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Our man Dave Tindall is worried about Jurgen Klopp’s newly-formed Liverpool rearguard, in fact he’s very worried and outlines why with the three I’s.On the face of it, our defence has done a solid enough job in pre-season.Tranmere 0-1 Liverpool, Fleetwood 0-5 Liverpool, Wigan 0-2 Liverpool, Huddersfield 0-2 Liverpool, Chelsea 1-0 Liverpool.

One goal conceded in five matches and that to Premier League heavyweights Chelsea in the U.S. But it’s surely not off the mark to say that Liverpool’s backline looks unsettled and unconvincing with the new Premier League season just over a fortnight away.

The problems? The three I’s. Indiscipline, inexperience and injury.

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8 thoughts on “Red Letter: Case for Liverpool’s defence looks weak – TEAMtalk”

  1. Sorry, but what a crap article this is. Ok you wanna say our current FB options aren’t the greatest go right ahead. But why make a statement about defense being weak? From what I’ve seen the defense was excellent yesterday.

    Klavan had a MOTM worthy performance and Lovren wasn’t far behind in his performance. Matip, the 3-4 matches that we have seen of him has been extremely solid. This goes to show that our CB problems might be a thing of the past. Lovren and especially Sakho will have both of the new players breathing down their necks for a starting spot.

    Article says surely Klavan will be 5th choice to Gomez – what utter tosh. How does the writer know what’s going to happen in the future with the pecking order?

    Also – “A bit of a nightmare 82 minutes for the Spaniard. He was shown a yellow card early on for a rash challenge on Willian and generally used the ball poorly.”

    This line is f***king ridiculous. Only reason Moreno got a yellow card was because Stewart lost possession and Moreno sacrificed a yellow to snuff out the danger. Used the ball poorly? Really, I thought he didn’t do too badly on the day. There were a couple occasions he was further up the pitch on a Chelsea counter but you pick and choose your’s a compromise between attack and defense and our excellent center backs were able to snuff out any danger that was caused a result of that.

    1. Last update I saw on the Echo is he doesn’t want to go there. Maybe cause it’s Turkey? Probably too crazy, even for the likes of Mario B.

      1. I tell you, if I was Mario, I wouldn’t go either, especially considering his ability for controversy is never hidden to deep… Erdogan wil have him jailed pretty sharpish.

  2. Load of rubbish, it was a midfielder and a young inexperienced one at that who made a mistake that led to the goal. Lovren (playing well loads of experience, Ragnor looks like a very decent buy, loads of experience, Sahko’s storm in a tea cup will subside, loads of experience and minor injury, Matip minor injury, loads of experience and looks a very good buy, Clyne, has not even played, good player with loads of experience, Moreno will divide everyone but not as bad as some people want to make out. Back up for the backs at the moment Milner and Ragnor both very experienced and i expect to see at least one more come in. Gomaz, along with Randal who I don’t think will play are the only relatively experienced players and Gomaz is 5th choice. Scare mongering at its best. We had 3 youngsters in midfield for the game and still they did well against a strong Chelsea line-up.

    1. I didn’t see it, but the focus on the one mistake that leads to the goal, althought important, is not an issue when the midfield is made up of fringe players and not regular seniors…. The comment about Moreno having a nightmare 82 minutes, now that has me worried becuase he is our senior player in that position… Please Klopp, sort it out.. He clearly reads the fan comments, he has ade many commets addressing many of those fan worries, yet here we are.. Moreno is our no.1 left back with no cover or clear transfer target…yet.

      1. Moreno had a very decent game, his rating of 6 was a fair reflection and was very solid, took a yellow card for the team or else William would have been free. The goal came when Grujic was late jumping from a corner and Cahill got above him to power home. A rooky mistake from a youngster. The rest we were solid at the back.

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