Philippe Coutinho

Coutinho could miss Liverpool’s trip to Tottenham

Could the injury news get any worse?

No sooner had we regained our composure after learning both Divock Origi and Emre Can were major doubts for our game against Spurs on Saturday, we’ve now just found out that our wondrous Brazilian Philippe Coutinho also has serious question marks looming over him.

According to the Echo, Klopp says he’s suffering from a tight hamstring. He will face a late fitness test on Friday.

“The muscle was a little stiff,” Klopp said. “He felt something so we didn’t want to take a risk (against Burton).

“We left him out of training until now. We have to make a decision on Friday with what we can do with him. It is not a situation to take any risk. We have to talk to the player.

“From the medical side, it is not a big issue, but it was big enough to leave him out of the squad for Burton.”

In slightly brighter news, Sadio Mane is almost certain to start after being a surprise inclusion against Burton, while Gini Wijnaldum is also expected to come back into the side.

“We still have options, Klopp added.

“Adam Lallana can play there, Roberto Firmino can play there, Sadio Mane is back and he can play there…. on the wing if you want!”

If Coutinho is injured, who would you start on Saturday? Let us know…


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57 thoughts on “Coutinho could miss Liverpool’s trip to Tottenham”

  1. Hope Dembelle being out means Hendo doesn’t have to play too deep, i know it sounds a bit a premature but this game feels huge

    1. It is huge! Lose this and we are 6 points of the pace 3 games in! As for hendo… Klopp will probably be idiotic enough to stick with the shambolic midfield of last week

    2. The game is huge. Every time fans endlessly talks about positive records it gets breaked. We haven’t lost at WHL since 2012 and hope it continues.

  2. “If Coutinho is injured, who would you start on Saturday?”



    But just in case I miraculously fail the fitness test….

    …….No Keeper(We’re better off)……..

      1. My fat belly is intentional as i am sick and tired of looking at my fugly toes while standing.

        Bourbon & beef
        Scotch & steak
        Rum & roast
        Port & pork & pork & pork
        Wine & women

        All of them involve a copious amount of eating.

        Problem solved.

        Did you specify what type of “fat” pills you were after when you asked Sakho?

        Because if he gives you a blue pill be careful not to get it stuck in your throat as you will have a stiff neck all night.

  3. Meh.. So without Can, Origi and Coutinho I would go for
    Migs – Clyne – Matip – Lovren – Moreno – Stewart – Lallana – Hendo – Milner – Firmino – Mane

    With Milner on the wing Moreno has more cover and Lovren knows how to deal with him. Milner on the wing can produce a lot of good stuff. And A DM in that DM role.

      1. At the moment the strongest team is without Sturridge, with him being our best player. He can be a major impact from the bench.

  4. We can all debate over the week on various issues but damn it, come game day, LFC for the win!!! YNWA! Our midfield selection will be key imo.Lets lay a marker lads!

  5. Though not having a player like Coutinho available is never a good thing, I’m not overly worried about it. Lallana or Wijnaldum can do a very good job there, while Firmino and Mane are more than capable of taking the responsibility of creating in attack. I’m more worried about the potential lack of Can in centre midfield. But I still hope for victory, and I hope Sturridge will do his bit.
    P.S. Having said that, I can’t but hope Coutinho will at least make the bench, not to be used except at uttermost need.

    Just a thought.

    The bench: Manninger, Randall, Klavan, Grujić, Coutinho (or Marković), Ings, Sturridge.

    1. I would go with your side, but change Hendo for Grujic. I personally would like to see Marko upfront too possible in place of Wij, but I doubt that will happen. I also doubt the Henderson change will happen either

      1. Of course, there are plenty of options. But I don’t think Grujić has enough experience to play that CDM position in a three-man midfield. He’s a young and eager box-to-box player and I think he’d have trouble focusing on staying behind. Of course, Can would be the first choice there, but since both he and Lucas are unavailable, I think Henderson is the best solution. If I had to go without him, I’d probably go with Milner there and Grujić as B2B.

        1. I don’t think Henderson deserves to start, and he doesn’t work there, time to give someone else a go

          1. Yup it sure is.

            And that’s Drewster’s opinion.

            Hence why he gave it.

            Doesn’t make it wrong though.

