Disqus Reveal: I turned off all ads and tracking data

Apologies if you are seeing ads and weird site behaviour e.g. huge black patches. Two days ago, Disqus messaged me: “Congrats! Your site is eligible for Disqus Reveal.” Disqus Reveal is their native ad platform.

Disqus ads 2

I guess they liked the growing visitor-ship numbers (88,500) visitors in  just 1 month. They gave me an option to turn it On which I certainly didn’t. (had much earlier turned off everything).

foarsite traffic

Today, Disqus, without my permission, turned Disqus Reveal ON…this even after I’ve turned off all ad settings and all visitor tracking data (Yes! This has to be manually turned off so that Disqus cannot track your surfing habits).

Disqus ads 1

The site also has some conscious design elements which preclude the non-display of ads. (which is why you may see black patches). All this because I had earlier promised to not have ads on this site as a funding source. If I ever need funding support, I’ll ask you all directly.

Disqus ads 3

So, I go into the backend and tried to turn off the Disqus Reveal function and as I tried to do that, Disqus did a short survey before allowing me to do so. The final question they asked me really put them in a negative light for me…and had me considering moving away from Disqus as a commenting platform.

They posed this choice as the final question (paraphrased):

To continue using Disqus would you rather…
1. Enable Disqus Reveal, the native ads embedded

2. Pay for the use of Disqus on your site without ads

3. (Free text entry)

I replied:
I’d rather switch to a different commenting platform if the choice came down to such onerous options.

Btw, this form of revenue generation is a devil TIA gave into a long time ago (Disqus ads, Betting company ads, merchandisers, etc). Which means if you visit their site, you are automatically being tracked and pushed ads to. I’ve only learned all this when I launched FOAR and saw how things worked at the backend.

P.S. The funny thing is, Disqus turned on Reveal despite the fact that I did not give them my credit card details – for them to credit ad revenue. Which only means that they were open to creaming everything for themselves. 😉

Disqus ads 4

They may take a few days to turn Disqus Reveal off. So pls do bear with any weird site issues.


The best damn LFC site in the World.
Deal with it.

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17 thoughts on “Disqus Reveal: I turned off all ads and tracking data”

  1. So you’re problem is they want to use this site to make money? The same site that is using their commenting platform? Dev work isn’t free…

    Unless you’ve paid for this service some other way

      1. I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s sketchy as hell they made config changes that you had already set!

  2. Dont fret mate, the intertwat has many things to block this behaviour.. Privacy Badger is particularly good, and No Script… Fact is, I didn’t even notice if I’m honest..
    Running a site successfully for many happy users is not free, so I have no concerns about ads for Viagra or Penis Enlargement devices… As for the others, taken care of.

  3. I honestly wouldnt mind if there were ads on this site. You put a lot of work into this site and the ads dont bother me much. They are all over the internet anyway

  4. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people today who only think a thing has value if it can be commercialized and monetized.

    Much respect Joe for resisting the temptation.

  5. yes, I suppose that’s the downside of growing. although how am I going to find the right place to get my penis enlargement and money advice now?

        1. Thanks Clam 🙂 Actually quite proud of that comment.
          Now, watch your back in the FPL. My goal difference is only -39 at the moment… yeah, and 1 win of course :-/

  6. Sadly the internet today isn’t the internet ten years ago, it is a big money machine! I guess this is our own fault for being successful with FOAR congrats to you Joe and all the others who made this site happen….I guess haha

    Fact is we could go to another platform but it will be same ol’ same ol’

    No good deed goes unpunished Joe 🙂

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