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With Lucas rumoured with a move away from Liverpool, I feel like it’s time to address why Lucas deserves some respect from the Liverpool faithful.

First of all, Lucas is the longest serving Liverpool player currently in the squad. What, that kinda snuck up on us, that one. Really, I don’t think many people realise just how loyal a servant he’s been for us.

Lucas, to me anyway, has always been a comforting figure at Liverpool. He seems to be a player that other players respect and look up to. He’s been a leader on and off the field for many years now.

Source: Why Lucas deserves respect – ROUSING THE KOP


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14 thoughts on “Why Lucas deserves respect – ROUSING THE KOP”

  1. Not sure who wrote that article, but he/she is spot on… It’s true that in the last couple of seasons he has ometimes been exsaperating with his clumsy tackles/fouls around the penalty area when unnecessary, but you can’t deny a bit of admiration for his willingness to do whatever is asked of him, without any hint of attitude or complaint… It has certainly been hard fighting through so many brutal injuries, but he has always worn the shirt with a smile…Top bloke, great servant… One of my favourite.

    1. Look at any team the defensive midfielder does rack up the most amount of fouls it the nature of the position to shut down the attack.

      1. Yeah, but there was, towards the end, a penchant for needless fouls around the area, but that wasn’t exactly the focus of my comment, so I’m a bit miffed as to why thats all you focused on.

        1. Miffed or just a bit peeked. I did not mention the rest because I agreed with it 🙂 He has always been one of may favorite players and was unfairly made a scape goat when we had the best midfield in the world of Gerrard, Alonso and Masch

    2. My sentiments too….I must admit though at the begining I thought he was shite mind you i dont think Rafa did him any favours by announcing him as the blonde Steven Gerrard…….Having said that though despite my early opinion of him one thing I did notice and liked was his attitude he never hid and just got on with it without any fuss and in time went on to be the club’s player of the season and that sure is the way to win people over actions speak louder than word’s.

      Top lad loves the club and the City and whatever happen’s I could see him in a few year’s time becoming part of the ex players / legends team.

  2. I think everyone wishes Lucas all the best in the world. Absolute top lad off the pitch. And was becoming a great player until the knee injuries fucked him over. Hasn’t been the same player ever since. And, talking about respect, shouldn’t we judge him as a player? To keep him as a mascotte or something is pretty disrespectful isn’t it?

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