Jonas Hector Or Mattia De Sciglio? Who Is The Better Option For Liverpool

Liverpool have been linked with more number of left backs than the number of signings that they have completed this summer. This shows how desperately Liverpool want to sign a left back before the next campaign starts. The likes of Jonas Hector, Mattia De Sciglio and Ben Chilwell have been heavily […]

…linked with Liverpool throughout the summer. Jonas Hector and De Sciglio are amongst the best in Europe and if Liverpool could sign any one of them, it will bolster Liverpool’s defense to a great extent. Liverpool need a replacement for Alberto Moreno as the Spaniard hasn’t been able to impress with his defensive contributions over the last two seasons. Jonas Hector and De Sciglio are the most viable options for Liverpool but who is better of the two for the Reds?

Jonas Hector plays for FC Koln and he was the best left back in Bundesliga last season. His consistent performances have made him a regular member of the German national team’s starting eleven. Hector is a good example of the modern full-back who prefers going forward but is equally good when it comes to defending. At 26, Hector has a good experience of playing at the international level and his performances at the club level have been world class. Mattia De Sciglio is an Italian fullback and plays for AC Milan. Having made his debut in 2011, De Sciglio has made 104 club appearances for Milan and has 26 international caps and he is just 23. This clearly shows the talent and the potential that the young full-back has. De Sciglio is a more versatile full-back and can play at both the full-back positions, though his preferred position is on the right.


Comparing both of their defensive contributions, Hector averages better than De Sciglio in the number of interceptions made per match. Hector managed 2.45 interceptions per match to De Sciglio’s 2.21. Also, Hector has a better tackle timing and successfully won 1 tackle per game to De Sciglio’s 0.45. Both of them are tall full backs and they have an aerial advantage over most of their opponents. But De Sciglio won almost 70% of his aerial duels whereas Hector won almost 60% of his aerial duels. Liverpool had issues dealing with set pieces and both of them can solve that issue for Liverpool. Defensively, Hector reads the game better than De Sciglio and can track runs of the opponents as well as intercept passes. On the attacking side, Hector clearly is much better than De Sciglio. Hector had a passing accuracy of 82% compared to De Sciglio’s 76%, and almost 50% of Hector’s passes were forward passes. Hector created 57 chances in the Bundesliga last season, 40 more than De Sciglio’s 17. Hector is more creative than De Sciglio and he can deliver good crosses from the left for his teammates to score. Hector has more successful dribbles than De Sciglio and his shot accuracy is better too.


Hector is better than De Sciglio in many aspects and would be a good signing for Liverpool. If De Sciglio is signed by Liverpool, he comes in as an upgrade for Jon Flanagan at the right back position but at the left back position, he is not better than Alberto Moreno but will provide stiff competition for that position. Jonas Hector is a proper left back and he is a more apt replacement for Alberto Moreno. If Liverpool have to choose any one of them, it has to be Jonas Hector but that seems impossible now with the German signing a new contract with FC Koln. But Mattia De Sciglio to is a good option and Klopp might sign him.


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167 thoughts on “Jonas Hector Or Mattia De Sciglio? Who Is The Better Option For Liverpool”

  1. Word is Klopp doesn’t think Hector is worth £20 million. Shame even if that’s bit overpriced I think it would be the right move. Arguably we’ve gotten inflated prices on our sales so I don’t mind breaking the bank a little bit to get an essential piece of a title challenging squad.

  2. Barcelona 3-0 up against Leicester at half time… could have been a lot more. Chilwell is playing left back, he looks pretty confident for a young lad and I can see what Klopp/Warner saw in him. Suarez is his usual majestic self ⚽

      1. It was perfect and totally effortless. He’ll give our defence one hell of a workout on Saturday, I bet Mignolet is quaking in his boots just thinking about it.

    1. Yes we will. The last time we beat them on their own pitch I was sat in a Arsenal pub in Islington wearing my Liverpool top screaming my head off as ya do lol. I got out alive though.
      Bring on the 14th.
      We shall be victorious
      There is no other option,

      We are LIVERPOOL,

      It’s going to be emotional

        1. Thanks my mate. Come the 15th we shall wake with the recent memory of our great victory over the gooners. Our campaign begins with 3 points.
          No worries.

  3. Till we get something concrete this will remain pure speculation, it has already been seen this year that transfers this time around are pretty hard to predict unless they become real close to signing.

  4. It’s a bit of a pointless question.. The best suited will be the one that signs. or De Sciglio for me…

  5. I think Klopp is definitely working on potential signing(s). Who they are or whether they come off or not remains to be seen. I think his previous comments about no more transfers was a hedge to manage expectations in case nothing else comes through.

    Honestly more than anything I want a defensive minded LB. I think we will score plenty of goals. We just desperately need to stop conceding them, especially from winning positions.