            I agree with your comment on Grujic as he’s no CDM and shouldn’t be played there but depending on the set up of the team this is the proper opponent to throw him into the deep end against as Spurs are quite a skillful team in midfield which would suit Grujic.

            If we play the Arsenal set up 3-2-1-41-4-1-4 I’d play him ahead of Wijnaldum.

          2. Of course it doesn’t make it wrong, just like it doesn’t make it fact. Just like mine, or anybody else’s. I just didn’t want to get into the Henderson discussion again at this point.
            Personally I wouldn’t play Grujić ahead of Wijnaldum as Wijnaldum is still the more complete player by far.

    2. I’d go for Stewart behind Hendo and Lallana with Milner on the left wing. We got a good DM so why not use him?

        1. Maybe it’s time he was thrown into deep water. He has been looking good so far, and he’s the same age as Emre Can. Perhaps it’s time for him to be thoroughly tested against strong opposition and for us to see what he’s really capable of.

          1. He’s still had some good and bad performances in the pre-season though. Was terrible against Mainz and another team I’m forgetting. I don’t have a problem with him playing some games for us against mid-table opposition but against Spurs it might be a risk too big to take.

          2. but against mid table sides Klopp gets more aggressive and doesn’t use a DM at all!
            This is going to be our achilles heel this season i feel as we’re not going for the best we can get.

        2. In truth this lad hasn’t shown any weakness at all. Why wouldn’t he be ready? He knows their players, they don’t know him. Can only find out by playing him there.

          1. “He knows their players” – cmon man he was barely an academy player for them over 2 years ago. This doesn’t matter even if it is half true. Hasn’t shown any weakness? Then why hasn’t he started any of the 3 games that have been played yet?

          2. He was an academy player – it has little or no bearing on the match at hand. The Mainz game, the Swansea game last season. I like him but I don’t think it’s a good idea to play against a team like Tottenham and I doubt Klopp will either.

          3. Mainz, I’ll give you that. Against Swansea he was actually pretty good.

            I would play a player in position. When the first isn’t available you pick the next. Hendo isn’t the answer, what’s next? We try another established player in a different position?

      1. …just thought of something. Perhaps, if we went with your idea, at some point of the game, we could pull Milner to the LB and unleash Moreno on the wing.. It could be interesting.

        1. I reckon that’s the general idea of them both on the flank. Will deal with their right back pushing up high as well.

          1. I fucking know your talking about Stewart! Was trying to outline the fact that you hilariously think Stewart is a quality dm

  6. well, shit!
    Already feeling anxious about this tie. Spurs have a very resilient and dangerous midfield – which we don’t. That’s not a good combination. We need to score.

    Will be very annoyed to see ‘arry Kane come to life this weekend.

    1. Spurs are a very good team but for some reason I just don’t fear them. Maybe it’s because of our past record against them. I expect a good battle in between though predicting a win might be a tad bit too much here. On paper you expect both sides to kind of cancel out each other. That’s what happened last season anyway – both teams were pressing the hell out of each other and it made for an erratic but competitive display.

      1. yes but we’re so up and down right now except our defending which is really poor and consistently so. Against spurs movement that’s not good.
        Haven’t seen Lovren show an attacker down the outside once yet and Klavan has raised his own question marks.

        Do you reckon Moreno or Milner gets played?

        1. How about both? Milner can play in MF instead I reckon if Can’s unavailable. We were inconsistent by losing in 1 match to a season that’s only just begun and this was a park the bus team. Tottenham aren’t going to let us have 80% possession of the ball and it’s going to be completely different game. Reason I’m confident is because of how we play against the bigger sides. We may end up drawing or losing as well but we will give a good fight at the very least I expect.

          1. goals conceded worries me, Seville then Arsenal, then Burnley…..
            I don’t like Milner in MF but he did fine there last season in Klopp’s first game. Perhaps he’ll play Hendo and Milner together with Wij on the bench.

      2. We should be expecting 3 points and nothing less? 4 points from 9 isn’t what you need at the start of a crucial season

        1. 2 away games to top teams. I’d say 4 points isn’t exactly the worst result. Not great but not terrible either.

          1. Losing mentality. 4 out of 9 is unacceptable,especially if spurs and burnley is two of those 3 fixtures

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