FFL & FPL: Don’t forget to select your teams & make your predictions!

Fantasy Premier League

Have you remembered to select your team for the FOAR Fantasy League?

Prediction League

Don’t forget your Predictions for this weekend’s games on our FOAR Prediction League!


If you haven’t yet joined…what they heck are you waiting for?! Still not too late.

1. FOAR Fantasy Premier League – Join code: 1003877-263241

2. FOAR EPL Prediction League – Join code: 617822




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12 thoughts on “FFL & FPL: Don’t forget to select your teams & make your predictions!”

  1. I’ve never played Fantasy Premier League. Could somebody take me through the process? Joe Bloggs? Anyone? Hello?

        1. Initially I found it confusing. But after awhile I got the hang of it. I still don’t fully understand the whole thing…but enough to participate and have fun.

          Well somehow I managed to create the League! haha

    1. Until last week I had never taken part in a fantasy football league either. I’m afraid I lack the knowledge to be able to talk you through it here but once you get started it’s quite straight forward. I have no idea about triple Captains or other such things so I’ve largely ignored that bit ;p

      1. Thanks for the information, Clamjamphrie!

        As is the case with almost all projects, starting remains the biggest challenge!

      2. Triple captain and the other two alternatives can be played only once during the season (I think). Same with wild card. You can do it only once, and when you play it you can change the whole team without losing any points. Otherwise you are allowed to change one player before the next round without losing points. If you want to change one extra, you lose 4 points, one more 8 points etc.
        Triple captain: last round for instance I had Aguero as captain. Gave 18 points. If I’d played him as triple captain he would’ve given 18×3 points.

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