Liverpool: You’ll Never Moan Alone – The Cult Of Cry-Arsing – The Anfield Wrap

I’m worried, Reds. I am worried about us. I’m not sure we are up to the mark — we have become distracted, fixated on the bollocks that is modern football and all that goes with it: the finance, the bottom line.

We’re cry-arsing our way through pre-season.I’m not talking about the players here, by the way. I am talking about us — the fans, the lads who are meant to cheer on our heroes in red and drag them through the difficult times.

Source: Liverpool: You’ll Never Moan Alone – The Cult Of Cry-Arsing – The Anfield Wrap


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33 thoughts on “Liverpool: You’ll Never Moan Alone – The Cult Of Cry-Arsing – The Anfield Wrap”

  1. I suppose the simple answer to the question is this, We are Liverpool FC, and if things can go wrong, they will. Thats not to say we aren’t always hoping.. For me personally, I’m always optomistic this will be our season…I always prefer the hope option over the default for alot, we are screwed because……….. Fact is though, and sorry herrdoktorprofessor, it has nothing to do with haters gonna hate crap, thats just bollox. Its just a case of history and fact going against all out better judgements…Some people are miserable, but then some people are just annoyingly over optomistic as if reality doesn’t really mean anything to them… This is Liverpool Football Club.. We have never been about buying success, but just because we could, doesn’t mean we should…Anyway. why can’t we cry about it… better than falling out with the missus because you cant whinge at strangers.

  2. IMO the club feeds off the energy of the supporters and if it’s negative, we are most likely to see negative results on pitch. For the first time in years we have got a world class management team and staff. Let’s back them all the way!

  3. I love this article. I don’t mind if someone doesn’t agree with something someone at the club does or doesn’t do. But don’t just moan about it, give the alternative. It’s the same with all these FSG out fans. As soon as you ask for an alternative it’s always “Some Chinese Company / Oilbarron” No names, always just some far flung spread. When asked for specific names, it either no answer or “I can’t there isn’t actually someone else at the moment”. What’s the use about moaning about it then if there are no takers at the moment. Just as players want certain financial rewards before signing at the club, so does FSG and if no one is willing to buy the club at that price, then how do we expect every player that the media connects with us to sign with us if we feel they are not worth that price or wage?
    I guarantee that there are going to be matches where we all are going to want to pull our hair out, and we will blame Klopp for his tactics and or certain players for how they’ve performed, and rightly so. Every one is human and mistakes are going to be made, but to go through the whole season all negative and throwing around the “I told you so” isn’t helping the club or the supporters.

    1. Such a simple and level headed post and yet manages to provide the perfect response to the other side.

  4. Even before the loss a lot of folk was moaning about this and that, FSG not spending money, buying this and that player, and the list goes on. That’s the reason I don’t post a lot anymore, just can’t stand the negativity, it ruins my day. Especially the FSG out brigade. They should be very careful in what they wish for, too many examples with the likes of Portsmouth and a few others. Let them take a look at Hull or Blackburn, that’s what they want? So I’ll stay quite until the season starts and restrain from any negativity, just trying to spot the improvements, cheer if we win, bee down when we loose, after that, life goes on. It’s the journey that is the exciting part, not the destination, at least for me 🙂

    1. I can recommend the block function. I fixed 2 and it’s extremely nice once more. Everytime I see a reply with “this user is blocked” I feel a little bit more happy with it.

      1. It’s not about blocking, it’s about the same moaning over and over and over and over and over (5000times, just got tired to hit the keyboard anymore) again.
        As said somewhere, solutions, pls, not moaning without providing anything positive.

    2. Well said…many of these moaners always saying bout the crazy TV money & the extra seats but do they know what they are saying is LFC should use their future gross income for present expenditure & didn’t we just received our last payment from Suarez sale? So what happened if the payment isn’t in cause no matter how big a club, company or corporation is anything can happen in the future & is not like big corporation hasn’t gone under before.

  5. The fact that we were once one of the most successful clubs in Europe and have fallen significantly since is the core reason for this anomaly. Since the happy old days we’ve developed an internal issue, insecurity within ourselves, that is magnified by the success of plastic clubs. When we make any kind of change, we expect immediate results. And we end up disappointed time and again. Add the fact that the first manager we’ve had for over three years after Rafa eventually got into quick-sand, and you’ve got pandemonium.
    Our brains need to forget everything that was going on between Rafa and Klopp. It’s not easy to do that, but we must keep the memory of our greatness in us, and consider the Klopp era as a new beginning. Episode IV – A New Hope. And a club at it’s beginning cannot sign top stars. Just as we all hope for established, successful, winning players, those players want established, successful, winning clubs.
    From the moment we realized Rodgers had lost his way, we all wanted a manager that can get us from being at the beginning to being successful. And we all agreed Klopp is the right man. Now let’s back off and give him space to work. But most importantly, let’s give him TIME. This is not Hodgson.

    1. Exactly….You only have to look at klopp’s previous two club’s to see that it didn’t happen overnight it took time while he built thing’s up as that’s what he does
      the man builds teams he said as much when he first came to us and he has only just started to bring in his own players this is just the start as last season was all about assesment ….The players that were there, The league itself and what needed to be done to improve against a backdrop of seemingly endless games and injuries.

      Sure it will take time but i reckon it will be a worthwhile wait my glass is still half full…….Edit in a few hours time my glass will not be half full it will be very full as i have decided to get drunk just for the sheer hell of it.

  6. Agreed with the article. Let the moaners continue…if you want to find a reason to be unhappy with the club then you can find plenty of them. Seemed like the “I told you so” rhetoric was on overdrive yesterday…just waiting for the team to lose to stick out the knives…and the worse part is the season hasn’t even started.

    1. At first it was a little occasional moan and here. Now it seems that the moan button is stuck in ON position and can’t be turned off.
      It’s tiresome and affects everyone’s mood and view.

      Nothing to do with alternative views etc. But it has all to do with ATTITUDE.
      With the wrong attitude, even alternative views are stale.

      e.g. this defeat to Chelsea in PRE-SEASON is a prime example where moaners have a wrong attitude and derive all sorts of incorrect, illogical and hasty conclusions.

      1. I take the positives from this, Klopp saw exactly how Chelsea will play against us, and in the first half we played with no recognised forward and a midfield of Grujic, Stewart and Ejaria, in defence there was no Matip or Clyne so what did they learn about us ??

        1. Excellent post. Pre season is an opportunity to learn, develop and iron out any issues. I thought Klopp had made it crystal clear it was not about winning all the games. With so many first team players still to start it was a reasonable result against Chelsea. Now Klopp will be working out how to utilise the information gained in the match when we meet them in the league.

        2. We missed Migs, Clyne, Sakho, Can, Wijnaldum, Sturridge and Origi of the list of possible starters.

      2. Man City struggled against Dortmund, we didn’t in the last season. We’ve improved the squad, that means we are already better than Man City this season.

      3. You are absolutely right. Attitude is what counts most, not alternative views. Everyone welcomes alternative views otherwise what’s the point of posting here…

      4. Yup, 3 wins and it’s all “yeah, lower league teams, who cares.” then we lose “Ooh noo, it’s all gone to shit!” and since Klopp is holy, it múst be FSG, irregardless of what Klopp says.

        It’s funny if they weren’t such sad little fuckers.

      5. Gotta say, it doesn’t affect my mood.. No way a bunch of faceless rantings is going to sway my mood…Also, I would hate to think anyone really took anything anyone said to heart.. Faceless ranting is what the internet was invented for. Don’t get upset. tosser.;)

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