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If Liverpool have had an Achilles heel over the past few seasons it has been in defence. Under Rodgers — at least for some — the concession of 50 goals blew any chance of the league title. Two years later, under a different manager and with different defenders, the ball hit the back of Liverpool’s net another 50 times.On the face of it, Klopp has also moved to shore up the defence. The signings of Loris Karius and Joel Matip are the embodiment of this. The goalkeeper and centre-half come with ringing Bundesliga endorsements.

A summer-long apparent pursuit of a left-back, if you accept that Liverpool’s stance on the untried and newly-contracted Ben Chilwell is merely a negotiating one, may yet bring one final addition to the class of 2016-17.The sight of an unclaimed cross — from a corner — headed in from six yards at the Rose Bowl the other night was a reminder of undermining defensive fragility. That Gary Cahill out-jumped and out-muscled two midfield players (Firmino and Marko Grujic) suggests more time on the training field isn’t a guarantee of defensive improvement.So much doubt surrounds each member of the Reds’ rearguard.

The Premier League is a notoriously physical environment for keepers proven in European Leagues, notwithstanding Karius’s teenage sojourn in Manchester. Matip, too, has adjustments to make in new surroundings.

Source: Liverpool: The Case Of The New Defence – Is It Good Enough? – The Anfield Wrap


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4 thoughts on “Liverpool: The Case Of The New Defence – Is It Good Enough? – The Anfield Wrap”

  1. I see the dreaded zonal marking has reared it ugly head again. Rafa, in my opinion, is one of the best tactical managers ansd he swears by it. Someone published the stats that proved zonal, done right was the best option. I think its a matter of getting used to your team mates and understanding your own role to perfect it. Early days and pre-season, one goal conceded, its a bit soon to talk about defensive problems.

  2. You can sign as many defenders as you want but if you’re zonal marking and have no defenders on the posts you’re more likely to concede on set pieces.
    Cahill was unmarked and allowed a run up on Grujic because of our Zonal Marking, he also never seen Cahill coming because he was looking at the ball and with no man on the post to stop the ball from going in we conceded. Poor defensive training/tactics on corners in my opinion.

    1. Isn’t it generally a combination of zonal and man marking these days? Sort of like a hybrid. I think if you put 2 men on the post then that leaves you with only 8 outfield players to defend with which actually sounds like a lot heh. That was a poor goal to concede I admit…maybe young Grujic is still learning the ways of English football and defending a corner at LFC. Early days still for him.

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