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POLL | Should Liverpool sign Joe Hart?

Following the arrival of Claudio Bravo from Barcelona, it is expected that Hart will leave City before the transfer window closes and with Liverpool’s new goalkeeper – Loris Karius, the £4.7 million signing from Mainz – out injured the story may not be a fanciful as one. It is claimed the Hart is ready to take a huge pay cut in an attempt to attract the attention of Klopp.

Meanwhile, Simon Mignolet has faced 5 shots on goal thus far in the season.

All 5 shots resulted in goals.

Vote in the poll and then discuss below.

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55 thoughts on “POLL | Should Liverpool sign Joe Hart?”

  1. Talk of City being prepared to pay £90K of his weekly wages while on loan.

    If they are prepared to go that far, then I would take him on loan and ask for a NON-mandatory buying clause of around £10M so City can’t block the sale if he regains his form.

    On those terms I would take him as it would be such a low risk. But it would Klopp? It would be a MASSIVE surprise.

    Hart has had his confidence shot to bits by Guardiola for six months odd (story after story in the press), and he needs to work on his left hand side (a lot), but there is still a quality GK there.

    50/50 in the poll.

  2. Definitely better than mings. He would be an solid cover for Karius. But again it won’t be.

  3. God Nooooooooo.
    1. I don’t want to see any more crap adverts on tele containing our players
    2. We have fulfilled our quota of stupid barnets for this season without this giant comb-over
    3. I can handle it when he screws it up for England
    4. He’s a cock

  4. 2 years ago, last season even, but now, sorry Joe.. we don’t need you to come in a shite over our new boy..

  5. loan him for a year so we can be done with Migs (though he’s done ok this season), that allows Karius any stretch of problems or injury issues and settling in this season and we have great cover. Karius is young, only 22 and we may find he’s a little too adventurous and makes mistakes.

    To have Hart as the other keeper would be excellent though I’d rather we bought Leno or Horn – already established german internationals.

    1. This is a nonsensical stat mate, Squawka or who ever came up with this tripe ought to be ashamed with themselves.

      Arsenal had 5 shots on goal and Burnley had 3. Got no idea what these fools are talking about.

      1. The stat it’s self is nonsensical as it has no relevance or substantive meaning.

        Example: The stats would show the same if those “5 shots on goal” were where players rounded the keeper and stuck it into an empty net.

        Or they could have been 5 worldies like Vardy’s last year against Mignolet.

        Could Buffon, Neuer, Degea, Courtios, Lloris (for example) have saved all 5… is the real question.


        Can we upgrade in Mignolet?

        Yes, and we should with out question.

        He’s a brilliant shot stopper but not much of a goalkeeper.

        1. Exactly. I think maybe someone like De Gea could have stopped one or two of those but then that’s De Gea for you.

  6. “Meanwhile, Simon Mignolet has faced 5 shots on goal thus far in the season.

    All 5 shots resulted in goals.”


    This is wrong without even looking at the actual statistics.

    Does the author of this article need proof or is their memory fading?

    He saved a friggin’ penalty.


    1. Who is the moron who originally came up with this stat? We’ve had to face 8 shots on goal in all thus far in the Premier League.

      1. Somebody who clearly didn’t realise he had 5 more digits on the hand he was using to point with as he counted.

        1. Maybe they weren’t ‘shots’ but ‘passes’ to the keeper so they weren’t counted. Plus they only started counting after the penalty

    2. All the other 3 goals could have been saved. 2nd goal was not the biggest deflection of the world. idiot just sat there and watched without any shame because we were leading. Afterwards talks bullshit that his game was fine and nothing has to do with him for the 3 goals.

      He is a championship player at best.

  7. Poll shows 45% yes and 55 no. Same result between me and myself at the moment.
    I like what I’ve seen of Karius so far, especially his distribution without hesitation. He can be a good keeper for us.
    I also like Hart. Good keeper, used to the PL and lots of the attacking players he’s been facing season after season, he’s a winner and he is also a leader that we are in desperate need of.

  8. Dead heat so far. Meanwhile…

    “Liverpool is a great club and if his future is not at Manchester City and he’s got the chance to go to Liverpool then I’m sure it is something that he would look at seriously,” Rodgers told the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast.

