Five losers from Liverpool’s pre-season Tour

Loris Karius

With Simon Mignolet given an extended break following Belgium’s involvement at the Euros, Karius was given the opportunity to make the spot between the posts his own. And after clean-sheets throughout the English friendlies before the Tour, he’d done just that – largely impressing supporters. Sadly though he broke his hand against Chelsea, meaning Mignolet will start the season – just as he has done the past three campaigns – much to the disappointment of fans. Now, Karius will begin his Reds career on the bench when he returns from injury, as it’s not easy to change a keeper.

Mamadou Sakho

The most obvious name on this list. The Frenchman went on Tour despite an achilles injury which was going to keep him out of the fixtures, but was sent home due to repeated lateness. Pretty embarrassing for a full French international, former PSG captain and Liverpool fan favourite. After the doping scandal, Sakho needed to keep his head down. He now has a lot of work to do to prove himself to Jurgen Klopp again.

Joel Matip

The Cameroonian headed stateside as maybe our first-choice centre-back, but he has an injury to his ankle which is proving very difficult to shake off. He didn’t feature in any of the friendlies and watched Dejan Lovren and Ragnar Klavan form a potentially decent partnership – one we expect to see on Premier League opening weekend against Arsenal. Matip will now have to get fit and wait for his opportunity, instead.

Christian Benteke

The Belgian was told to report to California, but it seems it was in an attempt to force him out of the club. Benteke’s indicated he wants to stay, but Klopp didn’t use him at all – suggesting he’ll be on the sidelines for an entire season unless he agrees a transfer elsewhere. Crystal Palace are still interested, and the powerhouse forward would be foolish to turn down their advances.

Danny Ings

Ings has done well during the summer, but Klopp’s team-sheets definitely suggest he’s going to be used as an impact substitute instead of being given an opportunity as a starter. Whenever the boss has deployed the first-choice attacking midfielders such as Coutinho, Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane, Ings has remained on the bench – and brought on with the squad players like Lazar Markovic. This shows he’s not being blooded with in a first-choice XI. We felt Ings deserved a chance to prove himself and battle for a starting spot, but the boss seems happy with Sturridge and Origi.

Source: Five losers from Liverpool’s pre-season Tour; Including injuries, circumstances & rejections


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5 thoughts on “Five losers from Liverpool’s pre-season Tour”

  1. only sakho can be deemed loser of the tour. karius n matip both injured and ings coming back from long injury break it takes time to get the form. well big ben was just an extra wheel which we never needed but taken for just in case situation. hope the rumors are true that moyes wants him at sunderland.

  2. Not sure if Karius, Matip and Sakho should be treated as losers. Sakho to an extend, yes. He again damaged his reputation, which was getting restored after the drug test incident. Karius and Matip were unlucky to be injured and but played more than decent till injury.
    But the real losers should be those who were given game time throughout and didnt put up performance to remain in team.
    For me, Markovic should be on this list as well. Ings was always going to be a super sub. He is coming back from a serious injury so should be introduced slowly.

  3. The only one I disagree with is Sahko, hes a definite winner as he needed the kick up the and to be put in his place. With what happened he will work twice as hard to get back into the team

    1. Twice as hard as what? As the s**t he’s already pulled? Walking out on team, indiscriminate off-limit substances, thrice-tardiness?
      He just needs to go down on his knees, and say “Boss, please don’t think I’m another Balotelli. I promise to pull my head out of my, just give me a probation period of 6 months. After all, it took me 6 months to dig this hole that I am in”

      1. Firstly he was exonerated of substance abuse so you need to let that go. Secondly he is a really decent defender that gives his all on the pitch. Thirdly he is a Liverpool player and as such will get my support until otherwise and as Klopp said, he is going nowhere and people should not make a big deal of this or read to much into it and a little reminder of who’s boss never hurt anyone. He will be around for a while still

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