Klopp’s comments anger fans over lack of left back replacement – ROUSING THE KOP

Jurgen Klopp has come out and claimed that no new signings will arrive at Anfield, though the German concedes that the season begins in August and injuries and performances could play a part in determining if new signings are needed. This is shocking for several reasons.

For starters, Alberto Moreno has looked out of sorts for months and even though he carries a love for the club, at some point performances have to take precedence. The speedy, diminutive Spaniard lacks a solid defensive side to his game and it was plain to see against Chelsea. Fans are fed up and in fairness, Moreno has had his chance to impress and has failed to do so. The general consensus is to have Liverpool sign a new left back.

Klopp does not seem to agree. If the celebrated manager has failed to notice Moreno’s shortcomings by this point, then there is definitely no new left back on the way. Brad Smith has completed a move to Bournemouth and the depth in this position is getting increasingly thin and alarming. The signing of Ragnar Klavan could prove more shrewd than originally thought. The experienced defensive veteran can play left back and once the injury issues at center back are sorted, maybe Klavan will line up as a left back.

Source: Klopp’s comments anger fans over lack of left back replacement – ROUSING THE KOP


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32 thoughts on “Klopp’s comments anger fans over lack of left back replacement – ROUSING THE KOP”

  1. I believe we need to keep in mind what Klopp was saying about Mignolet, and then what Klopp did when the right opportunity became available. I think Klopp just hasn’t found the replacement he wants for Moreno yet, or maybe that replacement is not yet available at the right price. Klopp appears to be a very patient manager, not forcing things, but allowing them to develop. In the meantime, Klopp is going to support and encourage Moreno, since that’s who he is stuck with.

  2. It is sad that Moreno is sorely held responsible for us losing us the final.He was the worst but some other popular overhyped players get away with any blame.Can,Firmino,Coutinho may be the most popular names but when the opponent attacks you go back make the numbers help the defence they were in midfield looking for another attack.

      1. Sakho ,Coutinho and Can also play on the left.So good of you to generalise and put the main problem on perspective.
        As Klopp said,he wants the players to play as a team,those 4 currently don’t.Which will happen with time.Although,would love it if 2 of those 4 get personalities get replaced.

    1. and its very difficult for the defenders to move the ball forward from the left side because moreno is not usually avaibale to accept the ball .. that increases the pressure on other players …resulting in the loss of possession at very wrong places ..

  3. At this point, the discussion should be stopped and all hope lost…I will wait eagerly for the window to close.

  4. A full back needs to have the right amount of Balance in Attack and Defense.
    Moreno is a very attacking full back with his injection of pace down the flank, which he also uses as his defensive weapon.
    He’s so pacy he normally can go on the attack and get back to his defensive position without issue, when he is caught further up field most of the time he can swoop back to deliver a last ditch tackle and redeem himself, but when he doesn’t get back in time from his very attacking position we normally concede or are lucky not too. This adds pressure on defense an other players to cover for him when attacking, it gives the opposition unnecessary chances to score against us and a weakness to exploit, not only that but more often than not his attacking abilities aren’t even that productive when compared with his defensive frailties. With him only managing 6 assists and 1 goal in 50 games for us last season, so compared to the amount of times we’ve probably conceded because he wasn’t in his defensive position and adding in his performances in the 2 Finals, in my opinion he needs replacing as our #1 LB.
    A young LB, Klavan or Milner covering wont do it for me, i think we need to go out and sign a starting XI quality LB, someone to replace Moreno as our #1.

    1. A kicked ball travels far quicker over the same distance as even a sprinting Usain Bolt… He can’t rely on his pace…

    2. totally agree with you , plus he always sits at a position where we cannot easily pass the ball from the left side, and the opponents know it so they start putting pressure on other players too … he is very predictable, one player to mark moreno and the entire left side attack is pretty much useless ..

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