Jurgen Klopp was right to send Mamadou Sakho home from Liverpool’s tour – and this is why – Jim Boardman – Mirror Online

The German manager has banished the France international from the Reds’ US tour, demonstrating just who is in charge

Source: Jurgen Klopp was right to send Mamadou Sakho home from Liverpool’s tour – and this is why – Jim Boardman – Mirror Online


Was that a sensible path for Klopp to go down? Should Klopp be treating a fans favourite like this?

The answer is yes, of course he should, if he feels it appropriate.

Sakho might not be a little terror but he probably is extremely bored. He’s not played since April and, regardless of the fall-out from his expulsion back to Melwood, he knows he won’t be playing for a while.

Klopp doesn’t mess about and has the players up earlier for training than they were before he arrived, they work far harder on the pitch than under his predecessor. He gets every single ounce of use he can out of his players.

Players should be under no illusions about when it is time to relax and when it is time to get serious. No matter how much a pre-season trip to warmer climes might feel like a holiday Klopp will certainly not be thinking of it as one. The trip to Alcatraz wasn’t for fun, it was for a bit of PR and publicity, a duty that comes with playing for a huge club like Liverpool FC.

We can only speculate on the reasons, whether it was one prank too far or something far more serious, but we all know that Klopp would not do something like this lightly. He’s been sent to his room without any tea and needs to go away and think about it.


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23 thoughts on “Jurgen Klopp was right to send Mamadou Sakho home from Liverpool’s tour – and this is why – Jim Boardman – Mirror Online”

  1. Awesome site gents!!! Love it!!! Need a players rating section, only thing I believe is missing, I’m sure you have a few things to sort out still since this is all new, 2 thumbs boys!!! Looking forward to buying the FOAR App next!!!!

    As for Sakoh, he messed up, got a slap on the wrist and sent home to think about what he did, can’t see it being anything else, it is brilliant to see a manger doing this, keeps all the players in check and in control, rather than turn into spoilt brats !!!

  2. This new website is fantastic, thumbs up to whoever came up with this.

    It’s kind of difficult to form an opinion on the matter since we don’t know what exactly happened, but as far is discipline in the squad is concerned I think Klopp got it right. Every institution, organization or team needs boundaries and I think from the rumors I’ve heard Sakho must have overstepped.

    1. To me I think just a discipline act that’s all and the journo that trying to speculate the news is making a mountain of a molehill so that it can sell more as people loves to speculate/gossip.

      1. True, I also think the same. The report must have been blown out of proportion, James Pearce did the same thing with the ‘doping’ incident.

      1. Hahaha my thoughts exactly, I think the rest of the squad had enough of him and his ‘GoPro’ camera.

        1. Perhaps with Kolo around it was a different dynamic. And perhaps if he was training normally it wouldn’t have come to this.

          He has to realise when he’s messing up, this might have been him being late to something again but those rumours suggest the others weren’t impressed with him larking about. I wish they (the senior players) had gone to him and told him to cool it before going to the manager – it’s what senior players are for (of course they might have done).

          But he’s got to manage the dynamic too. He’s got to read the situation and act accordingly even if he’s injured. Strange situation.

          1. Spot on about the absence of Kolo, things would have been different had he been around. Very strange situation indeed.

  3. New site looks amazing!..Shame I won’t have any time over the next few days to interact much, if at all..Well done Joe!. On Sakho, if he was sent home for behavioral issues, then he obviously deserved it. But he’s hardly the devil incarnate….Bit of perspective lads

  4. There is no question that Klopp needs to stamp his authority if things are not going the way he wants them to. If Sahko overstepped then he deserves it. The only question i raise is please come out and state it and don’t let these rumors get out of hand.

    1. Unfortunately, our club has a poor PR strategy. We rarely do PR well. I also think the club should tell us the reasons. If no explanation is forthcoming, may be one day we will read it from a retired Sakho or another player!

    2. I disagree. Often things like this are best kept under wraps. Klopp may not see this as the bellweather on Sakho’s LFC career some are speculating it to be. Perhaps he is just sending a message to both mama and the rest of the team and he will welcome him back into the fold when they return. Sometimes it’s best not to air the dirty laundry as it can escalate things beyond what either side wants.

      1. Yup…thinking the same too. Fans should just chill out and stop the speculation & stop falling for these type of speculative news. To me its just a discipline issue like the many we wouldn’t know off behind the door.

      2. I have just written something along the same lines, not airing dirty laundry in public. Just waiting for Joe to post it. So I agree with you 100% behind closed doors

    3. if my father slapped me in front of a crowd of people due to some reason, he wont explain the crowd nor would i say anything about it :p looks like a similar situation here ..

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