Reactions! Burnley 2 – 0 Liverpool

5 things we learned from Burnley 2 – 0 Liverpool

  1. Still the same old Liverpool
  2. Still the same old Liverpool
  3. Still the same old Liverpool
  4. Still the same old Liverpool
  5. Still the same old Liverpool


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25 thoughts on “Reactions! Burnley 2 – 0 Liverpool”

  1. I called it really…Defeat Arsenal and we start believing but lose against Burnley and wheels start to come off. After the Palace defeat, the quality of the squad is brought back into question. Lose interest for a while until the City mauling, only to be humbled by Chelsea thereafter.Finish off a solid 6th to 8th this season. Predictable.

    I see another draw at Spurs on the weekend or they edge us and the pressure is on. We need a big result there to turn this back into a good start of the season.We never know who pitches up though.

  2. this is why I think wijnaldum was a strange buy…he’s and attacking player rather than a solid CM and Henderson our alberto Moreno of the midfield now..

  3. Jurgen Klopp, the man who tactically outsmarted Pep Guardiola’s Bayern, being outdone by Sean Dyche’s Burnley. Christ

  4. 3 training session,fancy interviews, slamming other mangers for spending big money and conceding 5 goals in 2 games.

    Never imagined I will start hating klopp. Never imagined that.

    I really wished for a 10-0 defeat so that klopp and all fucking moron who are riding high in the wave of optimism touch the ground before we trash a big team for fun.

    You don’t win Premier League with such lot. You just become an entertainer.

    I will take a managers who moans and parks the bus or someone who has always managed big clubs but know how to win trophies regularly.

    People even predicted that the new managers of the top club will have a hard time adjusting to the new league.

    I don’t know why I’m writing such an insulting comment. Klopp needs to figure it out.

    1. You’re just frustrated like everybody else. But honestly, I have no words for these players. You cannot trust anyone at this club. You see brilliance, then you think brilliance. You see chambles, you think shambles.

      1. I kept saying while mings parents were about to have sex that their boy will make a decent championship player but will let down a club with ambition. He could have saved the second.

        I kept saying that we need quality player in CM LB and CB and Wings.

        Wings and CB looks good. But midfield and LB is still a liability.

        Was attacked for saying that pogba and zaltan deals makes sense. People came up with comparing pogba and Milner stats. Told that we should sell mings.

        At highest level of motivation and preparation we could reach two finals but not win it.

        Sometimes I wish why I’m not a barca fan. At least moaning about not wing 5-6 trophies a season is better than begging for wining the fucking title.

        1. Liverpool is a difficult job. I don’t know how Klopp wants to get rid of the inconsistency. In other clubs, these players would not have been in the squad anymore.

          1. That’s the problem. It’s the manger who make the decision. It’s beyond baffling that how does mings is still a Liverpool player. Fine he was given a new contract to keep up his prices but he should have been one of the first player to be shown the door.
            I still can’t make a comment on matip. Kalvan is superb backup player, excellent attitude but not the player we need. Loveren is good can have him and will do great if paired with someone like Hummels or godin. Does matip or Kalvan gives entire team confidence and boost that Hummels would have given. Does wijmaldum make hendo and Lalanna wondering about their liverpool future that pogba would have given( I have not desire to pay 100 million for pogba).

            Just like last season we are few player short of being a force. And season comes and goes but our managers fails to address our defensive fragility. It’s beyond joke.

          2. One of the first initiatives from Pep at City was to get rid of Joe Hart and he went against the popular opinion. Don’t know what Klopp and staff see in these players.

          3. I guess klopp wants to prove that he is better than other managers who spend big. In the end it’s going to cost us.

  5. My reaction is it was like going outside,looking into the sky and seeing a massive pile of bird $hit coming towards your face. You know it’s coming to hit you square in the kisser,yet you can’t avoid it and have to take it on the chin.

    1. don’t include me in that, today was a bitter disappointment I agree but I bet you weren’t saying they were rubbish when Mane made it 4~1 last week.

  6. reaction you want my reaction? …I just through the fucking chair through the window bipolar liverpool so frustrating to watch!

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