To Loan or Not to Loan: That is the Question.

Some tough choices to be made on who gets a loan and who we keep around to play and develop locally.

I know Klopp generally prefers to keep the best you players in house training with the first team. However, the limited number of games means some will have to go out on a loan.

Should we loan out Ojo or keep him?




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7 thoughts on “To Loan or Not to Loan: That is the Question.”

  1. if wee keep marko we should loan him out, but if we sell marko, then we should keep ojo. we’re low on natural winger like him right?

  2. Loan!
    Training with the first team and sitting on the bench is very different to playing on a regular basis, hopefully with another PL team.
    With an abundance of attacking midfielders, he isn’t going to get much game time, unless someone experiences a dramatic loss of form.
    Had hoped the same thing for Ibe. Thought he was brought back far too early from his Derby role, when many members at TIA had started salivating over the prospect of recalling him and playing him.

    Kids need to play to develop, either here or elsewhere.

  3. Keep Ojo and then re-assess in January, same with Kent & TAA. Would definitely keep Brannagan and Stewart.

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