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Greetings Believers!

On 30th June, we started on a new journey – an independent LFC news which draws from multiple sources integrated with the Disqus commenting system. Our aim was to create an environment driven by LFC supporters like yourself to enjoy in camaraderie as we support this great club together in unity. Our objective remains to give everyone a voice in either article contribution or in the comments sections or in the now re-purposed Disqus Channel (now called FOARum) where we have reached 6000+ Followers in less than 2 months!

For much of this growth phase, I have been supported by our fellow moderators Ian, Brighton Red and Nico. Juan Kerr was instrumental in the creation of this site. We are also grateful to KeithSA, Onyx, Veselin and Mark for contributing articles…and this was an important feature for us as it’s difficult to get original pieces – someone needs to sit and spend time writing this stuff – non-professional unpaid writers. To this end, I had to protect these guys to some extent so as not to scare-off potential contributors. I also don’t want to forget those who took the time to start Discussions on FOARum.

It is always easier to destroy something than it is to build something.
I’m glad that I share this belief with a lot of like-minded FOARites.

Overall site stats are good! Our commenting volume is on a steady upward curve and is picking up (see graph below). Some of you said that you felt that the comments volume has gone down compared to the Disqus Channel…but that is not true. Comments are now being spread broadly over many more articles – which is why you don’t get a sense of comment saturation over individual articles (as opposed to other sites which carry lesser stories – and you have to wait endlessly for a new one to pop-up or have to visit other sites to augment). FOAR is a One-Stop LFC news and article site – since we primarily use NewsNow as the source.

FOAR comment stats

Some of you have asked why I’ve not listed this site on NewsNow. They have a minimum 6 months in operations requirement…so we have to wait a little longer before making that submission. I don’t want that application to be rejected off-hand because of this.

Capture 2

Some aspects of our site are clear blockbusters! For example, our Live Game threads are already doing much better (2x comments volume!) than sites established over a decade ago. Remember…we are only less than 2 months old! Therefore, there is plenty of room left for growth!

Have you had a look around the site? If you poke around all the Menu options, you’ll find a lot of interesting nuggets of information and interaction. Our homepage has direct Twitter feeds from top LFC accounts (which I’ve curated) – so here at FOAR you’ll find out the latest news earlier than anyone else. In short, you don’t have to wait for an article before you learn about something. It also helps that articles and the comments section augment all these timely updates.



Capture 4


  • That you can start your own LFC or related Football Discussion topics? You can at our FOARum! It’s very easy and immediately you can invite Followers to the Channel to participate. These invitations will show up on their Disqus feeds.




Capture 3


  • That you can signup for our email and receive email notifications of site updates.




Capture 3


  • That if you Recommend the Discussion, it will show up on the Disqus feeds of anyone who Follows you?



  • That you can get instant and 24 hour span updates on the club from top LFC twitter accounts?
  • Capture 4
  • That we deal with Trolls, Troublemakers and Personal Attacks as swiftly as possible? This is not in stifling discussion and vigorous debate , but to have a proper balance in having that plus maintaining an atmosphere of mutual respect and responsibility. We can’t get it right all the time…but we will try to most times. At least here, you know who the moderators are…not someone faceless.

How you can get involved?

I’ve come to the point where I’d like to open up involvement, creation and growth responsibility with you! How many sites you know go to this extent of seeking help from the community to manage it?

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What we need right now…

Editors (x2)– people who are able to commit some time during the day to scan news stories (e.g. NewsNow) and post them up on FOARsite. The only requirements are to have at least above average IT literacy as you will be using the WordPress visual editing tools plus some basic photo editing skills (cropping, sizing) etc. Should have good English usage skills as well. I will share all my sources for stories to you.

Authors (x2) – those who have fairly ok writing skills and can write a couple of paragraphs of Opinion-led pieces. There is no quota. Only requirement: have a thick skin (as people will undoubtedly have strong and sometimes improper reaction – don’t get easily offended!), can write in proper English bearing in mind the most common rules of the language and punctuation. This is your chance to hone your dreams of being a writer!

FOARum Manager (x1) – I’m looking for someone who will manage the FOARum section of the site. Someone who will think of interesting topics to post up regularly. No need to have deep writing skills as FOARum is more a Commenting area based on an idea or a topic which is not necessarily article driven or belongs on the Main site. Of course, the privilege of anyone in starting a topic will remain.

Live Game thread Manager (x1) – someone to take care of creating the Live Game thread which are a blockbuster of FOARsite. Someone who will curate the info required (details, lineups, vids, etc.) and get the thread open nice and early for participation.

Quizzes & Poll Manager (x1) – as it implies, someone with a mind to think of various Quizzes and Polls and uses freely available tools (e.g. Qzzr, Poll Maker) that can be embedded on WordPress. This could be a weekly feature.

FOAR YouTube Channel Manager (x1) – someone to manage our FOAR YouTube Channel. This person will scour YouTube and add interesting LFC videos to the Playlist. *Did you know that you can watch the FOAR YouTube Playlist directly on our homepage?

FOAR Facebook Manager (x1) – someone to develop and promote our FOAR Facebook page. An account has been setup but more needs to be done.

[ap_divider color=”#CCCCCC” style=”solid” thickness=”1px” width=”100%” mar_top=”20px” mar_bot=”20px”]

This is a fantastic opportunity to be part of something great in doing some sacrificial work for our fellow LFC brethren and sisteren from all over the world. With enough volunteers, the actual time commitment required will be low.

If you’re up to the challenge in taking FOAR to the next level….write to me directly: [email protected]
*indicate in your email, the role/s which interest you.

