Live Game Chat: Chelsea vs Liverpool

Join us for the Live game chat as Liverpool face off against Chelsea in the International Champions Cup in Pasadena.

KO: 8:35 PM PDT/4:35 AM BST (the official website of ICC has a 8:00 PM KO listed but the official club Twitter account has 8:35 PM)

Team news: Liverpool will be releasing their 2016/17 third kit in this game.

Emre Can, Joel Matip, Christian Benteke, Divock Origi are all expected to miss today’s game due to either injury or having joined the squad later. Summer signings Georginio Wijnaldum and Ragnar Klavan are expected to feature.

Game Preview: International Champions Cup




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448 thoughts on “Live Game Chat: Chelsea vs Liverpool”

  1. In the end it was Fabregas that was sent off, completely deserved. An appalling tackle, completely needless, meant to hurt. In the middle of the pitch, with no danger at all. What he was hoping to achieve, only he knows. And it’s not the first time either. He did something very similar on Sterling when we played at the Bridge in 2014/15, and got away with a yellow. I hope the refs in the PL come down hard on these things.
    Our midfield was outplayed in the first half, but considering it was Stewart, Grujić and Ejaria against Matić, Fabregas and Willian, it wasn’t surprising, but Stewart and Ejaria held themselves well. Grujić had a poor game, but again, the big picture is, he moved from the very poor Serbian league and after all, a very strong Chelsea midfield is a lot different to what he had faced before. With the introduction of Henderson, Milner and Lallana, and the sending off of Fabregas, it was quite a different story. Had Coutinho and Mane stayed on, we’d have no trouble scoring. It was a good drill, even if the game itself wasn’t pretty. As most of us would say, onwards and upwards.

  2. Man if we keep on playing like this we will be fighting relegation to competing for the league.
    (I’m kidding – haven’t even had the chance to watch the game)

  3. Honestly I don’t feel bad about this loss. I felt they seemed to be taking this friendly a lot more seriously than we were in the first half. Their intensity, especially Matic’s was a bit surprising to see. Not to mention the barrage of yellow cards, foul and a red card.

    1. Yeah, me neither. It’ll give us quite the footage on how to deal with these situations better.

          1. Again with set piece goals?? 🙁 seeing most of the comments here it seems chelsea are mou mk2. That doesn’t bode well as the italians know how to setup a defense.

          2. It was all bus parking for 90 minutes mate. Little to no attack in the second half. Also, they were treating it like a real match rather than a pre-season one.

    1. Not too sure which is the worst:-

      70s & 80s: Catenaccio
      2000s: tiki taka (a.k.a. Death by Football) – imagine winning the World Cup with a string of 4 1-0 wins!

      2016: Park the Bus (a.k.a. Catenaccio Mk II)

    2. Typical Chelsea game. Didn’t watch the second half, fell asleep. Loving Mane’s desire to play.

    3. Didn’t we see this coming.. It’s exactly what an Italian manager does when he doubts the ability of his squad…and he did it with Juve and Italy.

        1. Like how MFs do with parked buses I guess…good in some ways but most will be critical about not creating enough chances.

  4. I know this is a bit late, but I’ve been doing a fair bit of experimentation for the LIVE MATCH page.

    1. Included a video streaming link – if I can get an embed code, this could be a recurring feature.
    2. Included a text match commentary – linked directly from Sky Sports.

    Hopefully these additions add a nice variety in terms of following the game on a single page.

    1. Just be careful Joe, there is a reason many of the other sites don’t do it.. Unless you set this site up in a false name, use a VPN service to encrypt your details etc, your gonna get hit for piracy.. I appreciate the thought, but I think for your own safety, leave stream hunting to everyone else….Including the text comm from SkySports.. Unless you haveexplicit permission, you are on a hiding to jail and no money ever again… FYI I hope the fact you link articles directly doesn’t get you in trouble either…

  5. Well done Chelsea, you’re a top bus parking team just like in the past.

    Oh and good job treating the pre-season as a competitive game all the way.