    “You’ve got Simon [Mignolet] there and the goalkeeper they brought in who is injured but I’ve always rated Joe – I think he is an outstanding ‘keeper.

    “His close friend James Milner is there as well – ‘Milly’ and Joe are very close.

    “It will be interesting because it’s a great club and if he is to go there then it would be a great move for Joe.”
    ~Brendan Rodgers

    Brenno, still living off his 5 mins of Liverpool fame. We should sign Hart because he’s friends with Milly.
    Yeah. Right on fella.

    1. Haha, because we are so intent on keeping Milner happy at the moment! Imagine the conversation:

      Milner: “I like playing centre midfield boss”
      Klopp: “not today Milly, you’re a left back now”
      Milner: “If I have to play left back can you sign Hart as he’s my friend and we can have nice chats about how paint dries”
      Klopp: “…..Sorry Milly I drifted away there, time for a smoke. Good talk, remember cross with your left foot”

        1. The Rodgers right wing back conundrum of playing everyone there is know the left back conundrum, I like it everyone should get a chance:)

    2. Who actually thought, I know, lets ask Brendan what he thinks, he did well at LFC regarding transfers…

  9. No! Before Karius signing maybe but we are not your lifeline…should have thought about earlier…you muppet!

      1. I was trying to hold back a little… basically it’s a big fat NO for the following reasons…

        1. He is overrated.
        2. Signing him is of no benefit to us as we do not need him.
        3. No laughing at this but he is no better than our very own Mignolet (both capable of the occasional howler)
        4. His wages must be ridiculously high coming from City.

        I could go on all day but I need to pop to the chemist, all this talk of signing Joe Hart is bringing me out in a rash 😉

        1. Migs has looked ok but Hart would be better – loan him for a season and get shot of Migs.
          There is a risk that hart has just fallen off a cliff though with his summer performances.

          Now get back in the kitchen!

          1. Hart is no better than Migs… There I’ve said it… if Hart had our defence in front of him for the last couple of years I’m certain he would not have performed any better than Migs. Playing behind a settled, decent quality back four at City has convinced a lot of people he’s a great keeper… Pep and I know better though 😉

            Watch England’s games from Euro 2016 and remind yourself how he performed with Woy’s poor defense. Migs in an England keepers kit… no…no…no… and an extra no to his wages ⚽

      2. i would say YES … just for the fact that he cud be aleader hre …. we are short on ppl who can put their foot down & bull doze oppositions … Hart can marshall the defence better than Migs …& that has been our biggest weakness till now this season … he’s got the looks of a battle hardened soldier 🙂 just my 2 cents

  10. No. I was all for it prior to the signing of Karius, when many were reporting that City want Ter-Stegen. But now, I’d much rather wait for Karius.
    And for the record, I don’t think stating that those five shots on target ending up as goals is fair to Mignolet. I don’t think there was anything he could have done with any of them. For me, Mignolet has shown much improvement overall in these three games.

    1. What do you exactly mean ‘much improvement’? He’s inconsistent, he will play 10 games like a pro, and then start flopping when you least expect..

      1. I mean exactly what I say here, mate. Your point stands generally. But I was talking these three competitive games, compared to what we had seen from him before. In these three games, he showed most of all composure in dealing with crosses (apart from one vs Burton) and that’s something that he never did well. I call that much improvement.

      1. And you seen Karius play how many times? I like the look of the lad and Hart will not want to sit on the bench

          1. That’s simply not how it works. If we sign Hart good possibility we are stuck with four senior goalies and then what?

            And for the he is better and all…not so sure…seen him flop up many times and is probably the reason he is surplus to Pep

          2. Well not really as Manninger was always there as 3rd Choice and moral support, We could relegate Mignolet to that and use his wife for moral support. Manninger could then make the tea and hang up the practice nets. We would have two good goalies fighting for the No1 position.

          3. Like it or not but Manninger is here and not for the tea or hanging up the practice nets, he is here as 3rd choice and support the young gun named Karius that’s the plan and Hart has no part in it nor will Klopp change that (I of course do not know what Klopp is thinking but it is a educated guess) Those two good goalies fighting for the no. 1 spot will be Mignolet and Karius whenever we like it or not.

          4. I have a feeling Karius is going to be immense for us, better than Hart in terms of all round keeping

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