FourFourTwo’s 50 Best Football Managers in the World 2016: No.7, Jurgen Klopp | FourFourTwo

Source: FourFourTwo’s 50 Best Football Managers in the World 2016: No.7, Jurgen Klopp | FourFourTwo


We honestly wouldn’t swap Jurgen Klopp for any manager in the world. Seriously. He’s perfect for Liverpool and just the type of man you cannot help but admire and respect.

But FourFourTwo reckon there’s six better than him on the planet right now, including the man who beat him in the Europa League Final in May, Unai Emery.

Their study ranks the world’s Top 50, and places the two time Bundesliga winning German in seventh.

At the time of writing, they haven’t announced the top two just yet, but we’re 100% convinced it’s Pep Guardiola and Diego Simeone, although we’re not sure in which order.

(Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger sits in 22nd)

The top 20 reads like this:

(If you want to scroll through their entire list, be our guest!)

20) Marcelo Gallardo – River Plate

19) Mauricio Pochettino – Tottenham

18) Lars Lagerback

17) Antonio Conte – Chelsea

16) Thomas Tuchel – Borussia Dortmund

15) Edgarbo Bauza – Sao Paulo

14) Marcelino – Villarreal

13) Carlo Ancelotti – Bayern Munich

12) Philipp Cocu – PSV

11) Joachim Loew – Germany

10) Jorge Jesus – Sporting Lisbon

9) Ronald Koeman – Everton

8) Claudio Ranieri – Leicester

7) Jurgen Klopp – Liverpool

6) Max Allegri – Juventus

5) Unai Emery – Sevilla

4) Jose Mourinho – Manchester United

3) Luis Enrique – Barcelona

2) Diego Simeone (Atletico Madrid) or Pep Guardiola (Man. City)

1) Diego Simeone (Atletico Madrid) or Pep Guardiola (Man. City)


Klopp’s positioning shows how fortunate we are to have a manager of his stock when we’ve finished outside the Champions League places for five of the past six years.

Hopefully Klopp and his superb backroom staff can nurture us back to our former glories. Last term, with an inherited squad, he reached two Cup Finals and coached his team to some unbelievable victories over the likes of Borussia Dortmund, Manchester United and Chelsea.


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23 thoughts on “FourFourTwo’s 50 Best Football Managers in the World 2016: No.7, Jurgen Klopp | FourFourTwo”

  1. Stopped reading at no 13.

    P.S:Alright had a peek at the rest and just discovered Ranieri is 8th and Koeman 10th.One was a ‘unfortunate’ choice of a manager not too long ago the other has won fü¢k all as a manager.

  2. Nonsense. managers should be judged by managerial skills and tactical intelligence, not buying the best players available on every position. Rodgers would of won bundesliga with bayern for christ sake.

    The only ones starting entirely from scratch and went to the top are klopp first and simeone next.

    Btw why zidane isnt at this list at all after winning the cl and ranieri is 8th? According to the list’s creteria that is.

    Also notice how emery is gonna take psg to the next level.

    1. Zidane took over mid-way I think. Needs to probably manage longer to fit into the list perhaps?

  3. 7th really? I think he should be higher in the list than that surely. And Ancelotti is 13th? Why?

    Luis Enrique’s done a good job with Barca but let’s not forget his failure at Roma. Barcelona kind of almost takes care of itself in some ways. His job there is to keep the high powered train moving keep them motivated, the establishment is already very much there with the players and the system they’ve had for years now. Klopp ought to be top 4 or thereabouts IMO.

    Unai Emery deserves a great deal of respect for what he’s done. Pep and Simeone are good shouts, Mourinho’s stock has gone down quite a bit in recent years.

  4. Pick a No.1 for christ sake.. Simeone, based on the difference in money he has to work with, he is clearly the better manager than a bloke who walks into clubs dripping with cash.. I bet I could win the title at Barca or Bayern too..

  5. 1. Simeone 2. Klopp. Then rest!

    Imagine all these 20 mangers in PL. Very interesting it will be!!

      1. I think City will be a big test for him. This is not like picking Xavi and Messi over Deco and Ronaldinho, or like taking over at a club that has just won absolutely everything and buying Lewandowski and Goetze on top. This is going to require some building.

        1. they do though have unlimited funds and wages that will attract anybody… Which kinda helps…He needs a real challenge, not rebuilding a team with no financial constraints.

          1. True, but even then it takes time put put the pieces together. If you just throw many big stars onto the pitch and see what happens, you get a lot of ego-clashing and holding the ball. You have to fit them into a whole. That’s the part someone else always did for Guardiola so far. Now, with the team from last season in sort of shambles, he’ll have to start from scrap. Money helps of course, but you have to know how to use it and make right decisions, which I’m not sure he’s capable of.

          2. Yeah, I’d rather build a team with money than without. esiy when it is expt for that tm t be succesful..

  6. Flavour of the day, whoohoo

    Pep will have to show with City that he can actually build something. For the rest it’s the ones where you can be half bad and still win a trophy or two.

    Klopp made the impossible happen at teo clubs and is trying to do it at the third.

    1. Even at city he has unlimited funds to buy what he wants. still it doesnt prove much imo. For sure more than his previous teams though

  7. These positions can change according to what formula you use to determine success. Very difficult when you start taking in net spend time at the club, and what weighting you give each criterea etc etc

    1. I certainly wouldn’t have Luis Enrique in 3rd, and Klopp at 7th and Ancelotti at 13th. Bit of a BS list this.

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