[ap_spacing spacing_height=”10px”]
Those who are active participants on FOAR will obviously have an added advantage…but I encourage anyone interested, to write in! 🙂

[ap_spacing spacing_height=”10px”]
We are one.
We are FOAR!









The best damn LFC site in the World.
Deal with it.

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60 thoughts on “We Want You To Play For FOAR!”

  1. Welcome to FOAR! My personal invitation to you to explore this site and consider making FOAR your first-stop for LFC news and chatter!

    Do much more in the comments box – attach images, videos, tweets, curse, swear…whatever!
    We’re WAY cooler than:

    This Isn’t Allowed or
    That Isn’t Allowed or
    Trolls Inside Allowed!

    Our Live Game Cafe already outdoes TIA 3:1 in terms of commenting volume…and we’re only 3 months old!!!
    A lot of familiar faces have already made the switch.

    Bookmark this site and See you around here more often! 🙂



    1. Sorry, to ‘alert’ you this way(others might have done it already) but the internal linking seems to be gone rogue. Across different browsers all I get are 404s when clicking on a (any) article…

  2. FOAR is just incredible! Huge congratulations to the team! Anyway, I would have loved to contribute in more than one way for the development of our beloved site but sadly I don’t get much online time these days. Been busy with loads of stuff. Btw will try to post whenever possible(atleast for banter!) 😉

  3. Been really busy over the past few days and just saw this now :p. I dont know if you remember but I wrote that Milner article a month back I think. I would be interested in writing for FOAR if its possible. I also have experience with EOTK and also my own blog.

  4. Hello all!

    Roles are filling up FAST!!!
    Is anyone interested in managing our LIVE GAME threads and another person who would like the Quizzes and Poll Manager role?

    LIVE GAME threads are co-managed with me.

  5. only 2 months old but the web site is showing so much promise. I know its early days but t would be great to have an app as so many people are getting there news on the go these days. do you have a Facebook page looked but now found

  6. Thank you all for writing in! Keep them coming.
    I promise to reply to those who’ve already written in very soon.

    It’s clear that FOAR has a future beyond me.
    That puts a big smile on my face…which is all I really wanted. 🙂


  7. This is great! And i’m glad i had some part into pushing you to create the website :)) I wish i could contribute something, but i’m everything but a writer (can’t write shit in Serbian, let alone English) but i do graphics design, and run and create FB ads for company that i work for. So anything graphics related, you can hit me up. Would be good to have all contributors in closed FB group or slack channel, would be easier to communicate.

    1. We do have closed off Admin area right here on FOAR itself. It’s on the Contact FOAR – FOARsite Admin page. It’s a Hootboard. All the mods and me have been keeping in touch over there. 🙂

      Haven’t tried Slack. Could try…

  8. I heard an unsubstantiated rumor that Joe has an executive box in the new stand where he can entertain his volunteers and even had LFC installed a poll in the center of the room for some reason. I can only speculate the lovely Linda will pay a visit!

  9. Put me down as link generator for strap on wearing toothless hookers & dwarf tossing ( both varieties) and ancillary sites.

    Title: Desk levitation manager.

    Will supply my own sponsor: Kleenex.

      1. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ passes Desk levitation manager title to appropriately named – globalcockup.

        Concedes defeat and bows out gracefully.

  10. Nice one guys!! Digging the vibe and feel.Haven’t touched on all the features yet but I’ll get there.

  11. Prizes mate… filthy word, advertising… it is not cheap running a site, so don’t not get some .. We all like this place, we would like you to keep it going, and seeing as TIA have banned me permanently (I guess, because I came here, as I didn’t actually say anything different) I have no place else to go.. Boohoo… anyway, anything you can do to generate funds to keep the site going, try.. I hear they are always looking to advertise penis enlargement devices…

    1. I got banned too! hurrah! I think I was winding up a few folks like TrueReds and got done for it. Don’t miss it at all actually and I think we got most of the best commenters over here anyhow.

      Missing May though, did she make it over? I liked her stuff.

      1. Bit like a baptism aint it… feel all light and airy, nothing dark and dingy dragging you down anymore.. Felt the same when I stopped going to that other dictatorship, L-K toss… I’m not a fan of forced opinion, so this place is great.. You can even insult and get insulted without the tears. I’m in fan pre heaven with the game being actual heaven.

        1. ha! that guy was weird. when I go over there I have lots of lovely gaps in the comments where his stuff would be. It’s like blue skies.

  12. On wards and upwards the site is a haven for like minded fans, well done to those that created it. For those that want to post just do it, you wont know if you like doing it unless you try. Most on this site will support you and appreciate it. Difference of opinion is what being a fan is all about.

    1. “Difference of opinion is what being a fan is all about.”

      Yeah, what he said.

      I think….

        1. are you familiar with the British sitcom called allo, allo about the french resistance in german occupied france, played by english actors putting on very stereotypical foreign accents and speaking very badly?

  13. I am inclined towards the role as an editor but as I am from India, the only trade off will be the speed at which the articles being uploaded. I am interested, but let me know about this Joe. 🙂

  14. I just want to commend all of you on the excellent work done so far. Thank you and keep up the good work guys. I wish I could help but I am way too busy with my local business so I will just stick to the consumer role for the time being. Again – big up yourselves!!!

    1. You can always send your start to us, one of the writers can pick it up and turn it into a finished article. Don’t think many articles are well over those 700 words anyway.

        1. Yeah from my experience, anything approaching 1000 words is too much for an online audience, as a general rule, so it’s not like you’re struggling to write enough 🙂 Go for it 🙂

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