10 things we learned from Liverpool’s pre-season tour of the US

Liverpool’s gruelling tour of America is now over, and despite losing two of their three matches, there were plenty of positives to take.

Source: 10 things we learned from Liverpool’s pre-season tour of the US – This Is Anfield

  1. Results Meaningless
  2. Klavan Impresses
  3. Wijnaldum Set For Midfield Role
  4. Surely The End For Benteke
  5. Youngsters Have A Part To Play
  6. Origi Close To Being First Choice
  7. A Defensive Midfielder Is Needed
  8. Mane Will Be Key
  9. 4-3-3 over 4-2-3-1
  10. Certain Flaws Remain

What’s your top things learnt? Discuss below…






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19 thoughts on “10 things we learned from Liverpool’s pre-season tour of the US”

  1. If pre season results mean nothing then the other 9 points are also meaningless in my opinion.I don’t care about the pre season results.
    All I know is that we are going to see much better fitness levels of player and also a (million times)better link up play.Emre Can is not the best passer of the game and also loses the ball in important positions.He needs to improve which he will.

  2. I promised myself I wouldn’t lose my mind over pre-season and I didn’t for the most part. I was completely on board with the strong narrative knocking about before it that the results were meaningless and there was no contradictory voices to the sentiment.

    Pre-season begins;


    We do it to ourselves, objectively it’s kind of funny but in the heat of the moment it’s all that matters. It’s a little like the red mist that descends on Suarez during a game (who didn’t love him getting warmed up for the national team when he wasn’t even amongst the subs at the copa this summer, then thumping the dugout when he was told to sit down) – we promise we’ll be good, that we won’t make the same mistakes again but the moment the whistle blows something takes over.

    Well coached teams, when approaching a competitive period, train intensely. Physically they are well below par with their bodies in a constant state of recovery like we are now – much like how well regarded international rugby teams lose friendlies coming up to world cups and then you see them grow into the tournament and peak at just the right time.

    So I’ve learned that despite knowing this it still doesn’t stop me being a cretin during pre-season.

    Which is nice.

  3. Ojo way ahead of Markovic in the pecking order. Markovic can be sold without it affecting the club or it’s strength whatsoever. Ojo needs OTOH needs to be kept in the squad. Super talent and he’s going to help us next season for sure (if he doesn’t go out on loan).

    Hmm, what else? Oh yeah, that the Chavs are no better than bus parkers, that I still probably hate them the most out of all the clubs out there, that they take a pre-season way too seriously and are needlessly physical with sh***te challenges and whine and moan at the refs in pacts – even in f**king pre-season games! Thought maybe Conte would make them play better football….all that money spent on all these players and that’s the kind of football they deliver.

    Grujic is probably not fully ready just yet. He had a tough time at Chelsea. That puts some doubt in my mind.

    Gini isn’t ready either. He looks a bit clueless in the center. Ball was literally being played around him in that first match of his. So I think maybe he needs time as well.

    Milner and Trent AA as full backs? Think we can do better there surely.

    Wisdom just ain’t good enough.

    Mingolet is my least favorite player in the squad I think. Wish he never took football as a sport, it’s just not for him.

    Reminded of Firmino’s brilliance again. That run, that anticipation to get to the ball and score that goal – you can’t teach that. Some players just have it.

    Oh and special mention to Klavan again! He is the man of the moment for me.

    1. Some good points and agree mostly. Bt hard on Gini as it was his first game, Can looked off the pace against Roma and we know what a good layer he is. The least said about Migs the better I just hope Karius recovers quicker. Grujic will be fine against less physical opposition and will learn very quickly what required in the prem, Chelsea was a rude awakening. he will be a cup and bench player for this year. Thought Milner had a good game and with the depth of the squad probably a good way to give hoim game time, but yes I would like to see more cover for left and right back. With everyone fit Wisdom will not get a game but agree with you. That brings me to Markovic. i would like to see him srat with a strong side to see what he can do. I still think he is quality and can add something off the bench, but will understand if he is sold.

      1. Yeah I could be wrong about Gini but going by what I’ve seen I think he might need to train a bit, get used to the team and his place in it and then he may be good to go.

        For me the verdict on Marko seems fairly set. I think Klopp might give him another season if no good offers came, but I think if a club came calling for say 15mil then we might accept and cut our losses there. But I really wouldn’t like to see him in the squad ahead of Ojo. This kid seems hungry and eager to impress.

  4. Lovren has a thick head! (No pun intended)
    He doesn’t suffer any injury while Karius breaks his hand! Wtf!!!

  5. I don’t think we need a DM, with Can, Hendo, Gini, Grujic and Stewart (he really has come on in a year, throw in Brano and Ejarie there is more than enough cover for the prem and the cups.

    The only goals we have conceded has been by the youngsters in the case of Chelsea and Grujic being out muscled and when he had a decidedly make shift defense against Roma, the worst goal we conceded was when Lovren gave to much space. So in 7 pre-season games we have conceded 3 goals hardly the same old mistakes if you take into account the disrupted nature of pre-season with all the chopping and changing.

    1. The case for DM, I believe, is to provide tactical flexibility. Can, Hendo, Grujic all same to be in the same mould -B2B midfielders & not specializing in the defensive aspects. The closest to DM in that list is Stewart, & whether he’s good enough as a cover is up for discussion. I wouldn’t mind a cheap DM – say, Gueye or even Medel, to offer something different.

        1. I think he has really kicked on this season and is more than decent player and fits the balance of the squad

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