LIVE! Mainz 05 vs Liverpool


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Team News!

Liverpool v Mainz: Manninger, Alexander-Arnold, Wisdom, Matip, Moreno, Can, Henderson, Grujic, Lallana, Woodburn, Origi

Subs: Mignolet, Clyne, Wijnaldum, Lovren, Coutinho, Firmino, Klavan, Mane, Toni Gomes, Brannagan, Ings, Stewart, Hart, Maguire, Markovic, Randall, Kelleher.



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600 thoughts on “LIVE! Mainz 05 vs Liverpool”

  1. We need to bear in mind, this is the last game before the season kicks off…Maybe not worth worrying about considering the game yesterday, and the fact they all got picked to play in a last minute fixture, which I think this was, it was more an exercise in bulking up the fee they took for Karius, and not about LFC trying to nail one.

  2. Hmmm…Bit disappointing but hardly the end of the world and by the same token yesterday’s result as good it may have been also wasn’t anything to get carried away about either.

    Maybe it’s worth bearing in mind the last time Mainz walloped us pre season back in 2006 we went on to make it
    to the CL final whilst we obviously didn’t win it we did however also get top 4 that season.

    Mainz on the other hand went on to be relegated slightly worryingly under the man himself Kloppo….But hey there is absolutley no way that’s happening to us is it.

    My glass is still half full so roll on next Sunday when the real stuff begin’s in earnest.
    Come on you Mighty Red’s.

  3. Finally Pogba unveiled for Crazzzy money.. actually quite surprised how Real are staying so quiet this window despite having a new manager..

          1. They’re showing glimpses of the race while the hockey is live so can’t say. There’s one lady in front and the rest is in the bunch.

  4. Shite game, no passion, embarrassing, pathetic, but its only pre-season. Hopefully they won’t be up their own arses after the Barcelona result. call it a wake up call. Sort out the shit.

    1. I think after the high of yesterday everyone struggled to get into this game. Even Klopp looked non plussed

      1. Yes mate, it was a game a day after a game. I thought they would play two different teams tbh, but hey, all jokes aside its pre-season. The lads have a week off before we 2-0 next sunday.

    1. Why would you want him “forced”?If he doesn’t feel like he needs them and is forced to get them, what are the chances they will play?

      1. Though I have trusted Klopp with all decisions so far, I feel he is making a big mistake ignoring the full back situation. As seen today, the back up options arent good enough. We have no specialist replacements for these positions. If Clyne or Moreno get injured, we would be in trouble.

        1. I share some of your concerns and while any player can get injured, the injury records of Clyne & Moreno suggest that any player you bring in to deputize for them might play less than 10 games across the whole season which would raise it’s own issues…

  5. Klopp might be smiling and laughing but he’s piss for sure. Imagine if needed to rely on these players if main team ain’t avail.

        1. Doubt it, my wife was cold as ice years ago……..And no I didn’t bury her in the garden, it was the garden next door :))

    1. But you do know that shit can produce a lot of energy. It’s used in many areas. Especially in agriculture.

  6. Matip, Wisdom both looking so meek at crosses and defending in general. Big difference from Klavan and Lovren yesterday.

  7. if one stumbled on this chat, one might think we were playing a cup game or something. The seriousness in this thread is ridiculous for a preseason game

    1. Not bout the seriousness but this game to me I believed is for the youngster and the backup players and they are seriously lacking.

      1. Agreed. Mainz played better. Their 4-4-2 lineup is solid. Our players are not going 100%. The key for today is strech the legs and avoid injuries

    2. its the last game of pre season, confidence of team should be high, and we have very pretty fixtures at the season start ..

      1. Think this game is for the youngster and those not getting much the playing time earlier but guess they aren’t taking the opportunity.

          1. No, 3? red 1st, black 2nd and this is 3d. What 4th are you referring too?

            Loved the white ones from last season, absolute class.

    1. Mainz are a strong team and we made a lot of mistakes. Our gegenpressing is nowhere near on point.

      1. That is to be expected considering we just played yesterday. Dont understand why we’re playing this match. No need whatsoever.

        1. On the other hand, the team was flying at the minute after Barca, and now there’s a bit of perspective. Imo, this game was necessary. We will hit the ground running against the gunners.

      1. But even without watching the match I can tell that oru fullbacks have been a weakness. Those positions are starting to worry me.

          1. Dont understand why Klopp loaned Flanno without getting a replacement. If Clyne gets injured, we’re in trouble.

  8. It’s like a car crash, you know you shouldn’t look but you can’t help but gape in shock. I’ve seen enough but can’t look away.

  9. Something has to be said about the conditions of playing back to back games, travel, etc etc. But the player ratings for this game have to all be below a 5. Has anyone put in a decent performance?

    1. some kind of arrangement with Mainz I guess, but surely a tues night would have been fine?

  10. This just shows that our depth is very poor in the squad. Obviously sakho is going to return but we need a right back and left back.

    1. I dunno, quite a lot of injuries. if you stick on our fully fit 2nd team it looks not too shabby at all

    2. no it means that playing two games in a row is not the way to go.Our so called back up put 3 past Barca yesterday

  11. Well not sure playing another match after the Barca game was the right decision. They look as flat as a nuns tits

      1. The shot was weak and should have been saved, yes the defence was all over the place but the shot should have been saved.

    1. he’s likely being told to push forwards under Klopp and it’s leaving us exposed if the ball is turned over.

