FFL & FPL: Gameweek 1 Standings — Still not too late to join!

FOAR Fantasy League (FFL)

Rank Team & Manager GW TOT
new Alfie’s All Stars
Sean Crean
68 68
new The Anfield Reds
Akshay Behere
61 61
new Kapri
•••• ••••
60 60
new ppppppllllllllop
Chris Blake
57 57
new Michi
mishal zaheer
51 51
new AnfieldRoad FC
sir Leo Anfieldheart
49 49
new The Albert
Barney Rübble
47 47
new Kaps N Paps
Siddharth Kapoor
47 47
ajith c t
47 47
new Reds
Dominykas Cerniauskas
47 47
11  new Luna FC
henry collier
40 40
12  new new dawn
Shankaranarayanan Pichumani
39 39
13  new Not Your Team
Jacob Wise
38 38
13  new ClamCity Rovers
Clam Jamphrie
38 38
15  new Jalkapallo
Mikke Franke
37 37
16  new For Fuchs’ Sake
Karl Stein
36 36
16  new Show Me The Mane
Niall Hurley
36 36
16  new Scottish Scouser
Leanne Stones
36 36
16  new Kloppites FC
Gordon Hardy
36 36
20  new FOAR FC
FOAR site
34 34
20  new Pickles
Aditya Pokale
34 34
20  new Brolin FC
Brolin Truter
34 34
23  new The abusement park
Pranav Komarraju
32 32
23  new Autocomplete united
Mithu Devan
32 32
25  new RedorDead
Pratish Soman
30 30
26  new Riise’s Rockets
Anthony Corrigan
29 29
27  new The Dolly Birds
Stan Dinaround
27 27
27  new Heavy Metal F.C.
Abhishek Yadav
27 27
29  new pie eaters fc
fazza maclaren
26 26
29  new FC Riverpool
Mersey Side
26 26
29  new Liverpool FC
Mgcini Mdolomba
26 26
32  new Legends FC
Matt Johnstone
25 25

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FOAR Prediction League (FPL)
FPL - Gameweek 1



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20 thoughts on “FFL & FPL: Gameweek 1 Standings — Still not too late to join!”

  1. Ahh this is what I’ve been waiting for. I have had the FPL table printed onto wall paper as it is probably one of the greatest achievements in my life 🙂

    I have never taken part in either of these sort of things before and it’s added a whole new dimension to my weekend of football. I’ve only really taken notice of results that will effect Liverpool in our league standings. So being introduced to this is another thing I have to be thankful to FOAR for. 🙂

    I expect to nose-dive pretty soon so I will take this week to bask in my own over-hyped glory 🙂

    P.S. It’s my fucking perch! 🙂

    1. Congratulations Clam! Impressive 🙂 Bragging rights are all yours.
      From my point of view it’s just another confirmation why I never put money on results before a game.
      With regards to FFL, I think I deserve to be first. Like you I have 3 Liverpool players in my team like I’ve always had before. None of the teams above have that, just saying…
      So, cheers to the two of us for our 1st places this round.
      (Please, just let this post stay between you and me. I don’t want people here to think I’m a bad loser, ok?)

        1. Haha! Boss tha!
          I think you have a point.

          Also, I suspect that you and I would’ve done exactly the same thing 🙂

          1. hahaha! It’s under FEATURES guys!
            can’t keep it on homepage for 3 days like TIA…news gets recycled fast over here.

            LFC no longer believes in standing still…so why should FOAR? 🙂

          2. Hey Clam. Had a little look on your profile and see that we have similar professions. I do 2D and 3D animations and film editing too. Work mostly with After effects and 3D studio MAX.
            I have some ideas that I want to show here at FOAR in the future when I have more time available.
            Trying to find a 3D model of the Liver Bird (hopefully rigged) without any luck so far. Any ideas?

          3. Hey! I believe they call this networking ;p My rigging is not my strong point. On the handful of times I’ve sat down and focused on it I’ve always had some issue that has made me go bah! And shelve it. I get the principles but I’m obviously doing something wrong. I must knuckle down one day and get it right as it’s holding me back on a few projects. I also use 3DSMax. A film maker friend of mine waxes lyrical about After effects but I’ve never actually used it. I’ve opened it up a few times but never really experimented with anything. I gather it’s a bit like photoshop for film? If you’re anything like me there is never ‘more time’ for anything ;p

            Regarding the Liver Bird, I’ll model it if you rig it 😉
            I’ll stick some contact details on my portfolio site (there’s a link in my profile I think) or you may be able to find me on linked in (although my online presence is pretty poor – hence me starting to compile the port folio) . Feel free to get in touch and I’ll show you my efforts with the Liver Bird…. When, of course, I find that fickle mistress that is time 🙂

          4. Great stuff amigo! Had a look at your portfolio, nice work 🙂 Really liked the Clamjamphrus Vine, reminded me of Gerald Scarfes drawings and animations for Pink Floyds masterpiece The Wall. Massive Pink Floyd fan here…
            I don’t use LinkedIn very much, so good if you can stick some contact details on your site. 3D modeling isn’t my best point, certainly seems like a strong point of yours, great if you can model the Liver Bird when you have time. Thanks 🙂

          5. Thanks 🙂 Almost called my son Gilmour (went for Bisley instead – after Simon Bisley). I’ll have a mess with the folio site later today and get some info on it. How exciting I love a project 🙂

          6. I know you will 🙂
            Clam and me have just started a creative process with the Liver Bird, it’s history and myths as the main theme. This is not finished in a week, I promise. Keep you updated when the ball starts to roll. Could use some creative input from you as well along the way. It can be a lot of fun 🙂

          7. I know Joe, only joking 🙂 I’ve learnt to find my way around on this great site.
            With regards to the email subscription, can you give a caveman like myself a little info on that? I’m a bit sceptical to broadcast too much personal info on the net. Who will see my mail address?

  2. 1. FOAR Fantasy Premier League – Join code: 1003877-263241
    2. FOAR EPL Prediction League – Join code: 617822

    Click FEATURES under Menu option and select FPL or FFL.

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