John Aldridge picks Liverpool’s first XI… and predicts a title push from Jurgen Klopp’s men –

“Manchester United and Liverpool have gone about their transfer business in contrasting fashion this summer, yet I suspect the two old foes may be going head-to-head in a battle for the Premier League title this season,” said Aldridge.“While Jose Mourinho and United have been making resounding statements of intent with some high-profile signings over the last few weeks, Liverpool have been getting on with their business with the minimum of fuss.

“United’s eagerness/craziness to spend £100m on midfielder Paul Pogba may be the talk of the game right now, but Liverpool are working to a different agenda and Klopp seems to be fully signed up to the club’s policy.“My old club is determined not to break their wage structure in a bid to land the top players in the game, even though that may mean they cannot compete for the biggest stars.

Source: John Aldridge picks Liverpool’s first XI… and predicts a title push from Jurgen Klopp’s men –


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26 thoughts on “John Aldridge picks Liverpool’s first XI… and predicts a title push from Jurgen Klopp’s men –”

  1. Its always amazing how peoples opinions differ. However Klopps opinion is the only one that matters. He rates both Moreno and Origi. Also Flano and Lucas wont be here.

  2. I don’t think we need to think about having two line-ups in the same formation. What we need are alternatives and options. We need to have the right line-ups for a 4-2-3-1, a 4-3-3, 4-4-2 flat and diamond.

    1. It is Aldo after all forgetful in his old age….no room for Hendo or Milner Gomez wont be able to play for a while maybe thats what he thinks will end up being the squad Idk.

      1. Doesn’t matter. Origi is twice the player in every other aspect,he’s younger worth the potential to turn world class. He will most likely start ahead sturridge never mind play behind ings. Ings won’t have a future here for long. Next summer I’m confident he’s a goner when klopp will be looking for another striker

        1. “doesnt matter”. in your head maybe it doesnt, as your opinion. how many games did ings started for the team? how many oportunities did he have to actually prove his worth? hes a great poacher. now its one thing is if he start ahead origi or not and another to write him off so quickly. you make it sound like you have personal issues with him

          1. How can you just relate my comments to me having personal issues with him? Is there something wrong with your head? The only thing I said is that origi is better then ings,much better in fact,since I think he is our best all round striker in klopps system!if you think Inge is better then origi then good for you. Most people would disagree with you.

          2. My head is just fine thanks for asking brother. Appreciate. Now, i dont even have to reply if you re-read my first and second comment. When you are ready to put a grown up conversation let me know. Take your time though.

          3. I can already see you trying to create a needless argument. No need. Next time dont just make assumptions and accuse when you’re clearly wrong!jog on

          4. I try to create a needless arguement? You must be joking. I must admit that you seem very spoiled who wont take a different opinion. So i wont continue this simply because i dont feel like it. Have a nice evening

          5. He says ” sell Ings” yet you are the one accused of starting a “needless argument” says it all there.

            Try not to get ;lured under the few “bridges” here.

        1. why so soon he hasnt even got 1 official game under Klopp yet and Klopp has given everyone a chance then some to prove themselves…..selling Ings?? and even after our injury record?

          1. He is leaving the club after this season, mark my words.. I’d rather start this season with Studge, Origi and Chicharitto..

    1. Don’t you think that’s bit harsh? I think the guy knows a thing or two about football after all. At this point we have little data on both Ings and Origi on which to base an assessment on which is better.

    1. Joe Gomez at left back ahead of Moreno? Now I’m sure we need a new left back! btw Ragnar could play LB he played in that position for quite a while at AZ in Holland.

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