recently (West Brom) We were a mess defensively, is Karius key?

So is the statement from Karius bold, Yes. Is it unrealistic, certainly not. He has just had his best game in a Liverpool shirt against Spurs and was nearly the match winner, why right him off? Why talk about Allisom/Oblak for the rest of the season? I firmly believe Karius will perform, he has the remainder of the season to state his case. Well, good luck Loris, you’ve got my full support!



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