    1. I think he will look at Milner or Ragnor as a defensive minded left back and will bring in a young versatile left back who can play right back as cover if he sticks to form if he brings in anyone. Again my opinion

      1. I’m not sure he will bring anyone in Keith. I hope he does but it’s looking unlikely. Your view on Milner and Ragnar is spot on. I believe he will use them as utility left backs. In my opinion it’s a mistake. If we want to build and take our club forward then we need a established left back. There is no point building from the front if our weaknesses at the back remain.

  6. Latest on the Echo seems to be that Hector is close to signing another contract for Koln, though another vid of theirs also said something to the effect that he is priced at £20mil…so not sure what to believe there.

    But I doubt the Hector deal is going to happen.

    Gazetta Dello Sport saying that Di Sciglio is holding out for Juventus…that Napoli is interested in him as well.

    “It was suggested Liverpool were thinking about a £16.9million bid for the 23-year-old, who can play in both full-back positions.

    But now we’ve got La Gazzetta dello Sport stating the Reds have already tabled an offer for the player – and fellow Italian media outlet CalcioMercato saying the defender has not only turned down the Reds, but also told Napoli to do one.

    The reason? It’s claimed the Italy Euro 2016 star is holding out for a move to Juventus.”

    And we may also be interested in Charlie Taylor, the Leeds United FB but this is much lesser likelihood.

        1. Not being negative till we actually sign the lad from Leeds,which you have to admit will be average and overpriced,which Liverpool are usually when it comes to signing Brittish pplayers aka lallana and carroll

          1. Lallana was a class act at Southampton, might not have the influence at LFC he did there, but he’s the same player.. Carroll was destroying teams at Newcastle, so too at West Ham, funny that both players did considerably better elsewhere… Might have something to do with injuries, might have something to do with the unreasonable expectationa and pressure applied at LFC by fans and media alike…

          2. Carroll has been bang average at west ham mate. Our record org British players is appalling. That’s why I mocked the rumour of us being linked to that lad from leeds

          3. When Carroll is fit, he is always on the team sheet, scoring goals and or creating goals for his teammates.. Lets not confuse being injured with being shite.

          4. Thats on us as a club I think… The rest seem to do alright with British players, Leicester won the league with Spurs right up there all season… I don’t know what it is about LFC, but we always seem to make hard work of everything, whether thats beating the smaller teams, Buying players or just staying fit… I often think someone has found an old Gypsy women to put a curse on the club.

          5. Remember Morientes: One of the top scorers at Real, hardly did anything with us, sold to Valencia & started banging goals again! Typical LFC story 🙂

          6. Like I said, it’s a super unlikely rumor. Echo themselves said it’s of the 2+2=5 category.

            And I hope you remember, Mikhail Antonio came from the Championship and was killing it for WHU. Then there was Dele Alli from League One…

  7. So is there no other good left back in the world left? it’s only Hector this, Hector that..jibus 🙂

        1. Mustafi has a 50m buyout clause, looks like they are letting him go for much much less.. probably unlikely, but it is always a possibility.

          1. Yes but they value Gaya much higher becuase he is a super talent and is a lot more years on his contract.

          2. I agree, it’s highly unlikely we’ll sign him.. I think he’ll end up at Bayern/Barca/Madrid…

  8. They say we are put off by his 20 mil price tag in that PR newspaper the echo yet we paid a staggering 60 mil combined for wijnaldum and mane. HAHA! And we made a bid of 7 mil for chillwell who had no experience what so ever in the top flight

    1. Remember one thing. We will always spend big on PL or English football experienced players even if they don’t fit our style or don’t help us win the league. That’s how we roll, that’s how it is.

  9. Neither is going to happen. I’d prefer De Sciglio out of these two as he’s also able to perform as a rightback.

    But I would love to see Kongolo at the club. Young player, left back and center back option. Gifted on the ball,
    Defender by heart and allready featured at the World Cup. Massive talent.

    1. Such a good talent that galatasaray and Everton is linked to him. De Sciglio is very poor going forward . I wouldn’t have him even above rather just buy a proper left back to replace the donkey and sign a talented young right back.

        1. O yes,becuase they want defenders that don’t want to go forward as they are a very defensive side. 17 chances in one season is horrendous

          1. 2nd most chances created in Europe for a fullback in a defensive side. Do you even watch football? The amount of times he bombed forward for Germany was countless. He played further forward then draxler on most occasions and he still had the awareness and engine to be in place to defend

          2. See you see Moreno as a berg good attacking fullback. ABSOLUTE HYPOCRITE. Let me give you a picture about the two. This stats is brought to you by squawka. You say hector is poor going forward yet he created 57 chances for koln in bundesliga,making 32 appearances. Moreno created 61 chances for Liverpool also in pl 32 appearances . Both created 1,9 key passes per game. Both created 3 assists and scored one goal. This is despite Moreno playing for an attacking side Liverpool with much better finishers and hector playing for koln who is defensive . Hector is superior to Moreno in every single defensive statistic. Yet hector is overrated and Moreno is world class in your eyes. You dot know nothing.ivw proven you right yet again. Jog on fool

          3. Hahahahhaha, Moreno world class. Stop putting words in my mouth.

            From here on its waiting for Hectors Ballon d’Or. Get a grip. Useful player, 20m is daylight robbery.