    1. Well, they trained how they’ll set themselves up for the remainder of the season. So a real training for them.

      1. They barely had any possession of the ball. Isn’t pre-season also supposed to be about seeing what the new players can offer? Did Batshuyai get a single chance even?

        1. Not for chelsea. Conte will go ahead and try to see if they can win the title with even less possession then Leicester and maureens chelsea had.

          1. Yeah but Chelsea didn’t seem to offer anything in attack except the counters from our corner kicks I think. Leciester had Mahrez and Vardy especially.

  6. Does Firmino really offer that much more than Benteke up front? Mobility about a wash, firmino is more technical but Benteke bangs em in…if were going to try firms up front might as well keep Benteke around

        1. Simply because he’s a better targetman, his first touch is better, he makes runs in behind and the small chance he gets it’s a goal. You know, what world class strikers do.

          1. I’m not convinced by our striking options, but Klopp ain’t gonna change it this late.

      1. He’s been talking sh**te ALL THE FLICKIN TIME!
        You should see his chatter on ESPNFC.

        So so so desperately awful. But hey, it’s ESPN. They love crap like that.

          1. There’s banter and then there’s Burnley banter…great to see a guy who’s so unaware of what an a r s e he sounds like.

  7. while I agree on the red card, red cards in a friendly kinda screws with things. was hoping to see what we can do against an 11 man chelsea. oh well

  8. Hah, the fuckers from Chelsea TV are bemoaning the card. They went on about Cahills booking again.

  9. I’m having trouble understanding what Klopp sees in Randall. Dont know why Flanno was loaned and Randall kept.

    1. Point is he is a very good finisher! Only trade off he plays too deep!! So sometimes he is not in the position he should be!

  10. Looks as if all of Moreno’s offensive attributes have been repressed! Rarely seen him foraying forward..

  11. If this is the way Chelski is going to play then they are going to be dreadful to watch.

    1. you know a goal and then sit back for almost all matches can make them win something! Hoowever dreadful they are to watch!

    2. And, if this is how we’re going to struggle to break down teams, we’ll be dreadful as well..

  12. Poor stuff from ESPN…they didn’t show first half highlights…first time I’m seeing something like this happen.

      1. I would say it a British thing, but clearly our works within the empire has left a last mark on them.. All LFC are moaners now.

  13. Unimpressed with Mane’s passing – ponderous & a bit slow, infact the link-up between the front 3 in general.

  14. Morning all.
    Well, it’s not a great game from us while there have been a few promising moments. Chelsea on the other hand play like Chelsea. Pure experience in midfield won them the first half. It was perhaps a foul from Cahill on Grujić, but young Marko simply has to learn that those things are rarely given in English football. The ref is brandishing the yellow card around needlessly most of the time. It may well cost him game-control later. He might resort to sending people off. We need to be careful.

  15. So in these type of matches, do you think fast and direct players like mane and wijnaldum play a part??
    I really am intrigued how klopp will use wijnaldum in particular!

  16. Could you guys Recommend the Discussion?
    The live stream is also now embedded above.

    How to watch the stream and comment? Duplicate the tab!
    One for video, the other for comments.

  17. The thing is whats the point in all this intense pressing if we have no clue how to use the ball after we get it back. We are still too slow inn our decision making.

      1. Coutinho, Firmino and Mane are most probably nailed on starters an they have to be quicker with what they want to do.

  18. Quite sure I’ll watch 2 games of the rent boys this year. Fuck me what a horrible team of cheaters, divers and grade A cunts.

  19. Good practice for both teams. Chelsea on how to park two busses and for us how to play against an entire carpark.

  20. It’s very disjointed which is odd because this setup has been on the pitch with each other allready a few games now.

          1. Yeah, but it doesn’t change how you should run and what to expect what the rest is doing in terms of movement.

          2. Football’s a dynamic game though….how well you pull your plan off depends on the other team. They got us locked down, hence the poor play.

