It’s not all about this season for Liverpool –

Source: It’s not all about this season for Liverpool –


Again, this is not about making excuses, just putting things into perspective. Klopp has historically never fast-tracked success and the club is not in the financial position to do so; which means we need to be patient. That can be difficult, given the rich history of the club and the desire and hunger of fans to return to those glory days, but we have to appreciate that to get from where we are to where we want to be will not be easy and it will take time. It certainly won’t happen in the space of a year.

That does not mean I am suggesting we write this campaign off before we’ve even started it; far from it. There are trophies to be won and we should try to win them, something I have no doubt that Klopp will be doing his upmost to achieve, but he’s already proved his long term commitment to the club and what he wants to achieve. His track record is to build and succeed over time, he is not a short term fix manager and Liverpool Football Club achieving success again will not be an overnight job. It’s important that we, as fans, do not place too much emphasis on one season and try to keep an eye on the bigger picture of what will hopefully be a brighter future.


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12 thoughts on “It’s not all about this season for Liverpool –”

  1. Last season was BR’s team.
    This season is JK ‘build/transistion’
    Arguably its the next season when JK needs to lift some silverware if not before.

  2. Arsenal haven’t strengthened, United look ordinary, & Conte doesn’t know the league, so there’s no reason we shouldn’t be challenging THIS season.

  3. I appreciate the article! Though I dont agree with it! Its as similar as Brendan saying “5th is at par” indirectly.
    This is a very very good opportunity for us to climb to top 4 (i,e atleast). It will be excruciatingly difficult to go against the richer clubs with their big marquee signings while consistently winning against them and also against the hurdle of the “smaller teams” which we always struggle against. But this is the best chance to put ourselfs ahead than the teams playing weekly twice and the teams with “Lower ambition”. (I know, too many cliche words here).
    IMO, anything less than top 4 will be a underwhelming season for us! I dont think anybody will come out and calling heads, but If we end up at 5th/6th, despite the positive signs in playing football, ut will be a dissapointment!

  4. Honesty, I just wanna see continued improvement. I think we did very well last season all factors considered and there was cause for a lot of optimism despite losing out on 2 finals(nobody likes that). Judging everything on paper you can say it was a mediocre season.

    Which is why it was a strange feeling ending 8th in the league. It felt like we could be doing a lot better but some of our defensive mistakes got us where we were.

    I guarantee we will be in far better shape next season due to the reduced match load. Too much competition at the moment to really give one answer or the other. All other 4 teams are good ones, all of them have top managers – you really can’t say which way it will go. But I think we will atleast be competing with these teams if only to fall short at the final hurdle a bit.

    1. Your first word’s here say it all for me….Continued improvement that’s the order of the day as far as I’m concerned.

  5. Under normal circumstances I will agree with this sentiment. HOWEVER this is a season where we don’t have any Europe matches, which translates into a lesser amount of games as well as fresher players. Surely this is the best season to get back into the top 4, if not challenging for the league. If we can’t do it while we are out of Europe, how are we going to do it when we are in Europe? I don’t say go and win the treble (heart says: Please do.) but at least be part of the talk at the end of the season.

    1. Totally understand your viewpoint.
      I think one challenge we might face this season is building momentum. Months were games are too spaced out might make it difficult to get on a roll.
      For example, we might draw a game and lose a couple, which will happen. All of a sudden it’s a month since you won a match or scored, and it feels like you are stuck in a rut.

      1. That’s where mental strength comes in in my opinion, and I think we have a manager more than capable of getting that done.

        1. Absolutely and I hope so too.
          We will not go the season unbeaten, so we will be relying on a strong bouncebackability this season, when we do encounter poor results/performances.
          Players always say they can’t wait for next game when they have a bad one. How they cope with an average 7-8 day gap will be critical.

    2. This is my thinking as well. Dare I say look what happened the last season we didn’t have European football.?.. That said I expect the ‘top teams’ to be stronger this coming season so it will be tough.

      Realistically though we really do need top 4. If we finish 5th or 6th and get stuck in the Europa that’s going to be a pain. If we get top 4, the combination of Champions League and Kloppo will/should enable us to step up another level.

  6. Our very own resident expert Joe William Blogg’s has predicted that we will win the Prem this year. If that is building slowly for success i am all for it:)

    1. I cant agree with you more, although secrectly, I think he and admin are the same person, so he could be hedging his bets

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