          4. Bargain of the century Sterling at 45 mill is overpriced, Same at 37 is a gamble on talent but Mane is already proven in the Prem. Odds on to be one of Liverpool’s players of the year in my opinion if pre-season is anything to go on.

          5. Yes i know it’s a decent deal. Was more having a go at onyx who said hector deal is daylight robbery at 20 mil when he will provide us with solid left back option for atleast 4 years.

          6. I think at this stage we will have to wait and see who Klopp brings in if anyone. I think if he does you will be disappointed as it will most probably be a youngster with potential that he can mold, in the Chilwell stage of his career. Maybe I am wrong let see.

          7. Didn’t Hector play in midfield for Köln in the latter part of the season? They had this new guy, Mladenović, I think, playing at left-back. Hector is not quick enough to switch from defence to attack and vice-versa, he’d be left on his heels against people like Walcott, Sterling, Bellerin, Bolasie etc.
            Wendell from Leverrkusen is a much better option.

          8. What has chances got to do with the strikers you have? Btw hector don’t have good strikers at koln either. Milan has bacca

          9. The team on the whole performed badly, singling out the LB in a shockingly bad team is completely distorting the reality of it.

          10. I would think that ac Milan has a much better team overall then koln. They also are in a better position then koln in their respective league. De sciglio has never been good going forward. He’s a very defensive fullback

          11. You cant make direct comparisons though, the Bundesliga is a far superior league with better competition below Bayern and Dortmund… The thing is though, if we wanted a fullback who was great going forwards, then we don’t need to sign a new fullback to replace Moreno, because he is great going forward…We need defensive solidity first and foremost, the attacking side of his game can be developed… Lets not forget, Serie A is predominantly a defensive league…

  10. We are getting neither, apparently De Sciglio wont leave Italy and then only to Juve, but would have been the better option, Hector is probably not a Klopp type of signing and we have been linked too much with him for there to be any truth.

    1. How is he not a “klopp type” signing? He created the 2nd most chances of any defender in Europe in a defensive side and is an exceptional defender with a great engine.

      1. If Klopp wanted him I think he would have made an approach by now, that he was in for Chilwell tells a story about his thinking.

        1. Yes he thought he could change Moreno in ore season training but it didn’t work. It’s not a coincidence that we were linked to de sciglio,hector and Willems in the last two weeks. The club is after a starting left back after morenos horrendous display in the us

          1. You obviously watched a different game than I have as he has been decent and with only 3 goals conceded in 7 games it would suggest that as well.

          2. The opposition we’ve faced hasn’t been the best in some,so you can’t go on all of the pre season games. The only real opposition we have faced was Roma and chelski and he was very poor in both.

          3. We’ll agree to disagree, he was hardly on against Roma when he got a knock and against Chelsea he had a decent game

          4. The important one Klopp does not. Maybe he sees something different to what you are seeing like i do

          5. He is seeing it differently to you becuase he is going to sign a starter before next week according to reports.

          6. Snuck that one in:) Regardless of what happens and yes he could very well be sold, I still think he is a good player that has not really been given a chances and will prove it when he has that chance.

  11. If Hector has just signed a new contract, Y bother including him in this comparison and raise our spirits. I was just starting to drool and then i read that line 🙂 freaking!!

  12. A good question, well worth discussing. Hector is clearly the better player and would provide an immediate boost, but I also liked what I saw from De Sciglio at the Euro very much. Hector is a player pretty much complete in his development and would be a fantastic solution for the next 3-4 years, where as De Sciglio is one for the future. An ideal solution would of course be to get both and sell Moreno. But if that’s out of the question, I’d prefer De Sciglio as I see him surpassing Hector in the near future. He prefers the right side but I think with guidance and persistence that can be changed quickly. Since Clyne is also capable of operating on both flanks, it would provide Klopp with and interesting option of switching them during games to possibly confuse opposition.

    1. Seeing every game of the Germans, Hector did nothing spectacular but netting a penalty. Slow on the ball, always backwards passing.

      Overhyped player who’d do a marginal job.

        1. Onyx is a hypocrite. As soon as hector becomes a Liverpool player he will hail it as the signing of the century.

          1. Well, I think it’s not true. And even if it was, it’s still name-calling and I can’t see that as cool. Like you or me, he’s entitled to his own opinion, as well as to change it if at any point he sees the issue differently.
            Anyway, we’re here to discuss football matters, not each other I think.