        1. The Reds is our nik name, no matter what colour we play in.Like Soton are the Saints n the skiprats are the red devils,

  12. I quite like Randall nowadays, won’t be with us for a long time, will go for a bit of money like Smith, but a good honest player

  13. keep Wisdom for a year, get a bit of money for him; loan gomez to a good side with a game time condition

      1. Hmmm! Must’ve imagined it! I thought there was someone on the left with #24 for us.

        Edit: There is a guy with #24 on the left for us!
        I’m not crazy yet!?

        1. He makes a challenge while striding with Cordoba but it doesn’t connect and that then allows Cordoba to get a yard on him which gives him a clear shot. Contact was very good and accurate. Keeper has a chance but has to decide how much to cover the far post.

          1. A simple covering run which happens all the time. AA and Matip to blame really. And Manninger shouldn’t get surprised at the near post either.

          2. Disagree, those crossing defensive runs are what CB’s are about. When Stewart gave it away he made the same run as Matip did, stopping the shot.

  14. Clumsy in defense, Wild, rash and chaotic in midfield, nonexistent up front.

    It’s good for concentration though. Feet back on the ground and all that.

    1. It’s games like this I worry about during the season (I know, I know it’s preseason and they played yesterday)… I know they’ll be up for the “glamour” ties but these ones…

        1. Yeah but it’s not like they don’t have previous… Find it hard to look at a match on paper and conclude that they’ll win easily…

          1. I’m not looking too much into this, about 4 or 5 possible starters a day after a game. It’s just a training session.

          2. I understand. For me, it’s not so much this match as much as it is recent history. We play a great game against a good team and then everything seems to go wrong against a small team next game… Hope you are right though…

    1. Dem Mainz boys are bullying the Liverpool ones…they seem like they’re up for a fight and we look a bit lightweight physically.

      1. I think so, they looked really good together, but so did Matip and Lovren. A shame we haven’t seen Klavan/Matip in action.

        1. both the players seem to feed on confidence, the more they play the more they become confident and more they become stable, they are strong, and do things in simple manner, no bullshitting on defense…

          1. even last season it wasn’t our record against the bigger teams, it was against the teams further down the table we couldn’t get it right.

        1. Don’t think so..a lot of fresh players..just think after the win against barca, head is a bit big I guess…Klopp did remind them no complacency, guess some will be getting “special” hug from him later.

          1. wearing me shades mate. It was giving me a headache, a bit like the game is. 2-0 down now. I might just take my head for a wobble.

    1. Its being a bitch. I had to change for a foreign channel. No idea what the commentator is saying though.

      1. At least when he’s being kicked by West Brom & Watford in a few months, he already knows what to expect…

      1. I don’t like him as character either. Always roll around on the ground and his appearance is just silly. I would have bullied him if he was with me at school LOL

    1. The man bun! Do you guys not have those in the UK? They have firmly infiltrated the population here in the states

  15. OMG, I am watching the game on Arena sports 2 coz LFCTV crashed n the station says Mainz are winning 1-0. How bizarre

    1. If anything, not that high up. Don’t agree it’s a penalty, but Wisdom puts it a bit high, giving the ref a reason.

        1. Maybe referring to the 11? Sometimes it’s hard to tell if Joe’s on drugs…or if he needs them 🙂

      1. That lad clawed his way to top, considering he came as 4th choice. Life will be difficult for sakho now!

        1. Indeed it will mate. And Klavan might just be a fantastic signing for us. Composed with quality. I like the look of him.

          1. yep, some clever signings between klavan, grujic and matip and that also means funds available for other targets.

            Mane looking good and Gini must have been about 4th choice who might or might not step up. At least he’s big and strong and has talent. Question is if he can make it happen.

  16. Working acestream link as @oldflaky:disqus posted: acestream://fcd76c699bd36d958a2e71eec88cbcb1396c103d
    He who needs help with aceplayer, do tell.

  17. Come on the lads, the lads, the lads. Another victory to shudder shockwaves through North London. Lets make them afraid, very afraid.
    The red army are on the march. Fear is addictive, lets make Arsenal addicts.
    Come on you RED MEN.

    1. It seems Klopp doesn’t rate him too much. So basically a poor season, a poor loan and 2 managers not rating him.

      1. Absolutely agree. People insist continuously that he would come could yet all the factors you said came into play the last 2 seasons. He just isn’t cut out for Liverpool

        1. A shame though. Lads got a lot of traits that could work for him. He’s got the pace, technical ability, vision and a good pass. I hope for the lads sake he gets to turn it around.

    2. if they get an offer he’ll be gone but otherwise he might be in the squad for the year which i think would do him good.

  18. Gotta love it that the CEST is put on there now 😉

    Looking forward to the game. Will be very interesting to see the lineup. Who will play twice in a weekend? I reckon a lot of the players who came on yesterday?

      1. Markovic, Grujic and Ings didn’t play a lot yesterday. Origi, Hendo and Stewart played a half? Matip will play, Moreno maybe? Quite sure those that did 90 minutes will not feature.

        Manninger – Randall – Wisdom – Matip – Moreno – Stewart – Henderson – Grujic – Origi – Ings – Markovic would be my guess as a starting lineup.

        1. Lol markovic can’t even be picked above a 16 year old. That kids Liverpool career is fading away very quickly

          1. No reason to lol. Ben Woodburn’s a very good prospect. He did register an assist yesterday as well. Doubt he’s going to be sold so might as well have a place in the squad.

      2. Well I don’t expect a fire show from us. Yesterday team was probably one of the strongest we could file baring 1-2 players.

        Mutto, Mainz Japanese striker is one to watch out for.

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