  21. Look at these Chelsea sh**ts trying to plead against a yellow card…hounding the ref in a friendly.

      1. Aye, not bothered by them now as long as he learns. But it’s a sign we shouldn’t put any pressure on him to deliver in 2016.

        1. Could be tough against the bigger opposition like Chelsea…against the lesser teams maybe not so much.

          1. Yeah, but it’s the level where we want him to be. Shouldn’t expect that yet. It’ll be Hendo/Can in 2,5 weeks.

        1. Joe was talking about adding Sky Sports live widget feature so will be on I think in the future.

  22. It speaks volumes that Ings has started up front vs Huddersfield, Fleetwood etc, but Firmino starts up top vs Chelsea! Or am I reading too much into it?

    1. Too much. Lots of changes in 2nd half.
      One thing is sure. Klopp appreciates effort and sharpness.
      If Ings does the job again and continues this way…he will be rewarded.

  23. Unavailable: Mignolet (fitness), Clyne (hamstring), Matip (foot/ankle), Sakho (Injury/disciplined), Flannagan (transferbusiness), Can (fitness), Wijnaldum (fitness), Origi (fitness), Benteke (fitness), Sturridge (fitness).

    I feel like I’m forgetting someone?

      1. Nope, the club has drawn some sort of plan after some intensive research in labs to keep him safe.Check the other article.

  24. So we start with a makeshift defense, a young midfield and a strong attack. Second half it’ll be a even worse makeshift defense, strong midfield and young attack.

    1. Mate, will be creating an Author user role for you.
      You will receive an email shortly on the login details.

      Can use that for the Post Game Player Ratings.
      Put it in the LIVE MATCH CENTRE.

      The editor is fairly powerful on there. So use with care. 🙂

          1. Mwuhahahahaha!

            In all fairness, I don’t think I’m allowed to ban anything. Just drop some ratings 😉

  25. Liverpool lineup: Karius, Randall, Lovren, Klavan, Moreno, Stewart, Ejaria, Grujic, Mane, Coutinho, Firmino.

    Subs: Manninger, Milner, Henderson, Lallana, Brannagan, Ings, Wisdom, Markovic, Ojo, Alexander-Arnold.

      1. Looking forward to seeing Klavan play for the first time. Also looking forward to seeing Milner, Lallana and Hendo return.

        Time for Hendo to shut the doubters up.

    1. Can’t wait ti see Can & Grujic in midfield (maybe next match). Trying to hold myself from getting excited about Grujic (new player in new team in new league, young&inconsistent, pressure at anfield, etc all those reasons) but it’s difficult

    1. Yeah, hope Mama takes it as an opportunity to learn not to cross Klopp and works harder than ever.

    2. Kids hey. Maybe it would have been wise to leave him at home in the first place.. All that time doing noting due to injury must be so dreery… Hardly suprising he’s acting like a child.

  26. Clyne,Sturridge,Wijnaldum,Ojo,Benteke and Origi are not going to be a part of the squad to play Chelsea.

    Time for Sachin Nakrani’s Unconcious Racism part 2.

    1. Sachin and his unconcious racism towards white man part 2.. Looking forward to not reading it. Who’s playing up top though?

      1. Must be Ings but Firmino has also played upfront in this pre season.
        I guess we will see both of them playing upfront at some time today.

  27. AM, PM, who cares, as long as we have AP back out in the open! She must have spent hours and hours (AM/PM…) behind the curtain in order to bring us this!
    Her wise and witty comments have been missed, but her absence is now more than justified!
    Kudos to AP, and to Joe, and to everyone else who participated in this great project!
    May the FOAR Site Saga begin!

  28. Wait, four in the AM is in the middle of the night? Well, that explains it…. why can’t you people just use normal 24-hour times? If someone had just said it was 0400 hours, it would have saved me an hour of looking for a …let’s say paid subscription. This is gonna wreak havoc on today’s drug menu, dammit.

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