Jurgen Klopp must boost Liverpool squad to avoid mutiny at Anfield

It would be foolish to use preseason matches as a guide for what’s to come but just looking at Liverpool’s squad as it stands, it doesn’t seem nearly talented or robust enough to sustain any serious challenge next season.New players need time to adapt — Georginio Wijnaldum hasn’t even played a second of football for Liverpool yet — but with injuries still occurring regularly and Mamadou Sakho sent from the tour, there is already plenty for pessimists to feast upon.

Some claim Conte already has Chelsea close to what he wants but in fairness he and Jose Mourinho aren’t that far apart in their football outlook.

That comparison cannot be used against Klopp, who has a major rebuilding job to do.Patience will have to be shown. That was always easier said than done within Anfield. If supporters knew the club was doing all it could to back its manager, that would make season 2016-17 and the tests of patience to come more tolerable.

Source: Jurgen Klopp must boost Liverpool squad to avoid mutiny at Anfield


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62 thoughts on “Jurgen Klopp must boost Liverpool squad to avoid mutiny at Anfield”

  1. Come on guys! One bad result doesn’t turn us into doubters from believers! If that’s all it takes you never had faith to begin with! Trust in klopp as he trusts us to support. If we lose that relationship we won’t get top 4. We won’t win a cup. We WILL remain mid table unless we get some positive energy flowing! So we didn’t outspend out rivals. So we didn’t (yet) get our fullbacks sorted. I’m stilchosing 2 to remain faithful. If we are in a relegation battle at Christmas I will eat my hat. Otherwise we need to look at ourselves as SUPPORTERS. sound more like moaning manure to me. And I’m aware I’m going to get some “settling for mediocrity” bollocks thrown at me. No. I’m settling for reality and not living in the past. Rant over.

  2. You would have to bet that Klopp is saving all his money to have the third kit redesigned before it gives everyone epilepsy or such like… That, or he’s just taking the piss.

      1. That they needed a charitable donation, so decided they would make these, no one would buy them, and they could donate them to children in Africa… I am somewhat stggered that no one at the club has had any input here.. They can’t have, because this would never have been allowed otherwise… I always thought the idea was to sell shirts…

  3. Pointless at the moment! Just remember that we beat Klopp’s BVB team 4-0 in a preseason friendly at Anfield with Rodgers in charge. However, that result didn’t help the case for the main season, did it? And also, does that result in anyway make Rodgers a better manager than Klopp? We can figure!

  4. Tbh after seeing what klopp just had to say to espn I’m confident 2 more signings will be arriving. A left back and right back will be signed with ballotelli,Lucas,benteke,markovic,wisdom,illori,Alberto and Randall according to the reports will be departing. Either way we are definitely making a profit this window which will be interesting to see how fan base will react to it

  5. If klopp isn’t getting a right back and left back before this window ends and we don’t make top 4 I’m going to be furious with him!! It’s just plain incompetence from his part to go into a season with Moreno as your only left back and a championship right back as cover for Clyne.

        1. He looked absolute garbage again this morning. I don’t know why klopp isn’t looking at another left back to displace moreno

          1. Yush, I concur we need FB’s, I even commented the same on the match thread!. But labeling him garbage is exaggerating. Looks as if he’s been asked to stay back, & his attacking forays have been vastly curtailed. Takes a bit of time to completely change one’s playing style. I say again, we do need FB’s. But he wasn’t “garbage”. I was far more depressed by the incompetence of Randall, who’s supposedly the RB cover as of now.

          2. He looked less than garbage because Chavski aren’t an attacking side. 1 goal and they’re content. That is why he looked relatively less poor against Villareal as well. But with open teams like Sevilla or Man City, he doesn’t cope really well.

            Overall, he’s an okayish player. Defensively he’s garbage.

          3. We desperately need a left back and right back. It would be plain incompetence from klopps part to not sign players in these two positions if the money is available

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