        2. Oh he is allright. But was never tested by a player like Zaha, Bolasie, Mané, Xhaqiri and the likes.

          But he’s nowhere near a 20M player.

          1. Moreno? Useful as he injects pace and width. Decent player, just as hector. No world class players, decent ones.

          2. If hector is decent then Moreno is garbage. As I said the stats make him look like a little pussy if you go on stats.btw in never said hector is world class,I said he is a clone type player. He will deliver week in week out which is what i want for our fullback positions. I, tired of fullbacks being error prone at Liverpool. For years we had Johnson and I’m sick and tired of it. Moreno is getting on my last nerves. We don’t need to sell Moreno.decent option of e bench to change a game.
            Regarding hector being overpriced,just think about how much you would sell clyne and come back to me. Hector is better then clyne overall with clynes English tag making up for the difference in quality.

          3. You’re clearly thinking Hector is the best thing since sliced bread. Which is hardly the case. Decent player, just as Moreno. Going on stats, he was a lot less attacking in attacking side like the German NT. Dropping a whopping .7 in keypasses per game. Shows he’s good in a defensive midtable side, not that spectacular in an attacking side. Which obviously makes a lot of sense. A go-to guy for Köln, not so much in the German NT.

            If he was that good he wouldn’t stay at Köln and many more clubs would be interested. They’re not because he’s a decent player.

          4. Here you go again with your bullshit. You’re making it out as if he was shit st the euros when he was picked above de sciglio,alba,Rodriguez and that lad from Dortmund/Portugal. He was in the team of the tournament. What more do you need? He is not world class by any means but he is solid. Clyne isn’t world class either but he is solid and the most liked Liverpool player of last season. You didn’t answer my question. How much would you sell clyne for. Hector will go for about the same amount as his superior ability will make up for his shorter contract and clynes English tag.

          5. Yeah probably. The only reason I think Raphael Guereirro was picked ahead of him is because he played one game more then hector and won the tournament.

          6. Joe Allen is in the team of the tournament but cannot make Liverpool’s. Horses for courses and how the manager wants to play

          7. Why is Stones your benchmark. Forget Stones. The question is simple. In today’s market how much would you sell Clyne for?

          8. Overpriced definitely. Mane I think will be decent but will take time. Wijnaldum I’m very unsure about. He doesn’t seem like the answer for us in midfield. He can’t play in a 2 man midfield

          9. Why not? Give him time to train and settle before we judge him. Can looked way off the pace in his first game back and we know how good he is. If Rafa rates Wijnaldum he must be decent, he already looked better the second run out, so give the lad some time. Mane is looking like real class and a bargain if he continues playing this way during the season. Sometimes we are a little too quick to judge. It pre-season wait until the shots fired are for real.

          10. You don’t understand he might be good in attacking midfield,but we have enough of those. Rafa rated him as a 10 but said he plays in numerous positions. We need a player that can play in a 2 and I don’t think wijnaldum has the tactical awareness, defensive attributes or passing game to play in a 2

          11. That’s the problem we needed an automatic starter if you go by last season. Midfield was one of our big liabilities

          12. Yet he was tested by much better quality and pace on the wings, like the likes of: reus, miki, sane, koman and seemed very competent…

      1. Superior defensive statistics to any left back in the bundesliga and probably Europe and he created the 2nd most chances of any fullback in europe while playing for a defensive side. Would be interesting to see where you get your opinion from. If anyone is overhyped its Rodriguez

      2. Then they surely made me watch a scripted Euros where Hector was on of the stand out player.

      3. He’s definitely overhyped by our fans…but he’s a pretty solid option to have going by the Euros. Tidy player.

        1. Oh, I like it if we sign him just because he’s indeed a useful player. But let’s not make him out to be some superstar. The fact he’s most likely staying at Köln says it all. It’s not like there’s dozens of top class left backs in the world and none of the big teams are after him.

          1. That he’s first choice LB for Germany though could maybe get him a deal to a bigger club for sure. Don’t know his other links thus far other than Tottenham.

        2. Ha, this comment makes me happy.. Hype between LFC fans is at an epic level these days, it’s freakishly bad…De Sciglio is very much under the radar in that respect, or there is Gaya of Valencia, they seem to be willing to let players go right now.

      4. That was at the Euros. But I have been watching him on Germany games since he was introduced in autumn 14. He is absolutely a great player, both ways (defense and attack). I do not want to hype him at all, but he has great game intelligence.
        A “complete” player, exactly what we need to become solid defensively and structured going forward.
        Moreno has pace, but seems chaotic on the pitch way too often – Hector is the opposite.
        But, whatever happens, signing somebody or not, Klopp will fix it.

          1. For me, Roberto Carlos or Philip Lahm were world class. Hector is not world class, but very good.

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