James Milner injury update: Bads news and good news…

Liverpool’s vice-captain James Milner tore a muscle in his foot against Barcelona last weekend, reports the Express.

Although that sounds like a serious problem, the article claims he’s not actually confirmed to miss our Premier League opener against Arsenal – and if he does – should definitely be available for the Burnley clash afterwards.

This is positive, as without a left-back to compete with Alberto Moreno, Milner may just be our first-choice in that position this coming season.

The defensively shoddy Spaniard has performed poorly in pre-season, and the team that thrashed Barcelona 4-0 on Saturday is likely to be the one that begins the campaign v Arsenal if possible. Importantly, Milner played ahead of Moreno at left-back, indicating he’s climbed above his younger counterpart in the fullback pecking order.

That being said, nearly every Liverpool fan would prefer we simply signed a natural left-back ahead of the new season – with Brad Smith sold to Bournemouth and Jon Flanagan loaned to Burnley this summer, too.

Source: James Milner injury update: Bads news and good news for Liverpool ace


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44 thoughts on “James Milner injury update: Bads news and good news…”

  1. “The defensively shoddy Spaniard has performed poorly in pre-season, and the team that thrashed Barcelona 4-0 on Saturday is likely to be the one that begins the campaign v Arsenal if possible” didnt we score 3 after Moreno came on?

  2. What about Gomez ? why isn’t he mentioned ?
    I must be missing something, please enlighten me someone,,

  3. So physio room shows his expected return date is 5 days. Will probably miss out this match and be available for the next one.

  4. I notice a very high amount of impetience in here. I even read that klopp is stubborn and incompetent. I just dont understand. Personally after particularly the last 4 years, im more that willing to give klopp my full support. LET THE FUCKING MAN WORK HIS TEAM

  5. We beat an attacking Barca side with Messi and Saurez, two of the best goals scorers in the world 4 -0 the emphasis on 0 and all some people can go on about is our defensive frailties at left back. The mind boggles. give the lad a brake, support him and lets see how the season goes. Minler is decent cover as is Ragnor. i am more worried if Clyne is injured. Leaving the Mainz game out of the equation we conceded 3 goals in 8 games, with all the substitution and chopping and changing that hardly spells out a disastrous defensive record

  6. Everyone still just going LB LB LB out here eh? I’m tired of getting worked up about this issue. I saw Milner play against Barca and I thought he did a very good job there so I’m going to bank on that for the season if need be.

  7. Injuries are never good, so it’s good that he’s allright.

    It’s possible that our targets are still in play-offs for CL/EL qualification and are told by the club they can only leave after those games.

    It’s also possible we’re waiting for Benteke to be sold, cash wise.

  8. Klopp wants to work with Moreno because he believes he can make players better and he can send him forwards with his pace, which fits his super intense aggressive playing style he wants to see.

    If we can score early in games it means we don’t have to continue exposing ourselves (ooerr missus) and we can be in a more solid formation reducing dependence on Moreno’s defensive nous.

    That’s going to work sometimes in the PL but not always which is why it’s not easy to predict how we’ll do.

    He isn’t going for a Hector type because Moreno would leave, wanting to be first choice. That’s why he was looking at high calibre understudies like Chilwell who could challenge for the place but allow both to develop together over a couple of seasons. A good balance of options for the manager.

    1. What would exactly be the problem if we get Hector and Moreno leaves. That’s what most fans want. Or in other words, don’t want him on the pitch ever again. Get an understudy to have competition for Hector and we’re good to go.

      1. my first sentence regarding Klopp’s outlook.

        Also you’re talking about now finding and completing deals for 2 incoming defenders and one leaving (moreno) which adds to the cost and workload. There’s changes Klopp sees as essential and this clearly isn’t one of them other than getting in cover / understudy.

        Personally I would never have bought Moreno as a defender. The EPL is too tough a place for poor defenders but Klopp sends FBs so high up it’s almost a moot point.

        Compare that with Mourinho for example, and LVG, and other teams, they keep their FBs in their own half for defensive solidity. Mourinho is clearly very specific about when his FBs move forwards.

        Teams that work out how to deal with our intensity & pressing – where we sell ourselves in the press and are bypassed – will find us quite exposed at the back, and Klopp is going to have to deal with this as it will cost us goals (Mainz).

        It may turn out to be a tough and inconsistent season because of this and Klopp may turn out to be very stubborn about protecting our half of the pitch. In short, it could result in outcomes very similar to Rodgers’ reign because of it, albeit with a better forward half of the team.

    2. So klopp talked about this on phone or WhatsApp? Whatever may it be we need to have a class LB in order to compete for title.

  9. Did Klopp just simply overlook our problem at LB? Didn’t he say, the defence has to be fixed first? Is he really trusting Moreno again after everything that happened? Are there simply no players available that Klopp wants and who fit his style of play?

    Will we ever get answers to these questions? I doubt it!

      1. Just checked on google to see what kind of email provider .klopp is
        Led me right to the nastiest porn site, I’ve ever seen in my entire life!

        Was that your plan all along, you cheeky bugger?

    1. I hope that we are only holding back in our pursuit of the left back because we first need to sell players like benteke,Alberto, wisdom,markovic and Ballotelli. I think things will start to happen as soon as benteke’s wages free’s up and we get the 30 mil reported. Unfortunately moreno will have to do for arsenal.

        1. I’ve just checked our injury list. No update on sturridge. I see him being out for another few weeks as usual. Milner,grujic,Lucas,ojo and surprisingly Lovren aswell is on the list. Not looking good

          1. Hmm you’re right…Physio room states 8 injuries now but atleast for 4 of them don’t seem to be serious. Lovren, Grujic, Milner’s expected return is 5 days so maybe they’ll all be available against Arsenal. Sturridge has no return date hehe – ominous!

  10. The season kicks off in a few days, and still we have no LB… I’m not sure how to take this decision by Klopp to completely overlook the biggest error strewn position in the team aside from GK… Arrogance, maybe,

    1. Arrogant and stubbornness from klopp. It’s kind of like how arsene wenger treats the striker situation at arsenal. Everybody except for handfull of blind backers (katesa) knows that this left back position is our major downfall. Even rival supporters knows this.

      1. Still baffled he hasn’t bought one.. It was the same with the DM.. Years he ignored it, and then through sheer chance and circumstance, injury meant he had to play Coquelin, and he hasn’t looked back since.

        1. Coquelin isn’t going to start this season for arsenal. I think it will be xhaka,Ramsey and wilshere in that midfield.

      2. Rival supporters think we need to sign a striker for some reason. So let’s not give them too much light of day.

        We’re all capable enough to see what we lack at left (and right) back.

        1. The arsenal situation is hilarious though. They only have two fit centre backs yet arsene wenger is still reluctant to sign another player. Not to mention the striker situation. The arsenal supporters are on the verge of going crazy.A

          1. It’s mind boggling! I mean, we can talk about a left back but at least we’ve got one. Still no striker but Giroud and Walcott and no central defenders fit to play the first month of the League, but no action.

            “We’re busy but it’s difficult.” While we’ve signed 7 players, the mancs Mikki, Bailly, Ibra and Pogba, city get Stones, nolito and a few talents and they arent done yet. Chelsea get Kante and Bathsuyai and most likely Koulibali.

            Yes Arsene, it’s real hard…. Happy I’m no Gunner.

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